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I LOVED attending the inaugural, as you recall, and I voted for Obama. Though I didn’t get as much face-time with Barry and beautiful Mickie as I’d have liked, it was a thrill in a lifetime.


Haven’t heard from them since, but I know they’re busy and after this I’ll probably never hear from them again. Or maybe I’m doing them a favor and we’ll become BFFs. Who’s to say? They know how to reach me.


Let’s go, Razorbabies.


Remember when Rush Limbaugh called our President “Barack the Magic Negro?” A typically puerile Racist Rush insult.




Insiders now privately whisper the tag may be true regarding Obama’s campaign promises of “Change” and “Equality” for all Americans.


What’s Obama actually DONE since then?


Here’s what.






Maya Angelou said, “When people tell you who they are, believe them.”


Revisit the beginning of Obama’s campaign and his promises of change and equality. What exactly was he telling Americans then . . . and now?


Obama – oops! – suddenly left his church of 20 years and his minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who married Barry and Mickie and baptized their daughters.


You remember Rev. “God Damn America” Wright? Rev. “Them Jews Won’t Let Me Talk To Him” Wright? The Rev. Wright whose hate speech sermons went viral online and who then “retired?”


“Some” black LGBT leaders claim Rev. Wright is “inclusive.” But is he for same-sex equality, including federal recognition of marriage? Nope.


GLBT sheep and their tithes are “welcome” in Wright’s church. His ministry is “caring” toward those with HIV/AIDS.




In other words, Rev. Wright smiles and takes gays’ money and looks “inclusive” at photo-ops with sick and dying gays (who prove his point about the “lifestyle”) but if you’re GLBT and healthy and partnered in love, forget about equal civil rights in Wright’s  America.


Just another Black making Bucks off Bigotry.


Here’s what one member of his congregation said at the time about Rev. Wright’s hateful sermons: "I wouldn't call it radical. I call it being black in America."


Hate’s black? Uh . . . .


Here’s what I call it: Rev. Wright has modeled stereotypical black religious bigotry and hypocrisy as a "leader" of his “faith” community ALL his life. It's his living.


No sooner did Obama drop his minister of 20 years with the implausible claim of  not being present for “those” sermons, than it became evident that – unlike all other candidates – Obama had no GLBT liaison. He waited tellingly late in his campaign for that.


Then came Obama’s choice of “ex-gay” gospel warbler Donnie McClurkin to rouse the largely black audience at a campaign rally in South Carolina. HUGE controversy in the GLBT population! Obama stood by his “ex-gay.”


Except graphic transcripts of tapes surfaced of McClurkin enjoying anal intercourse with a paid male motel trick two weeks before. Donnie McClurkin’s about as “ex-gay” as Richard Simmons.




That’s TWO black religious bigoted hypocrites embraced by Obama’s team – prominent in the campaign. Insiders now say, “We should have known. But who else could we vote for?”


Exactly. Obama knew that then and he knows that now.


Next, Obama invites Rev. Rick Warren to give the Invocation at the Inauguration.




Rick, thankfully, is white. But he’s a spiritual bro’ because he’s ALSO against equality for all Americans. A religious bigot and liar.


‘Member, Razorbabies? Rev. Rick swore on Larry King that he NEVER supported California’s anti-gay Prop. 8. Until all those inconvenient videos of him doing exactly that showed up on YouTube.


Obama supported a bi-racial trio of religious bigots and lying hypocrites for highly public key roles during his campaign.


As Maya Angelou said, “When people tell you who they are, believe them.”


I wish Maya had said “show” instead of “tell,” because actions speak louder than “blah, blah, blah.”


It was all in plain sight during Obama’s campaign. Or WAS it?







Mickie says DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) will be repealed. Swell! Too bad SHE’S not President.


Barry says his “goal” as President is still to repeal DADT and DOMA. “I am determined to blah, blah, blah.”


