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  • Riverfest fast facts

    Riverfest 2013 three-day discounted tickets will be available at select Walgreen's locations around the state. These tickets will be sold for $17.50 (while supplies last). Admission at the gates is $35 for a three-day pass, cash only. Online tickets can be purchased for $30.
  • Fire

    Firefighters battle a blaze that broke out not long after midnight last Thursday at the Forest Place apartments on North University Avenue. A cause has still not been determined.
  • Buggy

    The Observer was coming out of a department store in North Little Rock last Saturday when we saw him. The guy, who had exited the store just before us, had purchased a can of bug spray, and as The Observer and Spouse walked past in the parking lot, he proceeded to uncap said bug spray and then douse himself in the stuff, writhing around in a dense cloud of chemicals, trying to hose down every square inch of his body while looking as if he was doing an interpretive dance.
  • Party comes first for Griffin

    I just received an email survey from Tim Griffin a couple of days ago wanting my opinion concerning the handling of the Benghazi attack by the Obama administration. The survey comes complete with a video in case I'm not already "appalled" with the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. I'm quite frankly sick of Tim Griffin's attempt at acting like he is working in the best interest of Americans.


  • Misquoted

    There's embarrassment in the young gubernatorial campaign of state Rep. Debra Hobbs of Rogers. Announcing her candidacy last week, Representative Hobbs said "I feel like this is what God wants me to do." But sources close to God say that He gave her no encouragement and was at most indifferent to her campaign.
  • Say goodbye

    It's kind of piling on, admittedly, but we feel compelled to join the call for state Treasurer Martha Shoffner to resign. Awkwardly compelled, that is. She has not yet been convicted of the criminal charges filed against her, and that's an important point. The presumption of innocence has not been repealed.
  • Syrian war: Iraq redux

    Americans are instinctively wiser than their leaders when it comes to foreign policy, at least until their emotions are manipulated to support mindless war.
  • Mexican streak

    From "Kearny's March: The Epic Creation of the American West, 1846-1847" by Winston Groom.
  • Three non-scandals

    Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when every jackleg news organization in Washington — that is, virtually all of them — was feeding out of Kenneth Starr's soft little hand like a Shetland pony.


  • Mary Gauthier at White Water Tavern

    Also, Flowing on the River at the River Market Pavilions, Mad Nomad at White Water Tavern, 7th Street Underground Festival, Collective Soul at the Timberwood Amphitheater and 'Clockwork Orange' at Vino's.




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