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  • Nov 15-21, 2007
  • Vol. 5, No. 44


  • The Insider, Nov. 15

    Phil Wyrick, a former state legislator from Mabelvale who switched to the Republican Party for a run against U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder and later served as Livestock and Poultry Commission director under Gov. Mike Huckabee, may have one more political race in h
  • Smart Talk, Nov. 15

    Arkansas may have a proposed state lottery on the ballot next year so it’s not too early to consider some of the issues other states have encountered. Such as Ping-Pong balls.
  • The Observer, Nov. 15

    The Observer is a sucker for a sale and sentimental to boot, so we weren’t about to miss the great Ray Winder Field sell-athon held at the now-closed ballpark last week. No telling what treasures they’d unearth from the bowels of the clubhouse, we thought
  • The Week That Was, Nov. 15

    SHEFFIELD NELSON. The former Arkla Gas CEO, in an op-ed in the Democrat-Gazette, made a persuasive case for increasing the severance tax on natural gas by petition in 2008. He also ridiculed gas company announcements tempering optimism about Fayetteville
  • Letters to the Editor, Nov. 15

    I really enjoy your publication, even though there is often a serious disconnect between your liberal-populist themes and the gaudy advertising that clearly is aimed at the upper middle class. We used to call that limousine liberalism.


  • Editorials, Nov. 15

    It’s hard to believe now, but early in George W. Bush’s first presidential campaign, some on the Religious Right suspected that he was not really one of them, though he claimed to be. They noted that he was an Ivy Leaguer, and the son of a man who’d once
  • How much is too much?

    The Beebe administration’s triumphant landing of a windmill blade plant at the Little Rock Port called to mind former Gov. Jim Guy Tucker’s triumphant announcement of a Southwest Airlines call center at the Little Rock Airport, long gone.
  • The line between tacky and crooked

    Mike Huckabee’s most vigorous and able nemesis in Arkansas is the unabashedly liberal and uncommonly activist editor of the weekly free tabloid in Little Rock.
  • Sticking it to the middle class

    Mike Huckabee is right about his party. Republicans should not be the party of fatcats by settling big tax cuts on the rich while the poor wait for someone else’s wealth to splash onto them, as Huckabee described the philosophy in one of his books.
  • If he hollers

    The obituary page last week reported the death of a Cabot man by saying he’d gone fishing with Jesus. Another man was said to have lost his battle with cancer at the same time he won his war against Satan.
  • Words, Nov. 15

    “Judge Billy Roy snuck back to his chambers while an angry crowd booed his verdict and threatened to burn the courthouse.”


  • Music Reviews, Nov. 15

    The only truly democratic musical genre — heck, art form of any sort — may be live dance music. The will of the group dominates; in the end, the only measure of a DJ is how well he can manipulate the masses. Intellectual appreciation is merely a bonus whe
  • Televisionist, Nov. 15

    Maybe you’ve heard: There’s a little row going on right now between the folks who write TV and those who broadcast it. The Writer’s Guild of America is on strike. The beef sits largely on “new media,” chiefly TV content on the Internet. The writers want a
  • Thank God For Mississippi?

    That was embarrassing. Last Saturday’s trouncing probably rang the death knell for Houston Nutt’s tenure at Arkansas, but that didn’t make the game any easier to watch. I haven’t spent so much time with my face in the couch cushions since Borat’s nude wre



  • What's Cooking, Nov. 15

    Cregeen’s general manager Khalil Moussa said the Irish restaurant and pub will start developing new locations in Little Rock and Jacksonville in the next three to four months. Moussa called the property agreements “pretty much a done deal,” but because co


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