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  • Unique neighborhoods of Central Arkansas

    Looking at where we live every day and noticing fundamental change is a little like looking into the mirror every morning. It looks the same as yesterday, but over the last two decades, it's become a different face and a different city.
  • Underground SWLR
  • Underground SWLR

    I wake up early on this crisp, chilly autumn Sunday morning, my head still aching from the one-too-many beers I drank last night around that bonfire at my trailer park on Stanton Road, where a bunch of my neighbors and I talked shop, exchanged anecdotes, told dirty jokes and belly-laughed copiously way into the wee hours of the morning.
  • Planned, lakeside living in Lakewood
  • Planned, lakeside living in Lakewood

    I've spent most of my adult life as a vagabond of sorts, living in such diverse areas as New York and Paragould, Ark., and everywhere in between. I recently settled into a two bedroom, two-bath apartment on McCain Boulevard in Lakewood, and I'd be hard-pressed to name a more ideal location in terms of convenience in Central Arkansas.
  • What to do in Park Hill

    Have a burger and a shake at Frostop; walk, skate, roll, tumble, sled or otherwise descend Snake Hill; enjoy the adult beverage of your choice on the patio of U.S. Pizza; pick up the latest issue of Detective Comics at Collector's Edition; grab a wiener and a sundae at Scoop Dog; take a breather on a bench by Lake No. 1 on a sunny fall day, and take a stroll along Skyline Drive.
  • What to do in Levy

    Get around to it at Stanley Hardware, take a hike at Emerald Park, get your carnivore on at Hogg's, try some barbecue at the Dixie Pig and have a brew at My Friend's Place.
  • The year online
  • The year online

    As we close out the books on 2011, we decided to take a look back at the traffic on our website to get a tally of the most-read stories of the year. All but three of the stories below appeared online only.
  • What to do in Chenal

    Promenade on over to the shopping center, explore big boxes, meditate, enjoy arts in the wild woods, drive around looking at the really big houses.
  • What to do in Riverdale

    Walk the Arkansas River Trail, ride the Big Dam Bridge, cross Jimerson Creek, take fido to Paws Park, tee it up at Rebsamen Golf Course, eat and drink.
  • What to do in Hillcrest

    Go to Allsopp Park; go to Knoop Park, experience shopping the way it was before the birth of the big box; dine along Kavanaugh; dive into pool; clean 'em, board 'em, fix 'em; visit a playground for all.
  • What to do in the Central High neighborhood
  • What to do in the Central High neighborhood

    Learn about Little Rock's history at the Central High School Visitor's Center, tour the dead at Mount Holly Cemetery, buy some eggs at Dunbar Garden, get some boudin at K Hall, shop for fine art and books and take a walk through Centennial Park.
  • Rebooting the HSDFI

    The often-beleaguered Hot Springs Documentary Film Institute, which has run into money troubles in recent years, has quietly installed a new executive director in recent months.
  • Low-flying on real wheels

    The Observer owns a bicycle now for the first time in 20 years or more, the first one since the mountain bikes of our troubled youth. We've been riding The Going Nowhere bike at the gym since August, and have been making noises about our desire for a Going Somewhere bike for months now.
  • Lyons' logic

    The column by Gene Lyons "Global Warming Is Real" ranks right in there with Saudi Arabia claiming that if women are allowed to drive there will be no more virgins.


  • Civility lost

    And class war is total. Our Arkansas congressmen's colleague, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, a Wisconsin Republican, has announced that Michelle Obama's butt is too big.
  • Rez, 2012

    I was just finishing up my New Year's resolutions for 2012, and my thought was to keep them to myself this time, so as to avoid the usual hoorawing from y'all, starting in early February, for my inconstancy of purpose.
  • Ron Paul is crazy

    Rep. Ron Paul has no chance whatsoever of securing the Republican nomination, nor of being elected president under any imaginable circumstances. Ain't gonna happen. Even Newt Gingrich has basically said he'd vote for President Obama over Paul.
  • Iowa doesn't matter

    Pardon me if I fail to join the crowd handicapping next week's Iowa GOP caucuses like race track touts peddling betting tips on the Kentucky Derby.


  • A guide to New Year's Eve
  • A guide to New Year's Eve

    It's that time of year again, when we adorn ourselves in our most festive, shimmering finery and our most humorously oversized glitter-encrusted novelty glasses and top hats.
  • 'American Stuffers' saves your pets for posterity
  • 'American Stuffers' saves your pets for posterity

    One of the saddest things in the world is that every bit of love you get from a pet is tempered with the knowledge that it's all going to come to an end sooner rather than later. With cats and dogs, you get 10 good years at best, and that's if they don't run out into the street and get creamed by a passing car.




  • Central Arkansas demographics
  • Central Arkansas demographics

    Numbers aren't just for baseball scores, tallying up your purchases at the mall, and dreading or looking forward to on your birthday (depending on your age). Here we present a look at the numbers behind the people who live in Pulaski County. All statistics come from the U.S. Census Bureau's 2010 American Community Survey.
  • Library guide

    Pulaski County's public libraries — including the Central Arkansas Library System and the William F. Laman Library in North Little Rock — are more than just reading rooms, offering e-books, music downloads, art galleries, computer access, special features for teen-agers and coffee shops.
  • Mass transit guide
  • Mass transit guide

    We're all trying to live greener and smarter these days, and for many urban dwellers, taking public transportation is part of that. While the River Rail streetcar may not be all that practical for long-distance commuters, it is a whole lot of fun, and the Central Arkansas Transit Authority has bus options to get you all the way from Roland out west to the airport in the east if you're willing to make a few transfers. Here's the low-down on getting around town.
  • Hospitals in Central Arkansas
  • Hospitals in Central Arkansas

    Pulaski County has two Level I trauma centers: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and Arkansas Children's Hospital. Baptist Health and St. Vincent Infirmary are Level II trauma centers. There are also two veterans' hospitals: John L. McClellan Memorial in Little Rock and Towbin Health Care Center in North Little Rock. Baptist Health North Little Rock is a Level III trauma center and St. Vincent North is a Level IV trauma center.
  • Schools guide
  • Schools guide

    Many of Arkansas's best public and private schools are located in Pulaski County, as the accomplishments of its students show.

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View Trumpeter Swans in Heber Springs

View Trumpeter Swans in Heber Springs

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