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Missing WBW....come home, now!

Updated on June 4, 2010 at 11:32 PM

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Re: “News update: Anti-gay referendum approved; school gun bust; Griffin says no pay for Huckabee work; ASU okayed for osteopathic med school

Those determined to put the repeal of Act 137 on the statewide ballot are gay masochists who will be throwing gasoline on a grease fire.

Our primary goal should be preventing any measure which allows the majority to vote on the rights of a minority, yet these gay morons are the ones putting it on the ballot!

A straight, white, male Democrat would be hardpressed to get 40-percent of the vote in this blood-red state. Hell, even Bill Clinton conceded he couldn't win in Arkansas today. And the only thing more despised in this state than Obama is the LGBT.

And if you're naive enough to think that our opponents won't paint this as strictly a "gay issue," you're plain stupid. Jerry Cocks is already warming up his anti-gay chorus to beat this into the ground. We will be pelted non-stop with ads demonizing us for a solid year. All this ballot measure will accomplish is to give the bullies a bullhorn and non-stop exposure.

When Cocks and his band of haters are done, this measure will lose by at least 30 points and gay bullying will be at a fever pitch. There is no rah-rah upside to doing this. It's a lose-lose proposition that will embolden the haters and ensure that more gays are harassed and bullied.

I'm not even sure we can win on the ballot in gay-friendly Eureka Springs and you want the entire gay-hating state to vote on this? What's next? Asking the KKK to vote on interracial marriage?

We will get our rights in the courts, just like every other civil right that has been granted in this country since its inception. Step aside and let our attorneys repeal this unconstitutional law in the courts.

Otherwise, any proverbial or literal gay blood that is shed because you poked this bear will be on your hands.

Wake up and smell the coffee,

Mrs. Sistertoldja

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Posted by Mrs. Sistertoldja on 04/24/2015 at 12:06 PM

Re: “The open line and video headlines

I'd like to address the "elephant" in the bathroom issue, if I may. The elephant, in this case, is the religionist-sect-cult arm of the GOP in Arkansas.

Let's recap...Michelle Duggar, along with some Baptist minister's wife and those cowering in their pews (women who are proud members of DENSA, who scored lower than 70 on their IQ test after being home-schooled) are worried that a transgendered person will molest them in a public bathroom if the Civil Rights ordinance is passed in Eureka Springs.

Let's address this...

1) If a pervert wants to molest you in a public restroom, they can do this now. Laws don't dissuade perverts, child molesters, rapists and murderers (most of whom are straight men, if statistics factor into this so-called argument).

2) Ts (transgendered) are probably the nicest, law-abiding people on the planet. Ts are much nicer than Ls. Ls are the meanest. I know because I'm an L. We're always sparring for a fight, unless your name is Durango, Olphie, Perplexed, Tap, DBI or eL. In that case, we melt and are pushovers.

3) Women's public restrooms have stalls. You go in, bolt the door, do your business, walk out, wash your hands and leave. The entire process takes no more than 90 seconds if there isn't a line.

In my almost 50 years on this planet have I ever encountered anything untoward in going to the bathroom in a public place (okay, there was one time. WIES and I were coming home from the beach and stopped at a McDonalds for breakfast. I went in the bathroom first and got the unoccupied stall. There was craziness going on next to me. WIES had the misfortune to follow the woman who was at the next stall. We had to leave. It was awful how this woman defiled a toilet, and I know she was straight since Jethro was waiting by his truck for her). They should make laws about that!

4) How come they single out the Ts for these hate commercials? Ts are truly the nicest of our growing alphabet. We Ls and Gs have been sharing a public bathroom with the straights forever but they single out the Ts?

Let's recap, Ls are vindictive but sweet and good at sports and home repair, Gs are like straight women, Bs are straight but want to be "cool", Ts are the best of both worlds, Qs are made up, As aren't getting any (why are they under our umbrella?) and....I forgot all the other letters the HRC throws in.

Here's my point. Don't pick on the Ts or the Gs. Ls? Pick on us and we'll sock you in the mouth. Ls are mean, hormonal and vengeful (unless your name is Durango)

Warm fuzzies,

Mrs. Sistertoldja

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Posted by Mrs. Sistertoldja on 04/20/2015 at 11:41 PM

Re: “Hillary Clinton joins presidential race

You had it right at 6:45, Outlier.

