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Updated on September 11, 2014 at 2:12 PM

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Re: “A good year for Obama in 2014, except at the polls

I thanked you, Outlier, for your very kind words. I feel likewise.

Still doesn't cover the fact that your wrong. Obama's unemployment numbers aren't even as good as Bill of GWs, and the graph is there for you to see.

Inflation should be a simple formula, but it isn't, and each quarter, the metrics are changed. That is Obama and his administration. Some of the reactions, that is the market trying to adjust.

There is nothing white inside Condi, and it is still a racist notion that as a black woman, Condi does not have a mind of her own. She is far more intelligent than Powell, who was more political than military, as upper officers are wont to breed. I always came away with the impression that Powell got in over his head, and became a hapless mess. I did like his integrity, even if he was out of his realm. Condi had to balance a nest of snakes in the middle east, dealing with countries where a black woman is treated with disdain, yet she earned respect.

Despite what some of the sillier, more idiotic elements may believe, I despise Putin and the rise of Soviet nationalism he represents. Fact is, Obama has constanly been behind the curve in foreign affairs. His economic coalition wasn't one he did with enthusiastic support. Considering that Putin is still winning with his people, Obama has forgotten (if he is even aware of such history) that people will suffer any hardship if they like their leader. Putin has remained popular by his control of the media, and unless Obama and the EU can come up with something substantial in aid to Ukraine, Russia will ride out the sanctions, and Putin will make another, more militant move. Obama continues to fail. He hasn't talked of even trading arms with the Ukrainians or the other border countries. Now Turkey is taking a hard stance backwards against the progress Ataturk tried to implement.

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Posted by Steven E on 12/26/2014 at 3:54 PM

Re: “Huckabee lands on 2014 list of questionable ethics

Well, it is about the only way he can keep his name relevant. In truest Show Business fashion, Huck is just making words, and doing nothing. These collections he will get from a small minority of easily impressed rubes will pay for another mansion somewhere, but he knows he doesn't have any game in a presidential run.

Dead before arrival. About where he belongs, as a butt of jokes and not getting any respect.

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Posted by Steven E on 12/26/2014 at 3:40 PM

Re: “A good year for Obama in 2014, except at the polls

I am concerned, Olphart, because there is no way on any kind of reality that it can work. Something will suffer. Whether it is access or quality, one of those will suffer.

I sourced the HuffPost link to show how unemployment numbers can be skewed. As noted, too, Obama's years are worse than Bush or Clinton, so there is little for folks to celebrate, including the Obamas.

All one has to do is follow the graph and see how the numbers play. Hardly a scatalogical pull, though some folks do seem to be under the allure of the ass, but that is to be expected from Dearth and his shriekings.

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Posted by Steven E on 12/26/2014 at 12:52 PM

Re: “Republicans set to push limits on Obamacare

Bless you, and Thank You, Outlier for the fond wishes. I appreciate it, a lot.

Wife and I went out for breakfast and just relaxed and watch TV and cuddled most of the day. Her daughter will be staying with us this weekend, and my daughter called me Christmas morn, and we talked for over an hour.

Rosie and I do not do the Christmas celebrating stuff, which some of our family finds abhorrent. Funny thing is they don't get all christian on us about it. They just seem to think we are stingy and hate celebrating. Our kids accept the fact that Rosie and I give out year round, and unlike some members of the family, our generosity isn't narrowed to one season or day.

We had a good Christmas dinner, which the dogs enjoyed, and we gave some leftover chicken to Bug, our outdoor cat. Howled with the coyotes at night. Got one that is coming too close to home, and I want to shoot at him, and hope I can get him to stay away before one of the neighbors shoots him dead.

Posted by Steven E on 12/26/2014 at 11:45 AM

Re: “A good year for Obama in 2014, except at the polls

Well, we know, or at least the observant of us know, that Obama and his people are excellent cooks of numbers.

Still, it isn't any small thing that Obama has heralded a more fragile future in the world stage with such obvious screw ups as minimizing ISIL when it could have been squashed early, being punked brutally by Putin, losing support from allies and respect from opponents.

That is why I was so disappointed Condi didn't run, as she was one of the few intelligent adults on the political stage. But Dems wouldn't trust a black woman because, as some have said here, she is 'too white' inside. Whatever the hell that means. Talk about a racist comment.

Folks don't like a liar, much. They will tolerate them if they are clever or capable. That was one of the saving graces of Bill Clinton. He had the same allegations of rape that Cosby did, but he was a capable president who had a winning charm. Obama doesn't have any of that. When he and hi wife tell obvious lies about their supposed dealings with racism, and the lies needed to get HellCare passed folks aren't as willing to forgive as they did before.

There isn't much that makes Obama look good. Folks know the unemployment numbers are garbage, especially the folks in lower paying jobs with fewer hours, or those that have given up. When HuffPost gets on your case, you know your a cooked liberal.…

Folks know the inflation numbers are vastly under reported, and that is understandable, but those on fixed incomes sure feel the pinch, and know the facts. Those of us watching the price of many goods increase, even while the packaged quantities decrease know the numbers are being fudged.

It is still far too early to know if HellCare will work or not. Too much lying about the numbers on that front. The real numbers won't really be know till after 2015, when the bill comes in.

Obama hasn't anything close to a good year, but I hope he is paying Krugman well for all the sycophantic cheer leading.

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Posted by Steven E on 12/26/2014 at 11:30 AM

Re: “Police: Officer shot armed teen in St. Louis county

Doig, kids just need to learn how to handle any gun, including toys. Both my girls has guns in their hands by the time they were ten. Never had a problem with them. My grand kids have no problems with guns.

My in laws, though, need some work. One of them brought his son to my house, and the kid had a toy gun that made a POP sound when pumped. He got to where he would point it at someone and pulled the trigger, making his popping noise. I told him not to point the gun at anyone. His dad, and the guy's grand dad (my brother in law) said it was only a toy. I told both of them that those habits could get that kid killed later in life. When the kid pointed the gun at me, the second time, I took the gun and locked it in my gun safe.

It took me a while to explain it to the 'adults' but I made my point clear, and at least the B.I.L. seemed to get it.

Problem isn't kids and guns. It is irresponsible kids and guns. When kids get trained early enough, well, it can be illuminating to see their talent...…

Six year old competitive shooter....…

or a 13-yo champion.…

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Posted by Steven E on 12/24/2014 at 2:18 PM

Re: “Police: Officer shot armed teen in St. Louis county

So, facts still don't matter to some who don't care about lives of any kind. They just found an excuse to burn. Even though it looks like the cop was defending himself, and the other guy was armed, folks will still riot.…

What is truly disturbing is despite the facts Vanessa mentioned, folks will still see racism and brutality where none may exist. It is a low mentality that always sees an event through one narrow view. No thinking is needed, and if someone points out inconvenient facts, label them a racist. Evidence be damned. Riot, burn, kill.

DeBlasio is now having a difficult time controlling the idiocy he has allowed and unleashed, as protesters even show up to protest and taunt the murdered NYC cops at their memorial.

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Posted by Steven E on 12/24/2014 at 12:24 PM

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