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Updated on September 11, 2014 at 2:12 PM

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Re: “Hot Springs firing range declared a "Muslim free zone" by its owner

Poor, sad old Psycho Mom, seeing things that aren't there, eh? Plainjim said it only once, and has not insisted on anything, other than some blunt truths.

He really got to you, didn't he? Truth too much to bear? The lady doth protest too much, methinks

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Posted by Steven E on 09/30/2014 at 11:45 AM

Re: “Hot Springs firing range declared a "Muslim free zone" by its owner

Well, Jamilah, at least your not wishing for her to be exterminated. You wish people dead, and your one of the Palestinian nut jobs that think your being picked on. Get out the vote and support to get rid of the killers in the Palestinian movement. HAMAS is not a friend of peace.

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Posted by Steven E on 09/30/2014 at 11:42 AM

Re: “Hot Springs firing range declared a "Muslim free zone" by its owner

Here is a couple of thoughts, and an observation from someone who used to sell guns.

She has been threatened by a particular religious group that is notorious for keeping those kind of promises. Morgan did nothing to alleviate their rage, and actually poked hard, but then how many Christians clamored to kill the artists that splattered shit on the picture of the Virgin Mary, or dunked the cross on urine. She did dumb things, but not dumb enough to deserve death. Maybe a room next the Psycho Mom in Bellevue.

How many folks here have talked about getting checks and selling guns to nutjobs? This is a favorite subject of Max, that there is little control over who gets guns. Actually, there is quite a bit of control. In Kali, I looked at my buyers, and depending on manner and talk, I would refuse to sell them a gun, or ammo. We had gang bangers come into the shop, and we turned them right around, and showed them the door. Things got weird when the Armenians moved in, and some of the older guys still brought their blood feuds with them. I had one old guy walk into the store, point at a gun under the glass and declare, "I need gun. I have enemy. I must kill him." I told him t leave. He put money on the table and demanded, "I have enemy, sell me gun." I told him I wouldn't sell him a toothpick and that I was calling the cops. He left, and I had a long conversation with GPD about this character. It was hit or miss, and after a while, there was a small group of men, a certain age from that group we wouldn't even let inside the shop. It was like dealing with the gang bangers.

You just gave her all the attention she had been seeking. What may have remained a small little footnote in some local watering hole, is now bigger news than it needs to be. Win, lose or draw, this blog gave a mouth and voice to a whole bunch of folks that never would have heard of her. Now she has supporters. Great. Wonderful way to give a loon a voice.

Interesting aside. Just wondering how some decrepit old ape could think the OKC bombing had anything to do with Christianity. Considering the the bomber was an outcast from even the most rabid right wing nuts. Nobody can nail him down as anything other than a lone whack job living, and dying, in a world of his own.

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Posted by Steven E on 09/30/2014 at 11:06 AM

Re: “Hot Springs firing range declared a "Muslim free zone" by its owner

There is no comment so small and harmless that the One of Humongous Umbrage won't bray about it. Poor, sad, old Psycho Mom, nettled by plainjim's accurate estimation to the point that she will wail, gnash them well polished teeth, and pull at her finely woven weaves. A certain crazed psychotic is in need of her nap time.

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Posted by Steven E on 09/30/2014 at 10:45 AM

Re: “Lake House Open Line

Well, and she has a good and zealous following, like that JyRe who will troll about defending their candidate. I found that Stacy Hurst couldn't even answer one simple question.

Just like Leslie Rutledge, hide, obfuscate, lie and stonewall.

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Posted by Steven E on 09/29/2014 at 1:25 PM

Re: “How the South became dead red

Outlier, I grew up in Los Angeles, which in many parts is heavily segregated. I grew up in the Latino areas where gangs began to flourish. I really didn't get too much into the racism thing till I was old enough to see how my dad treated my older brother, who was black. My older brother had two strikes against him, to my dad. He was not his son by blood, and he was black, so my older brother got beat until mom put her foot down.

