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  • Feb 6-12, 2013
  • Vol. 39, No. 23
  • The war against women
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  • The Golden Nose

    The Observer is generally saddled with horrific sinus issues, due to what the best otolaryngologist in the state once called, and we're quoting here, "tiny nose holes."
  • Impact of guns in church real

    The Arkansas legislature is supposedly giving pastors means to protect their parishioners by allowing congregations to decide for themselves about whether guns are allowed in their churches. What could be wrong with that? To be honest, even though I believe our culture has a troubling trust in the power of firearms, I tend to resist giving churches special treatment legislatively. Taken in the abstract, I could almost be convinced that if it's legal to carry guns elsewhere it should be legal to carry them into church. Life, however, is not an abstraction.


  • We're gaining

    Small, Southern, unwealthy, Arkansas has long been looked down on by the more prosperous states of the upper Midwest. Now the gap is closing. As we've reported previously, Michigan has copied Arkansas's anti-union "right to work" law, virtually assuring that per capita income in the peninsular state will drop to Arkansas levels. Welcome, Wolverines. Familiarize yourself with the food stamps.
  • Fetuses rule

    On social issues too, Michigan is becoming more like Arkansas. A news item: "Tax Breaks for Fetuses But Not for Kids — Michigan lawmakers proposed an amendment to the state's income tax code that would allow pregnant women to claim their 12-week or older fetuses as dependents. These same Republican legislators pushed to eliminate a tax credit that applies to actual children."
  • Guns in God's house

    Of all the ideas floated by the gun forces after the Connecticut school murders, the most incongruous and the one with the silliest history but probably the least harmful is to encourage worshipers to pack heat when they go to church or the synagogue.


  • 'A Celebration for Mason Mauldin' at Revolution

    Also, 'Night at the Movies' with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, South Main Mardi Gras, Dirty Streets and Iron Tongue at White Water, WWE Smackdown at Verizon, That 1 Guy at Verizon and 'The Price Is Right' at Verizon.




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