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  • Mar 25-31, 2004
  • Vol. 2, No. 10



  • On the other hand …

    The Arkansas Ethics Commission voted 5-0 last week to dismiss a complaint I filed against Gov. Mike Huckabee concerning money raised to pay for his inaugural parties in January 2003.
  • Bush's unfocused America

    The best political commentary of the young year comes from Bill Maher, formerly of ABC's "Politically Incorrect" and now of the variation called "Real Time" on HBO, which actually permits free expression.
  • Bush takes some lumps

    George W. Bush doesn't make a pitiable figure or else you would have to feel sorry for a president who has had so many top advisers walk out the door and say that he was ruled by political hunches, grudges or by plain dopiness.
  • A column with rope tricks

    Spring cleaning for ol' moi means moving around a bunch of old books. Moving them from one shelf to another, from one room to another, into forgotten closets, into the attic. Thousands of them - they've taken over like Hitchcock birds -- and there's a method in the moving of them hither and thither. It has to do with rewarding books that have proved beneficial to me with more prominent display, and punishing by demotion and banishment those that have been disappointing in one way or another. Once it reaches the closet, a book has to molder for a long time before being removed to the Alcatraz of the attic, and its fate there is like unto that of the Man in the Iron Mask: not much hope of a comeback.
  • Second-class citizens

    I never thought that a president of the United States would propose an amendment to the Constitution to make any group of Americans second-class citizens by preventing homosexuals from marrying each other. But President Bush has done exactly that, and 116 members of the House of Representatives (including Rep. John Boozman, Arkansas' only Republican member of Congress) are sponsoring the proposed amendment.


  • Football season around the corner

    We noted that the University of Alabama last week drew 35,000 to its spring football game and recalled a time back in the early '70s when the University of Arkansas would do the same when it brought its game to Little Rock.


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