But the Department of Justice’s infamous recent statement on preserving DOMA by comparing same-sex marriage to incest and pedophilia – and Obama’s deafening non-response – speaks reams.


Not surprising, given Obama’s previous seemingly deliberate offensive campaign postures.


Obama’s total inaction on DADT – despite Servicemembers Legal Defense Network and a majority of Americans in favor of Obama’s suspending anti-gay discharges (which Obama legally CAN suspend, but won’t, so far) . . . the Obama administration’s anti-gay slurs and slanders have escalated from subliminal to Smash-Face assaults and vicious lines in the sand.


Holy Hussein!


Hence Obama stages a PR signing last week granting same-sex partners of gay and lesbian federal workers SOME (but not all, including health insurance) of the civil rights of heterosexuals. It pretended to be progressive but was in fact demeaning and dismissive. AGAIN.


Is Obama as stupid, bigoted, hateful, insulting and condescending to the American electorate as Bush?


Let's not stop NOW, Razorbabies!



Here we are, inevitably, cowering before the dreaded African American Elephant in the Living Room.


That would be black religious bigotry and intolerance toward same-sex Americans. HUGE! You know, like an elephant and stuff.




Everybody knows it. We’ve always known it. At least those who read and who have black friends. (Are ALL blacks anti-gay? No. Are all whites? No. But start chipping away, conversationally, until you get to subjects like marriage and adoption and . . . are you surprised?)


NOBODY’S a bigot. Until they are.


There are reasons for stereotypes and here, from yesterday’s “L.A. Watts Times”, is the black press’ acknowledgement of the elephant everybody avoids.


Black anti-gay religious bigotry and its ugly role in Prop. 8 and throughout much of America.


So far, from his actions, President Obama embodies the worst collective stereotypes of black religious bigotry and hypocrisy toward GLBT Americans.


Coward or Leader? Too soon to tell?




The B-Ball (for Bigotry) is in Barry’s court. It’s only the Constitution at stake.




Maybe Obama IS legislatively working behind-the-scenes to ultimately achieve his stated “goals” of overturning DADT and DOMA and end minority discrimination in America.


Maybe Obama WILL prove to be “The Magic Negro” in ways Limbaugh never intended. Maybe Obama will give the lie to his being just a black Retro-Bush President.


Maybe America’s first black President will shatter ALL the institutionalized stereotypes, prove a Leader instead of a Slave to political expediency and – as AN HONORABLE BLACK PRESIDENT, our first – do for America’s last “okay-to-hate” minority what a white President and a black Reverend finally did for blacks. Constitutionally acknowledge and achieve full civil equality.


Obama’s at the fork in the road LBJ and Martin Luther King faced. This is THAT crucial. Right vs. Wrong for America, wherever it leads.




If Obama tacks Wrong, as he consistently has so far, Rush Limbaugh’s nailed it.


If Obama tacks Right, as he still can and may be doing as we speak, he will indeed be “The Magic Negro” for all America to admire, Lincoln-like, through the Ages – like Martin Luther King – and turn Limbaugh’s childishly derisive epithet on its repulsive head for all time.


The first American President descended from Slaves issues the Final Emancipation Proclamation fully recognizing equality for the last officially, irrationally, "religiously" scorned Americans.




Break it on down, Razorbabies.


There’s still the Supremes.




Obama stands to become another black leader / hero like Martin Luther King . . . or squander his and America’s historic moment by shuck-and-jiving his administration into a subservient Stepin Fetchit minstrel turn that tries to appease and entertain all sides.


There AREN’T “sides” to equality. You’re either an equal American or not. Now or never.


MLK was nobody’s minstrel.


Barack Hussein Obama?


America’s first black President is historically positioned to nail shut the coffin of America’s historic (religiously justified) bigotry. More than any previous President, Obama knows it firsthand.


Will he?


Stay tuned.


Love ALL y’all, Razorbabies!







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