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Nearly every first-year Clinton School for Public Service student will spend this summer working on an International Public Service Project. Below is a list of almost every student in the class, where they're headed and what their project focus will be. Like Hope North (see opposite page), the Clinton School is working to develop long-term relationships with Habitat for Humanity, the Legal Resources Trust Fund in Nairobi, Natural Doctors International in Nicaragua and Nyaka AIDS Oprhan Project in Uganda.

Student Name, Organization, Country, Project Description

Jessica Boyd, Habitat for Humanity, Colombia, Researching financial markets to diversify and expand Habitat for Humanity Colombia's funding streams.

Andre Breaux, Respire Haiti, Haiti, Developing a needs analysis for an education program aimed at stopping child abuse.

Kayla Brooks, Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project, Uganda, Assessing a grandmother-support program in order to determine the most effective way to scale it.

Kathleen Brophy, Hope North, Uganda, Developing an internal and external asset map for an integrated food and water sustainability plan.

Angela Bukenya, Nepal Nutrition Foundation, Nepal, Researching strategies to improve nutrition for women and children in rural Nepal.

Matt Caston, Peacework-Belize, Belize, Developing strategies for engaging Ministry of Education public school teachers within the Belize Ministry of Education.

Sara Chapman, Hope North, Uganda, Implementing a feasibility study for developing a sustainable guest lodge as a source of revenue and vocational training center.

Krystle Chipman, Youth Business Trust Belize, Belize, Developing and starting a young entrepreneur's association.

Mara D'Amico, Natural Doctors International, Nicaragua, Working to combat domestic abuse and increase women's access to health services.

Calandra Davis, African Technology, Kenya, Supporting science and technology Resource Network research in East Africa.

John Delurey, Kolomotu'a Resilient, Tonga, Measuring perceived impacts of present Green and Healthy Zone and future climate change on the Kolomotu'a community.

Charles Fleeman, PCI Media Impact, Tanzania, Supporting a communication initiative aimed at reducing the unsustainable harvesting of bush meat.

Danae Halstead, Caribbean Science Foundation, Barbados, Conducting a program evaluation of STEM initiatives.

Alex Handfinger, Hope North, Uganda, Conducting a feasibility study leading to recommendations for acquiring food self-sufficiency.

Maggie Hobbs, Federal District Court, Puerto Rico, Examining the constitutional rights of Puerto Ricans for District of Puerto Rico within the Federal judicial system.

Chet Howland, Tiempo de Juego, Colombia, Conducting a feasibility study for revenue sources and job training programs.

Angela Jimenez-Leon, Colombian Ministry of Health, Colombia, Creating an online education initiative to increase awareness of Type 1 diabetes.

Ashely Jones, Habitat for Humanity, Slovakia, Investigating the feasibility of improving energy efficiency in housing.

Immaculee Kayitare, Village Life Outreach Project, Tanzania, Developing programs to increase economic development for rural women.

Nate Kennedy, Hope North, Uganda, Developing a long-term, sustainable arts and peace building curriculum.

Lindsay Kuehn, Legal Resources, Kenya, Translating previous legal research on dispute Foundation Trust resolution mechanisms into a practical tool.

Chris Morgan, Natural Doctors International, Nicaragua, Conducting a financial feasibility study for a water purification and distribution project.

Marisa Nelson, Habitat for Humanity, Peru, Conducting a financial feasibility assessment for Habitat's ReStore retail shops.

Roger Norman, One, England, Evaluating a malnutrition awareness and advocacy campaign.

Sean O'Keefe, CARE Jordan, Jordan, Supporting the day-to-day needs of Syrian refugees relocated to Jordan.

Abby Olivier, Heifer International, Nepal, Implementing a value chain study for backyard poultry.

Matt Orr, Bamboo School, Thailand, Developing a foreign language curriculum for the Bamboo School that is modeled after the democratic approach to teaching.

Ann Owen, Habitat for Humanity, Thailand, Researching corporate partnership development.

Tyler Pearson, Heifer International, Cambodia, Implementing a value chain study for backyard poultry.

Jacob Perry, Moroccan Children's Trust, Morocco, Evaluating interventions within targeted populations of street children.

Gregg Potter, Central Methodist Mission, South Africa, Developing programming to address food delivery to homeless populations.

Katie Powell, Heifer International, Nepal, Conducting impact assessment of social capital and women's empowerment.

Nick Provencher, Clinton School, United States, Researching the feasibility of offering an International Development Certificate program within the Clinton School of Public Service.

Lauren Remedios, Heifer International India, Implementing a value chain study of goats.

Jenna Rhodes, Natural Doctors International, Nicaragua, Developing an organic garden and farmer's market program.

Allie Rouse, World Disaster Management, United States, Creating a framework for pedagogy proficiency at Community College the World Disaster Management Community College.

Aliyah Sarkar, CARE International, Jordan, Supporting women's economic development through a savings and loan association.

Cathrine Schwader, Heifer International, India, Implementing a value chain study of backyard poultry.

Katt Slee, Atlas Corps, Colombia, Supporting capacity building within her organization.

James Stephens, Youth Business Trust, Belize, Belize Developing a workshop for the mentoring of young entrepreneurs.

Neena Viel, Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project, Uganda, Conducting an educational needs assessment.

Josh Visnaw, Peacework- Belize Ministry, Belize, Creating an evaluation framework and build of Education organizational capacity for existing programs within the Youth Development Strategic Plan

Emily Wernsdorfer, READ Nepal, Nepal, Developing a "training of trainers" module for READ's women's empowerment program and evaluate the effectiveness of READ's women's programs.


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