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Sunday, October 5, 2008


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Mark Karlin, a dear friend but indifferent dresser, is Editor and Publisher of He’s the ONLY editor in America, so far, to actually discuss the elephant in the living room. Excerpts? Only for you, A-T bloggers. Only for you.





“Palin – who is a believer in a renegade theology called ‘The Third Wave’ that believes God has chosen certain people (her) to lead America into preparation for Armageddon, indeed that her ascension to the presidency is a prerequisite for End Times – is getting the kids gloves treatment from the national press.


“Remember that Palin was placed on the ticket, allegedly, because a rather secretive organization of far right evangelicals told the McCain campaign to appoint her V.P. or risk the formidable institutional backing and get out the vote support of the Armageddon crowd. McCain, seeing that he evoked all the enthusiasm of road kill, relented.  This was the same group of radical evangelical ‘leaders’ who anointed George W. Bush in a secret meeting (no media or taping equipment is allowed) in 2000.  Remember, they didn't choose McCain; they chose to back Palin with the hope that she will soon succeed McCain.




“That’s the plan of the Anti-American extremist evangelical right wing. With Palin as president, it becomes their country, not ours. They are the ultimate terrorists against democracy and the Constitution, but you won’t read a word about it in the corporate press.”




I don’t know if it’s Armageddon for the planet, but this election is certainly Armageddon for America.






But you want the full article. GO HERE!





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