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  • Food fight

    At least in the locavore world, the idea that vendors in the Little Rock Farmer's Market — this year's readers' choice for the best place to find fresh vegetables — sell produce that's not grown in Arkansas makes folks fighting mad.
  • Bridges of sighs

    The trash cans are full to brimming and the bird droppings carpet the Junction Bridge in places, but you've got to climb five sets of stairs to see the sad state of affairs, because the south side elevator is broken.
  • Smart Talk, July 29

    The Arkansas Arts Center filed a report with Little Rock police last week accompanied by an audit of a former employee's credit card charges that suggested the card had been used improperly for personal expenses.
  • The Observer, July 29

    If you haven't seen the video that got four folks fired at KARK awhile back, you should look it up online and watch it. In the video — apparently a fictionalized version of the life of an Arkansas TV reporter — one of that channel's now-former on-air folks cusses, talks ill of his co-workers, and gushes about how much he loathes the subjects of his interviews.
  • Enforce the law

    I keep hearing folks calling for immigration reform. What I don't get is why those folks are not calling for strong enforcement of existing laws on that issue.


  • Serial hurter

    Was Jack the Ripper a Republican? Some historians say "no," pointing out that Jack's crimes — all those we know of — were committed in London, suggesting that the perpetrator was an Englishman, and unlikely to be affiliated with an American political party.
  • Here we go again

    A Little Rock School Board election this September again could figure in the fate of the school superintendent.
  • Refutiating

    You Betcha says what the country needs is more refutiating, and I think she might be right.


  • Dream a little dream

    I'm as starry-eyed as the next person. I sometimes think an SEC championship is within reach. In my weaker moments, I start imagining that the Hogs might even put together a run at the national title.
  • The Televisionist, July 29

    While AMC used to be known mostly for dusting off movies that anyone under 70 years old hadn't seen in decades, the network's created quite a name for itself in recent years with groundbreaking, wholly unique original dramas.
  • Don Draper, reborn

    There's a part of every great film and television show that is wish fulfillment for the viewer. We love mob movies and shows because the wish-fulfillment is instant justice.




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