Check-in Details, Rules, and Guidelines

The day of Judgment is almost upon us! The 2012-2013 Little Rock Beard Growing Contest will conclude this Saturday, February 9th, at the Bernice Garden right after the SoMa Mardi Gras parade that goes up Main Street. The Bernice Garden is an outdoor sculpture garden located at the corner of Daisy Bates (14th St) and Main. Please arrive by 12:00 noon in order to have time to check in and get your name tag. 

Phase Two - JUDGMENT

FEBRUARY 9, 2013 - 12:30pm - The Bernice Garden

When you arrive you will be checked in at the Welcome Table where you'll take a photograph holding your name like we did for the Shave-in. You'll be asked to sign a copy of the contest rules, declare your category, and also put on a number to wear that the judges will use to identify you. Please be groomed, trimmed, and dressed for the judging when you arrive. 


For the judging, contestants will be separated into 3 sequential groups: Most Original, Best Abe Lincoln, and Thickest and Longest (these two will stand together). Judges will rate contestants in one category at a time, using whatever means necessary to establish the winner. This could include touching beards, using a measuring tape, referencing a photo of Abe Lincoln, etc. The judges have been encouraged to be thorough and independent and have been informed of the criteria by which to rate beards of each category (thickest and longest are judged objectively, whereas original and Abe Lincoln are subjective). 


After judging they will return to their table for deliberation, discussion, and tallying. Their results will be handed to the emcee, who will announce the winners and honorable mentions in each category, as well as the Grand Prize Best in Show Award.

A few contest rules to note:

You should do all trimming and beard preparation before arriving at the judging--this is to protect originality of "Most Original" entries and to prevent last minute category switching.


The use of any type of hair care or artificial product (mousse, gel, spray, etc.) will automatically put you in the "Most Original" category. Thickest, longest, and Abe Lincoln categories should be pure, unadulterated whiskers.


In the categories of longest and thickest, only the beard itself is being judged. In categories of Best Abe Lincoln and Most Original, judges are authorized, if they deem it appropriate, to consider outfit/dress as it relates to the presentation of the beard. 


This event is free and open to the public; therefore, contestants should behave in a family-friendly manner—no nudity, excessive profanity, or derogatory language. 


Each category will have one Prize Winner and two Honorable Mentions. There will be one Grand Prize "Best in Show" Award Winner.


The decisions of the judges are final, and by participating in the judging you are agreeing to accept their pronouncements with grace and decorum.

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