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  • Ask the Times: What's the deal with personalized license plates?

    I was at the state revenue office in Springdale getting a driver-license renewal. I saw a framed poster on the wall promoting the sale of the "Choose Life" license plate. There was only one other such poster on the wall in the entire place, one promoting the sale of so-called wildlife plates that benefit the Game and Fish Commission and the hunting industry.
  • Cuffed

    Occupy Little Rock spokesman Greg Deckelman was arrested along with three others last Wednesday when they refused to leave the parking lot at Fourth and Ferry Streets that had been home to the Occupy Little Rock camp before their camping permit from the city had expired. Deckelman has said he'll file a civil rights lawsuit.
  • Hit and run

    Hours before primary election day, an e-mail began circulating in the business community with an attached flyer urging people not to sign petitions for an initiated act to strengthen Arkansas ethics law.
  • Thanks

    What can we say about your 20 impressive years? You have defied the odds, and kept a much-needed balance of news, business and social reporting alive in our beloved state.


  • Liberty attacked

    "Rick Santorum has now said openly that he doesn't believe in the separation of church and state. He doesn't believe, in other words, that Americans should have the freedom to pick their own religion or to have no religion at all, and as president, he'll try to put a stop to it, the hell with the First Amendment."
  • Dumas: Romney may rue Bush involvement

    You can appreciate Mitt Romney's dilemma. The economy is supposed to be the win-or-lose issue in the presidential election, and your advantage is that voters tend to forget fairly soon how the bad times started and instead blame the man who inherited them. But how do you avoid triggering inconvenient memories?
  • Don't worry. Be happy.

    Oh, yeah, the big crash is coming. And don't doubt when we go down, insufferably vain species that we are, we'll take the creation with us.
  • A strange Peace

    "A pregnant woman was killed by her husband and her unborn child was life-flighted to a Little Rock hospital Tuesday, Fort Smith police said."
  • Corporations cry foul

    Corporations are people too, and people get their feelings hurt. What's more, the richer they are these days, the more sensitive they seem to be. It's reminiscent of that Hans Christian Anderson story of the "Princess and the Pea." You know, where the tender young virgin is so delicate that a single pea hidden under seven feather mattresses keeps her awake all night. That's how the prince satisfies himself that she's a real aristocrat.


  • Down at Juanita's

    Also Ty Segall and White Fence at White Water, Epiphany at Revolution, Diggy Simmons at Barton, The Holy Shakes at Maxine's, Flow Rider at Magic Springs and the Little Rock Film Festival Opening Night at Argenta Community Arts.




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