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Posted by Mrs. Sistertoldja on 04/12/2015 at 8:24 PM

Re: “Ethics complaint filed over Supreme Court handling of marriage case

Hear, hear, Tippi! You and Barb have been invaluable in our fight for equality and the LGBT community owes you both a huge debt of gratitude for your fearless leadership.

To borrow a sports metaphor, this is simply the losing team running out the clock and then demanding a rematch. This doesn't work in sports and it certainly doesn't work in a court of law, much less the highest court in Arkansas.

At stake for us were hundreds of legally, gay married couples being unable to file our taxes in Arkansas together. Piazza ruled in our favor in May and his decision has never been overruled. The Federal court agreed with his decision in November.

This corrupt inaction by the State Supreme Court cost us thousands of dollars in lost tax refunds in 2014. Will we be allowed to amend our returns? Should those funds come from the corrupt justices' newly-raised salaries? Well, a girl can dream, can't she?

The four women named in the complaint should be more than censured. They should be thrown off the court or maybe disbarred. And what about Pig Pen Rutledge? Does she get a free pass? I would think not given her collusion in this matter.

Thank you, Justices Hannah and Danielson. You two are honorable men who follow the rule of law. Seems like Justice Wood is trying to cover her ass at this point.

I hope the Judicial Commission rules on this in a timely manner and follows the rule of law. That's all we ask. Otherwise, some well-meaning but half-witted gay person will attempt to put it on the ballot so the gay-haters of a blood-red state can decide the issue (insert face palm here).


Mrs. Sistertoldja

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Posted by Mrs. Sistertoldja on 04/09/2015 at 7:28 PM

Re: “Petition drive to refer anti-gay law underway

Sarah Scanlon,

Please don't do this if it's on a statewide ballot. It will only set us back when you want to allow bigots to vote on our civil rights. If you put African-Americans or women up for a vote, these bigots would vote it down, too. Gays? We are the punching bag du jour.

Why would you want to put that on a ballot? It will be voted down 70-30 in this backward state. I don't get why any gay group south of the Mason/Dixon Line would put anything on a ballot unless they were high on peyote. It defies common sense and logic. Your heart is in the right place but your brain is AWOL considering how this state works.

Our rights will only come from the Federal courts. Please don't make it worse.

Signed, a lesbian, married woman.

Mrs. Sistertoldja

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Posted by Mrs. Sistertoldja on 04/07/2015 at 9:45 PM

Re: “Methodist Church barred from 'Celebrate Jesus' parade in Eureka Springs

Wouldn't the First United Methodist Church have a legal case to sue under our new RFRA law? Wouldn't that be ironic.

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Posted by Mrs. Sistertoldja on 04/06/2015 at 8:14 PM

Re: “An open line: And a piece of cake for Tom Cotton and a computer task force

The L Group was discussing Closeted Cotton and Pig Pen Rutledge tonight.

First, there is no more dangerous animal than a closeted gay Republican. They are literally mad at the world, especially because the tide is turning our way. In this case, they did "choose" a side. They chose to conform to social, religious pressures rather than to be who they are. When one does this, it literally makes you batshit nuts.

I've had panic attacks in the past/present and I think I can trace it back to my family/job finding out I was a lesbian. I'm out and proud now but it has had residual effects. The fear of family/friends turning against you is real. There's a reason why the suicide rate is high among gay teens. We've all felt totally alone at one point and it's super scary. Every single gay or trans person will attest to this fact.

Part of me pities Closeted Cotton and Pig Pen. They are tortured souls and are lashing out, hoping to be accepted by the masses. I get that. All gay people understand.

However, when you attempt to throw all LGBT people under the bus because of your own personal demons of being accepted by family/friends, we will out you. The closet is fine, unless you're actively trying to undermine us. Karma is a Lesbian!

Where is Baby Cotton? Closeted Tom gleefully announced during the general election that his beard was 12-weeks pregnant in early October. I haven't heard a peep about Baby Cotton since. What if there was a mix-up at the sperm bank and Baby Cotton was black, Chinese or Iranian? Would the Koch brothers swoop in and buy a white baby for Closeted Tom to swaddle?

Okay, that last graph was in jest, although I would like to see an actual pic of what comes out of beard's cooch. Inquiring minds, and all.

Love to all,

Mrs. Sistertoldja

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Posted by Mrs. Sistertoldja on 04/03/2015 at 11:51 PM

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