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  • Inconsequential news quiz

    Bald Knob made Comedy Central's "Colbert Report" last week, with copious ripping on the town's name ("... throbbing just beneath the skin of Bald Knob is an old problem"), for a story about a local pastor's successful attempt to stifle a threat which he said could lead to vandalism, methamphetamine use, burglary and sex. What was the problem?
  • Proud parents

    Chelsea Clinton speaks Sunday at the Clinton Presidential Center as her parents look on. The Clintons were in town to debut an exhibit honoring Bill and Hillary Clinton's mothers, Virginia Clinton Kelly and Dorothy Howell Rodham. The exhibit is open until Nov. 25.
  • OA to create Southern restaurant, venue

    The Oxford American magazine has won a $290,000 grant to transform its new headquarters on Main Street (in the space formerly occupied by Juanita's restaurant) as a place for the arts, built around a branded restaurant featuring Southern cooking.
  • Hazy, good times

    Back when The Observer was a pup, new in Little Rock and working a real job for the first time, I lived in the second floor of an old brick house near MacArthur Park with a pair of roommates who lit out for bigger cities long ago.
  • Dodging the bullet

    The recent natural gas study released by the University of Arkansas for the Arkansas Chamber of Commerce shows only the positive side of the equation without counter balancing the minuses.


  • Barth: By the Numbers: 40 + 5

    Runoff elections have been around for over a century and are regular features in politics in the South. Most southern states adopted the runoff once one-party Democratic reign was established with the disenfranchisement of African Americans and the demolition of Populist threats to Democrats.
  • Total war

    Absolutely pitiless, Republicans intensified their War on Women last week, defeating a bill that would give women a better chance of winning lawsuits against employers who pay them less than men for doing the same job.
  • Also militant

    And speaking of war, how about those people who want to get rid of the First Amendment? A report on their rally at the state Capitol last week showed they've gone past angry words and started waving their fists in the air. They may be brandishing guns before long, their priests working them into a state.
  • June havoc

    June was the best month even before the advent of the pink tomato made it official.
  • Flack flak

    "It's worth noting that Forbes caught quite a bit of flack because its article posted numerous incorrect population figures for the various cities when compared with the latest Census counts."
  • Obama's realpolitik drone strategy

    There's a definite Catch-22 aspect to the presidency. Anybody crazy enough to want the job probably shouldn't be allowed to have it. That said, anybody who thought Barack Obama was going to deal with terrorists by sending flowers and proposing group therapy is certainly naive enough to work for the Nobel Peace Prize committee.





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