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Springdale: Don’t ban pit bulls - ban morons, instead

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I always hate reading of dog attacks, and the details of humans or pets killed or maimed because some buffoon has allowed a dog to attack others. I especially hated reading about how the pit bull Damian attacked and killed Chewie, the pet of a young girl in Springdale.


The very name given to this dog conjures up an image of evil, of savagery.

But what name might we give the name of this dog’s owner? Well, Stupid Horses Ass might be a good start, since he was driving around town with a dog running around loose in the back of his pick up truck, for one thing.

Damian has been put down, which just means that this buffoon might well buy himself another dog, “train” it the way he likes, and drive around with what might be considered a dangerous weapon running loose in the back of his truck yet again.

Pit bulls can be fearsome looking creatures, and trained by the wrong people, weapons of terrible destruction. On the other hand . . .

. . . pit bulls are dogs, and are as mean-tempered or as sweet as the environments they are raised in.

Not so very long ago, pit bulls were considered the perfect pet to have around children, and in fact many are used today as rehab dogs. So what has happened to their reputation? In the 1970s, movies and lazy folks in the media conditioned us to fear the Doberman. Later, both the Rottweiler and even the poor Saint Bernard caused panic attacks by lazy reporters and movie makers cashing in on the latest scare-craze.

There are three factors which are the main cause for dog attacks:

According to the ASPCA, most fatal dog attacks result from dogs which were not spayed or neutered.

In addition, the vast majority of attacks have come from dogs who are not family pets, but are isolated from contact with people, such as dogs who are simply kept outside.

And, just like people, most dogs who attack have been abused themselves, or not treated humanely.

Because of their strength, pit bulls have been chosen (or perhaps targeted is the right word) by those who feel a rage at the rest of the world, and often turn that rage upon the dog.

Yet another good reason to have laws protecting animals; such laws help protect the humans we love.

Several years ago in our neighborhood, a fellow’s two dogs would escape the confines of their yard, and somehow end up in our front yard. Tracy and I would slip them into our backyard and wait for the owner to return home from work and then call him.

One of the dogs was a rambunctious pit bull puppy. I will tell you that this dog did almost knock me out once, when I went back to check on how they were.

“Hey! A person! I’m so glad to see you!” The puppy reared up and our heads collided for a second as its tongue lapped all over my face.

In the wrong hands, this dog could be a killer, but it was obvious that this dog wasn’t in the wrong hands. It lived with someone who loved and treasured him - but who just needed to build a stronger fence.

Dogs are put down when attacks take place, and cities debate the “need” to ban them.

But what about the owners? I realize you can’t really ban all the folks who have an animal which actually attacks a person or another animal, but perhaps if you gave them a home in the county jail for a short time?

It might do wonders for them, and lift the morale of the community, as well.


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