Party comes first for Griffin 

Party comes first for Griffin

I just received an email survey from Tim Griffin a couple of days ago wanting my opinion concerning the handling of the Benghazi attack by the Obama administration. The survey comes complete with a video in case I'm not already "appalled" with the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. I'm quite frankly sick of Tim Griffin's attempt at acting like he is working in the best interest of Americans. House Republicans voted to defund embassy security, so why isn't he pointing that out? Where is his anger over the fact that many more Americans are dying because of people's ability to get their hands on assault weapons and high capacity magazines? If we are going to spend taxpayer dollars over investigations, let's start with Tim Griffin's seemingly never-ending quest to further the political agenda of his party at the expense of the American people.

And, if Tim Griffin really wanted my opinion, and not just some knee-jerk response in the form of a multiple choice answer, he would have provided a comments section in his survey.

Lynn Calhoun

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Not the same

I love going to Arkansas Travs games. It's a family tradition and before I got too old to sit through the 110-degree heat in August, I used to plan my birthday celebration there every year. If I got real lucky, Clunker Car Night fell on my birthday too. What would I do with a clunker car? Who knows, but winning one was my lifelong dream while I slurped the mustard dripping from my hot dog as the organ music lifted my soul. I have never felt more American than when I was at these games. In fact, as I hold my hand over my heart, the National Anthem still brings tears to my eyes and goosebumps to my body every single time I hear it at these games. Bottom line, baseball is about as American as it gets.

That being said, I loaded up the family and headed down to the stadium the other night. We got our peanuts, hot dogs, and drinks, held our hands proudly over our hearts as the Anthem was sung, and sat down to play ball. In a very short time, I noticed something was wrong. At first, I couldn't put my finger on it, but then it hit me. Where was the organ music? Where was the uplifting "bum, bum, bum, bum," of the keys that brought me to my feet in joyous unison with my fellow fans as I cheered for my team? Where were all the events between innings? Yes, there were a few, but nowhere near as many as before and even the recorded music was low and choppy if played at all. What is going on? There were long moments of silence to the point I finally turned around and asked one employee about it. He told me that the organ player isn't there all the time, but is there on other days. As I sat there looking foolish with my mouth open in disbelief, a woman turned to me and whispered, "It's all changing, it's not the same." I was shocked. This is not baseball, it's someone's folly and an obvious attempt to pinch pennies to restructure and change a tradition that we all hold dear. I say pinch pennies, because after inquiring about what in the world is happening to my favorite team, I hear that even the food is changing, by outsourcing concessions that will soon reduce quality and probably increase prices. They also aren't going to allow church groups or Boy Scout groups to raise funds by working vendor stands anymore either. Really?

After surviving two horrible wars, a horrible recession, our paychecks cut, constant bickering and fighting amongst each other as politics split our country right down the middle, higher taxes, and basically struggling to make ends meet from day to day, I say this: Knock it off. A Travs game is the one thing I can take my family to for a reasonable price, enjoy time together along with my other fellow Americans, and everyone eats a hot dog or peanuts together and gets along. In fact, catching a foul ball just so you can hand it to a smiling kid is an achievement that everyone strives for. So whoever is behind all these changes so your personal profit margin goes up while you steal the historical, traditional happiness from an activity we all have grown up with and come to love, shame on you. You want to put all these treasured things on the chopping block? Well, put my ticket price on that too because I won't pay it again and be ripped off with a mediocre experience. I'll find another venue to support. Good luck with those empty seats.

V.L. Cox

North Little Rock

From the web

In response to the "Terrible 10 of the 89th General Assembly" published May 9:

It is a testament to just how pitiful this latest crop of legislators is when the despicable media whore Andy Mayberry doesn't even make the list of "10 Worst."

Brian Rezin

In response to the Arkansas Blog reporting on the arrest of state Treasurer Martha Shoffner:

The people of Arkansas better wake up. The rest of the world has decided public officials are worth their pay and much more. When a high official cannot afford to buy dog food or even entertain friends then something is wrong with the pay scale. Is it any wonder you have crooks and officials in financial deep water? Your elected officials' pay scales are 50 years behind the times. It's wonderful to have an adoring and loving fan base but you must say love with more than a smile and a vote. Otherwise you're just asking for more Shoffners. Enterprising officials will capitalize on their base and earn money legitimately in other venues. That is, if they're talented. But state officials shouldn't need a night job and have to fly all around the country to make a living. Doubling officials' salaries is past due. I know Mark, Dustin, Mark, Mike and Martha will agree as well as Asa.


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