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  • Ending gender rating

    n 2014, under the Affordable Care Act, health insurance companies will no longer be able to take gender into account in premium rates. Women in Arkansas and Wyoming would benefit the most under the act, if left to stand by the U.S. Supreme Court: Women in those states who carry individual policies pay 76 percent to 100 percent more than men for the same health coverage, according to data gathered by the National Women's Law Center.
  • Plumbing the depths of summer

    The Observer planted 146 heirloom tomatoes last weekend. This is pure recklessness. The Observer would sooner drive down Cantrell Hill with no brakes as plant tomatoes in March.
  • Angered about vets

    I have never written a letter to the editor before, but I am incensed at the recent article in the Arkansas Times ("Vets on Main," March 21).


  • Supreme shame

    If the U.S. Supreme Court's oral arguments in the health-insurance suit are a guide, the court this spring will add another case to the pantheon of shame that enshrines Dred Scott, Plessy, Buck, Korematsu, Bush v. Gore and Citizens United.
  • Ape real fool

    The Supreme Court rules that everybody doesn't have to buy health insurance but everybody has to have a shed.
  • Opinion overdrive

    Maybe somebody should offer Iron Mike Tyson a TV news-talk show, although it probably won't be MSNBC. Last week the former heavyweight champ was one of vanishing few willing to await the evidence before pronouncing a verdict in the Trayvon Martin tragedy.






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