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Lance Hines' real beef with Occupy Little Rock

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NO ANARCHIST: Occupy Little Rock protester Mac Miller (handcuffed arms raised) objects to City Director Lance Hines description of OLR as anarchists.
  • 'NO ANARCHIST': Occupy Little Rock protester Mac Miller (handcuffed arms raised) objects to City Director Lance Hines' description of OLR as anarchists.

  • ON GUARD FOR ANARCHISTS: LR Director Lance Hines.
I've written before that City Director Lance Hines got the Occupy Little Rock eviction movement going by complaining about the unslightly appearance of their tent camp at 4th and Ferry. As a member of the architectural control committee of the Villages of Wellington out in rigidly conformist western Little Rock, Hines didn't surprise, even though the camp was on a gravel parking lot barely visible from anything but speeding traffic on I-30.

Now it appears Lance Hines had a deeper concern — anarchy and revolution. Which means, of course, that it really was a political move on his part to squelch the protest. Which the city did. Hines doesn't call me, so I'll just let his e-mail exchange with one of the arrested protesters speak for itself on the issue. It won't lift your confidence in our City Board of Directors.

Hines said he saw a self-proclaimed Occupy Wall Street anarchist on the Sean Hannity show and that was proof enough for Lance Hines of what the Occupy movement is about. Occupy LR may not be a bunch of anarchists — maybe they're merely unaesthetic blights on the landscape — but Hines said in a note to Mac Miller, arrested in the Occupy LR eviction, "You are the friends you keep, in other words."

Miller, a military veteran with cogent thoughts on why Occupy is protesting, wasn't happy about Hines' description of him.

The exchange was provided to me by Robert Johnston.


Director Hines.

I am Glen "Mac" Miller. I am a member of Occupy Little Rock. I want to let you know how inappropriate your remarks were concerning Occupy being filled with "worthless Revolutionary Anarchists." I don't know if your purpose was to engage in demagoguery or if that is your heart felt belief.

I am a Life Member of the Disabled American Veterans. I served twelve years in the Army, the last six months as a patient in Walter Reed Hospital recovering from wounds. I won't go into details, but I did graduate in the top 5 of every Army School I attended and was nominated as the Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year while stationed at Fort Leavenworth. Upon my retirement, the Veterans Administration permitted me the chance to pursue a degree. I chose the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Health Science and worked for seven years as a Project Manager and Health and Safety Manager in a hazardous materials remediation company. I was involved in the clean up of Flight 1420 in Little Rock and the recovery and cataloging of material from the space shuttle crash in Texas. I have trained fire, police and other emergency responders throughout the state to include the Little Rock Air Base bomb squad.

As the injuries I had sustained in the Army took their toll I was forced to get a job that was not so physically demanding. I took employment at the Veterans Hospital as an Engineering Supervisor. After five years the VA determined I was physically unable to continue that work and retired me. I have since turned my attention to politics and the problems this nation is facing.

Since then I have seen my investments decline do to the actions of the banking industry. The houses I was flipping would no longer sell because banks wouldn't lend money that we, the tax payers provided them. I have seen my constitutional rights eroded. I felt it was important to do something to change, what I saw as a diminishing of my nation and constant attacks against the document this nation was built on. The Constitution is America. It isn't a political party or a flag. When that document is diminished, so is my nation. I swore an oath several time to "Defend and Protect the Constitution of the United State..." I have taken that oath very seriously. With the full force of our rights, we are diminished as a nation.

You, sir, call me a revolutionary anarchist. You could not be further from the truth. I have seen revolution up close and personal. It is the last thing I want to see here. You call me an anarchist. I want nothing more than for my elected officials to put the welfare of the entire nation at the forefront of their deliberations and law making. My heart felt desire is for my elected officials to respect, support and defend the Constitution. You have offended citizens who work and have concern about their country, state and city. You, sir, are wrong.

Glen M. Miller
US Army, Retired
Disabled American Veteran


Dear Mac,
First and foremost, I want to thank you for your service to our country. It is one of the highest callings I know. My father and uncles have all served and I fully understand the sacrifices you have made. Thank You.

I would like to clarify what I have said about the Occupy movement. I never called anyone in the Occupy movement "worthless" but, I do truly believe that the basic premise of Occupy Wall Street and it's offshoots is founded in Revolutionary Anarchy and have self proclaimed Anarchists within the movement. You can go to many news outlets and several of the OWS leaders have professed their beliefs in anarchist manifestos. One was recently on the Sean Hannity Show on Fox News. I first read the OWS manifesto published on the original OWS website when this movement began. Based on what I read I believe the Occupy movement is bent on overthrow of the US Government using anarchist beliefs and the play book " Rules for Radicals" written by Saul Olensky. You and others involved in OLR may not be an anarchist but, the movement OLR professes to support, OWS, is and by virtue of that support is how I come to my belief. You are the friends you keep, in other words.

I would like to make one observation based on your email. It appears to me that your belief system is more in line with the Tea Party and not the Occupy movement.

I appreciate you contacting me and please feel free to any time.


Lance Hines

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