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Re: “An open line with 'frightening Tom Cotton' and the nepotism watch

Brenda Looper is back at the ADG Voices page. We've been in touch by email for the past 2-3 days and she said she was again working. If there is a true voice of reason at the ADG as well as an excellent writer and journalist, then my vote goes for Looper.

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Posted by Jake da Snake on 03/14/2015 at 7:28 PM

Re: “An open line with 'frightening Tom Cotton' and the nepotism watch

Let me urge AT bloggers and fans to continue donating and encouraging others to donate so the AT staff can pursue the child services story to the fullest extent possible. A lot of rocks need to be overturned so we can see what crawls out.
I know they've already reached their initial goal. I think and hope that $10,000 can be raised.

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Posted by Jake da Snake on 03/14/2015 at 6:16 PM

Re: “Justin Harris heaps more blame on DHS for his adoption decision

The fact that Harris hides from the press indicates several possibilities: (1) He's trying to cover something up; (2) He's afraid he'll accidentally reveal something he is trying to keep secret; (3) He's a moral coward (my favorite); (4) He's playing the "bad liberal media" card to discredit reporting contrary to his own version of events; etc.

Am concerned that the ADG is not taking their investigation into the realms Hardy has uncovered. If they fail to do their journalistic duty in getting to the truth of this story (and as you say, it's not all negative about Harris, although a disturbing amount of his story is being discredited), then the ADG is aiding and abetting the conspiracy to cover up the facts about Harris and these little girls.

One thing that does seem important to me as I read comments at the ADG whenever they do a story on Harris and this topic is that postings are nearly unanimous in their dislike of Harris' actions and distrust in his statements. This is regardless of political affiliation or philosophical ideals about government. Harris is becoming the dead skunk under the floor. The odor gets stronger the more you don't take care of the problem.

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Posted by Jake da Snake on 03/10/2015 at 2:22 PM

Re: “Harrises ended adoption process of third girl via DHS prior to eventual "rehoming" of two younger sisters

From her heavenly home, my mother would probably like to have a word with Justin Harris. In 1961, our family was a foster family for four girls ranging in age from one to five. The girls had been removed from the “care” of their prostitute, addicted mother and placed in the Buckner Children's Home. The baby was still going through withdrawals because her biological mother had often put alcohol into her baby bottle. The others had witnessed their mother's activities and occasionally spoke in her rough language.

For one year, Mother raised her own three sons and these four girls. She made all our clothes, prepared all our meals, nursed us when we were sick, and did all the things a caring mother should, including great doses of love for all of us. She got the baby girl through her withdrawals, taught the other girls to behave properly, proudly dressed them up and took them to church, and made sure they knew that they belonged in our home.

We were quite poor at the time but not destitute. Daddy worked six days a week and had additional duties as choir director for our church. In every sense of the word, Mother was the homemaker for the family, the foundation of our lives. Like the Harris family, she also had some outside help with funds. As part of the fostering agreement, she relied on a small stipend from the children's home to help her with the added expenses.

After keeping them in every sense of the word for one year, a day that Mother called one of her saddest came. Foster parents were not allowed to adopt those in their care. Such was the policy then. Mother and Daddy left us with kinfolk that day and took all four of the girls back to Fort Worth to meet their new adoptive parents.

There is a photograph taken of them early that morning before they left. They are standing outside in the bright summer sunlight. They stand in a diamond formation, the oldest in the back, the youngest up front, and the two middle girls standing on the sides. They are all dressed in clothes my mother made for them back in the Spring. The youngest is pulling at the front of her hair, probably wondering why so much attention was being paid to them that day.

Not once did my Mother consider “re-homing” the four girls. Not once did she doubt her abilities to love and care for them. Not once did she even consider abandoning her duty to them. The only injustice she ever considered was what had been done to the little girls before she came into their lives. And the only thing she might have considered unjust was the bureaucratic ruling that took them away from her after that special year in her life.

My mother would have a lot to say to Justin Harris. She would speak of the joy those girls brought into her life and the joy she brought into theirs. Their problems became hers and she never faltered in trying to resolve them. She continued to love and miss them long after they left. Mother did not fail those entrusted to her care and keeping.

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Posted by Jake da Snake on 03/06/2015 at 4:00 PM

Re: “University of Arkansas education reformers receive grand prize for 'bunkum' in charter school reports

Greene's specialty has been fudge. You can bet that there's not an underhanded statistical trick they won't employ to tweak the numbers the direction they want them to go.

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Posted by Jake da Snake on 03/03/2015 at 9:21 AM

Re: “A Bible lesson on SB 202: It demands discrimination

Pt 1 US Constitution = Ace of trumps

Introducing the Bible into the equation is like putting in a Joker. It can be whatever you like as long as everyone agrees to play by those rules. But, don't think for a minute that a joker is used in serious games of cards.

Enshrining religion into our law is wrong. That cheapens our constitution and insults our founding parents.

Pt 2 Religion & bigotry

The combination is a poisonous mixture, dangerous to humans and life. It promotes the idea of class, masters and slaves, your betters and your trash, etc.

Citing scripture from a Holy text to support bigotry only proves the wickedness of the text and the evil ensconced in your own heart. You have chosen to hate, instead of love. You have chosen to demean, instead of respect.

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Posted by Jake da Snake on 02/17/2015 at 5:02 PM

Re: “Calming words from former Little Rock School Board chair UPDATE

I strongly recommend readers look into how state takeovers affect predominantly minority school districts and mostly black school boards. State of Indiana has a PDF on that for all 50 states plus an overview. It's called State Takeovers of School Districts: Race & The Equal Protection Clause. Here is that link:


An overview of how race is involved in state education decisions (with lots of data and research to back it up) can be found in The Nation article "Black Lives Matter." Here is the link:


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Posted by Jake da Snake on 02/16/2015 at 2:10 PM

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