Still, I recall how mom worried about my brother, wishing we could move somewhere else where the other Mexican kids would not give my brother the evil eye. Mom missed Mason City, Iowa, where she was raised, and where my older brother was raised after her first boyfriend abandoned her with a mixed race child. In small town Mason City, blacks, mexicans and whites lived together pretty good. My wife was raised in Sioux City, and has pretty much the same to say about parts of Iowa. Race didn't matter, what you did mattered more.

Mom moved to Chicago, then Kali, and found a whole world of people that would look down on the little Mexican lady with her black child. It wasn't as in your face as what you saw. Most of the time. It was more subtle, but just as nasty. Mom had a hard time finding work, finding housing, getting served.

I grew up the odd fish, since I didn't want to be a part of any gangs, and in those neighborhoods, you became affiliated, or you became a target. Dad moved us to sunny, white Glendale, Kali, where I was the darkest person there. At first I was a menace, then I was a cute bit of sociology. All the crazy gringos wanted to know about that gang lifestyle of the Latinos in Echo Park. Even the, in school, people, teachers, always looked at me like it was such a surprise I could get A and Bs in class, like ain't it odd that little Mexican knows stuff. Shit like, 'How did you get so smart, for being a Mexican, dude?"

My recollections are from the 60s onward. Mom, though, told me of horror stories from her times, the 40s and 50s, and how it really depended where you were. Up North, it made a difference. Still does in many Southern areas. Especially in big cities, Like L.A. There was that damned self segregation and racism among the different areas. Blacks hated mexicans, mexicans hated whites, whites hated foreigners. It is a psychotic make up.

My last ex, was born and raised in Mississippi. She was, as she put it, 'poor, white, trash, though her grand parents recalled when they had slaves, and land, before the War. But Jackie lived with blacks, and used to say how they all got along, though the racism was also tainted with class rivalries. Being as she lived in a black neighborhood, and was poor, her treatment was not any better than her black friends.

My eldest daughter is married to a black man. Our family was happy, because Gary really loved our girl, even if she was a bit sideways. Only grief there was came from his family, that did not like the fact their son married a white chick. They came from the South, and they did have a hard time, before they built their wealth. One would think they would have compassion for differences, but they turned out to be just as racist as any klansman I met. I had to explain why some people just try to pass hate from one generation to the next. They are still together, after 20 years. They have a son, and he is doing so-so. Hate still trying to pass along, even if it means poisoning a promising generation free of hate.

Still, I moved here to Arkansas with some reservations. Mom had been filling my head with all these visions of KKK and racists, and i recalled the fights I got into in Kali. I was very pleasantly surprised to see mixed race couples with their kids shopping at WalMart, living in apartments and goofing with their neighbors, who are a very eclectic bunch of races. groovy, a better mixing than I found in L.A. While I hear more of teh 'N' word than I did in L.A., I still found more folks willing to live, talk and work with opposite races, even if the language was vulgar. I found it still depends on a particular locations. Harrison is still a horrid place, but Bentonville, Rogers and the cities nearby aren't anywhere near as bad.

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Posted by Steven E on 09/29/2014 at 1:22 PM

Re: “How the South became dead red

There are those who keep stoking race as a purely Southern problem, when that is the furthest from the truth. Some spew their bile and ignorance about, but fail to acknowledge the entire problem of race and politics.

It is not too surprising that the very first black representatives elected to state and federal office came from the South, as almost 90% of blacks lived in the South. The migration of blacks to the North showed that the North was every bit as racist as the South, if a little more subtle. Blacks weren't allowed into unions, and the segregation in the North was more marked than in the South during the Depression. Still, most black office holders continued to come from the South, even the Deep South where somehow that stark racial bias still did not keep a majority from electing blacks into office.

Surprisingly, the North was not so progressive.…

Somehow, most miss the facts that these considerations aren't so simple as just shouting that the South is racist. For a long while, the whole country was racist, yet blacks continued to thrive in some areas, even Republican areas. Those in the rural areas did somewhat better, those in the bigger cities, well, even among the blacks there was segregation, from those that wanted to excel, and those that did not.

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Posted by Steven E on 09/29/2014 at 11:14 AM

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