2014 Contest Results

Sit back and enjoy the fruits of these mens' face labor. below are contestants in the shave-in category. Just below those you'll find fine fellows who competed in the lifetime achievement categories, which consisted of Longest beard, Best santa Claus, Best Aging Hipster, and best 35 and under, in no 'ticular order.

Learn more about the 2015 contest and new categories.


Lifetime Achievement

Most Original Beard: Alex Handfinger

Best 'Burns & 'Stache Combo: Nathan Vandiver

Fullest Beard: Ian Mensik

Best 35 & Under: Devin Wilde

Best Aging Hipster Beard: Jason Shivers

Best Santa Claus: Ronnie McDougal

Longest Beard: Jerry Cooper

Best in Show

Nathan Vandiver

Shave-In Before

Shave-In After

Lifetime Achievement Aspirants

Those photos not doing it for you? View dazzling photos of all contestants from photographer Rett Peek on Facebook.

Other 2014 Details as They Happened to Be

The Judges That Beheld

P. Allen Smith

Renee Shapiro

Arshia Khan

P. Allen Smith

TV Personality, Designer, Gardening and Lifestyle Expert

If there ever was a guy who could grow facial hair, P. Allen Smith is not him. But since growing and grooming a beard is just like taking care of your lawn, Allen may just as well have a 3 footer.


As America’s favorite lifestyle celebrity, P. Allen Smith has grown more things and for longer periods of time than all the beards of Arkansas combined.


He’s a lover of all things chicken, organic fertilizer, and does a mean impression of droopy dog.


When he’s not filming for his 3 nationally syndicated televisions shows, he’s closely inspecting the breeding habits of his heritage poultry. No, seriously… he really is.

Renee Shapiro

News Personality, Movie Critic, KATV

I am the co-host of Saturday Daybreak and the station's film critic. Lover of food, dogs, and all things facial hair.

Arshia Khan

Photographer, Sync Weekly, Arkansas Life

"A man is not a real man unless he has a beard." That's the motto of Arshia Khan. Or at least, one of her mottos. But, Arshia likes a man with a beard. Isn't that enough to make her a beard aficionado?

The Date & Place as They Were

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

12 Noon - Bernice Garden, Little Rock

2015 Contest News

The Beard Contest is an esteemed annual event. Be sure to keep an eye on next year's scheduling information, news and updates, and exciting beard outreach opportunities.

Also, there will be a few additions to next year's contest, including:

Women's Category: Fake Beard! We want the contest to be open to ladies as well, and this will be a great opportunity for the slightly more tender gender to show off their talent and creativity--knit beards, camel hair, pressed wood chips, recycled tires...the possibilities are endless!

We received the wonderful suggestion of a beard-themed poetry segment, so if any of you find the time to write a rhyme whose subject is geared toward the topic of "beard', I just want to state: That would be great!

As much fun as growing a beard is for its own sake, next year we are going to start getting the community involved by making the contest a fundraiser for a local charity. This gives our whiskers, grand as they are, an even grander purpose. If you would like to be involved in the conversation about how to make this happen, please don't hesitate to get in touch.