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That “liberal agenda” on Star Trek: How some social critics literally have no sense of history

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It is both meet and right that we should honor Star Trek, one of the most successful SF TV/movie franchises in modern times. We have also been seeing a lot of what can only be called Star Drek, the endless and earnest essays written by folks who would claim that Trek was responsible for an entire generation turning away from the faiths of their fathers.

It doesn’t matter if the subject is celebrating peace and diplomacy over war, the equal treatment of women or - gasp! - in a alternative timeline Hikaru Sulu is now gay. It’s all part of some Hollywood plot - no doubt hatched by them intellectuals - to create moral mayhem in America.

there is a medical term for this line of reasoning: Balderdash.

Star Trek has never existed in a vacuum. It has always reflected the issues of its particular time, no matter which version of Trek is under attack at any particular moment.

For those who would sit under the covers with their keyboards, quietly typing so they don’t get caught up and sent to a FEMA death camp, Trek was some sort of island of liberalism when it sprang forth in 1966.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

True, the 60s were the time of brilliant TV fare such as Gomer Pyle, My Mother the Car and Gilligan’s Island, but many - and I emphasize the word “many” - had similar points of view. And to be fair, there quite a few shows with conservative world views, Dragnet being the most infamous, where Jack Webb’s social agenda was often driven home with a hammer.

That’s actually sort of a Dragnet joke, but you’d have to be familiar with the show to recognize it.

But to look askance upon Star Trek, as if it were the creation of a group of Merry Marxist Plotters, is insane beyond words to describe.

We began the decade with programs like The Defenders, one of the most liberal defense attorney shows in TV history. Don’t forget The Twilight Zone. And in addition to Trek, social messages were interwoven into such programs as The Mod Squad, The Name of the Game, and Bonanza, among a whole host of others.

To waste thousands of words upon Star Trek, as if it were the monster in the closet, betrays a sense not only of history, but of popular culture in America.

Folks either agreed with the underlying message of a program or they didn’t; they could still enjoy it. Hell, I loved Dragnet until the day I realized that Sgt. Joe Friday was just way too much of a jerk. But before that, I could enjoy the episodes without subscribing to the conservative world view of producer/star Jack Webb.

As William Shatner once famously said, some folks just need to Get a Life.


A list of infamous liberal TV shows

Under an piece entitled “Essay:Worst Liberal TV Shows,” there is a a list of the programs which are most likely to warp the innocent minds of viewers. Programs such as Dinosaurs, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Captain Planet and the Planeteers and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, among others are listed.

You have been warned!

I was happy to see that DS9 - a show I love - is finally getting some love/hatred.


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