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  • A streetcar not many desire

    Last week, officials with Central Arkansas Transit Authority met with community leaders in Little Rock to discuss ways to attract more riders to the River Rail trolley and combat the widely-held impression the trolley is more of a rolling tourist trap than a viable commuting option.
  • Walking it off

    A visitor to Heber Springs was surprised to see a woman walking up and down the sidewalk in front of the Cleburne County District Court building wearing a sandwich board sign with the message, "I am a thief." Turns out, the sight is not so unusual for Heber Springs.
  • Political wild card

    Americans Elect, a somewhat mysterious group that filed petitions last week to have its presidential candidate on the ballot in Arkansas, has been described as a "virtual third party," but its chief executive officer insists it's not a party at all.
  • Being Paula Jones

    Sexual harassment by a presidential candidate has been in the news of late and, as coincidence would have it, a famous name from bygone years popped up on our computer screen Tuesday with a delayed benefit from her days as a candidate accuser.
  • Ships, ahoy

    Slow Friday around the newsroom at the Fortress of Employment last week, so The Observer decided to take an afternoon stroll down to the Arkansas riverfront and check out the Nina and the Pinta, exact replicas of two of the three ships that brought that Patron Saint of all Men Who Refuse to Stop and Ask for Directions 'cross the ocean blue in 1492.
  • 'Those activist judges'

    "Doug Smith's article ("Toxic judicial elections and how to avoid them," Nov. 2) did not scratch the surface of this important issue."


  • The Oxford American expands beyond print

    In its new Main Street home in Little Rock, the magazine and non-profit plans to continue the type of programming and events it has hosted throughout the South in recent years.
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  • Praying for dollars

    There is no record of a non-Christian state legislator ever receiving state and federal tax dollars to run a school openly promoting atheism. Or Buddhism, for that matter. Or Islam, or any other of the off-brand beliefs. If ever such a thing happens, we'll begin to pay attention to the Religious Right's complaints, voiced loudly at a recent Washington convention, that Christians are persecuted in this country.
  • For a dirty USA

    I was a lucky boy. You could catch a string of bream for dinner in the spring-fed creek below the house on Champagnolle Road, swim in its frigid "blue hole" below the bridge and not get sick from either activity.
  • Fazed by tase

    The verb became semi-famous a few years back, when national media reported on a college student, pursued by campus police for disrupting a political gathering, who pled with an officer, "Don't tase me, bro." Not feeling brotherly, the cop went ahead and tased.
  • Money talks

    So here's my question: If the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 effectively caused the Wall Street meltdown of 2007 by forcing banks to make bad home loans to improvident poor people (and we all know exactly who I mean), how come it took 30 years for the housing bubble to burst?


  • 'Artistry of the Guitar'

    Ken Bonfield, Steve Davison and Micky Rigby present "Artistry of the Guitar." The three will perform a wide range of styles for the monthly concert series at Laman Library, 7 p.m., free.
  • Clear Channel layoffs

    Perhaps you've already readabout the dozens of DJs that Clear Channel laid off recently at radio stations around the country.
  • On 'Monster-in-laws'

    Most folks who are married have a mother-in-law, and sometimes it works out well. That said, I know there are those mother-in-laws who seem like the spawn of Satan.




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