An alternative Catholic perspective 

An alternative Catholic perspective

As a regular reader and advertiser, I value the more progressive perspective of the Arkansas Times. We believe that you reach some of the people we want to reach. So, I thought you might be interested in the news that, in the wake of conservative reaction against last week's Supreme Court rulings on DOMA and California Prop. 8, there is at least one alternative Catholic perspective in our community.

Our presiding bishop, Peter E. Hickman, issued a statement on behalf of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion applauding the decision and declaring, "We must continue the efforts to bring full equality for all in each state."

The Ecumenical Catholic Communion is a growing international body of Catholic communities that emphasizes the biblical call to social justice and provides an alternative to some of the "big box" communities. Here in Little Rock, we emphasize a radical welcome of all people and their full inclusion in the life of the church. Sometimes we feel like a voice crying in the wilderness, but as long as there is wilderness, alternative voices are needed.

Thanks for being one of those voices for Arkansas.

Fred Ball

Little Rock

Missing Cronkite

Where does one go today to hear the news, real news, factual news? CNN and HLN have devolved into reality TV, George Zimmerman TV. Fox News is nothing but right wing Republican garbage. MSNBC sits on the other side of the trash pile.

It was a disaster to allow news departments to become profit centers for the networks and cable companies.

I don't give two hoots about the Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo, Swamp People or most of the other bovine excrement on TV these days.

I do care about what is really happening in my country and the world at large.

Walter Cronkite, the most trusted man in America at the time, used to close his news program by saying, "and that's the way it is."

He told the truth, and could be trusted.

A nation that does not hear the truth, that is addicted to an adrenalin rush, will not survive.

And that's the way it is.

Butch Stone


From the web

In response to "Attorney general disputes theory that legislature passed open carry gun law by inference" on the Arkansas Blog:

Unfortunately for Dustin McDaniel, we here at the 4th branch of government hereby overrule the judicial branch, with the complete concurrence of the legislative branch.

We don't need an inactivist judge not making law from the bench.


Dustin McDaniel actually used the current description of the "offense of carrying a weapon" to defend his position of open carry while on a journey, while completely ignoring what the definition will be in August. The future description of the "offense of carrying a weapon" will change completely with this same Act 746, making his opinion obsolete.

The "lawyer" used no state laws or Arkansas judicial decisions to tell us why open carry while on a journey is illegal. He simply assumes we are stupid enough to think that it is illegal until the state says it is OK. It's like having no law or court decisions against gay marriage, but the AG says you can't do it until the state writes a law saying you can.

Steven Jones

In response to "Arkansas attitudes improving on gay equality; state leader speaks up" on the Arkansas Blog:

Arkansas will have gay equality including gay marriage, the question is when. Federal law will make sure Arkansas joins the herd and not even Puking Pat Robertson can talk his buddy god into some wholesale smiting. It will happen so might as well get out the good chiny cause there's gonna be a lot of gay marriages in the near future right here in little ole Arkansas.


I would love to be wrong on this, but trying to pass a law giving gays their right to enter the contract of marriage might still be a bit of a loser. Kali passed a gay marriage ban, and that is as looney left of a state as you can get.

Only real hope is to challenge the anti-gay marriage laws in Arkansas as a way of making gay marriage the real law of the state. Still too many bigots and fraidy cats in the woodwork to trust with that kind of vote. Rub the nose of the lawmakers in the steaming pile of their ignorance. Make them accept that what the SCOTUS said is true, that it is an individual right, and nobody can stop it for such hateful reason.

Steven E

In response to "A 2nd proposed amendment for marriage equality in Arkansas" on the Arkansas Blog:

I don't think there can be a wrong time to quest for equality. Equality in marriage and life may not win in Arkansas this time or even the next time but the time is near.


I think a key component here is letting denominations that don't want to perform marriages off the hook. As a gay person, I agree that not all denominations should be forced to perform a marriage ceremony they may not agree with.

Gay people are willing to meet anti-gay religious people half way. Will you meet us? Or, will the federal government force marriage equality on you and drag us even further into the quicksand of hatred that is Arkansas's reputation nationwide? Will you awaken and understand that anti-gay movements in the state are nothing more than big money makers for Focus on the Family and other groups? That these same groups only wish to continue having their salaries paid by your donations?

You can fight, but you'd better remember that Arkansas has always come down on the wrong side of history in these same fights. If you're a business owner, your business will be affected because enlightened people won't do business here: Arkansas is on record hating gays, women, blacks, Hispanics. Best to become a leader in the South than a follower. I can't imagine what some of you are thinking being considered the lowest state in the South.


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