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David and Sondra Mack of Long Island are very, very dear . . . very, very old . . .  very, very fabulous friends of mine.


So let’s DISH. They’ve invited me and I’m inviting YOU - to join me and the Macks Wednesday evening at 8 p.m. CDT for the debate! But you must understand the social terrain involving Hempstead and Hofstra University.




This is not a tailgate kegger at War Memorial or Fayetteville, Hoggers.


First, the Macks know me by a name other than Norma Bates and they’ve never heard of the Arkansas Times or blogs and they will never see this.


Second, let’s ROMP bloggers.


“D.D.” and “Sunshine,” as I affectionately call the Macks, assume I’m Republican by my couture and because I’ll suck up and flat-out lie to ANYBODY for comps. You know: like a Republican.


They’ve a magnificent home on Long Island and every morning their formal butler leaves a single rose in a Baccarat crystal bud-vase on a small silver tray positioned on your nightstand, with a small hand-written hand-folded parchment card welcoming you to the new day and announcing breakfast hours.


Waffle House this is not. Embassy Suites this is not. Even Ritz-Carltons don't do THIS!


That’s where I’m guesting.


But, about my dear friends the Macks.


Two more supercilious self-important insincere people you’ve never met, bless their hearts.


Here’s D.D. (Sondra prefers not to be shown at this time: a recent unfortunate Botox incident.)




Of COURSE he's much older than I. Why do you ask?

Remember when D.D. threatened to start commuting to his lucrative Manhattan real estate gig in his limo when the MTA moved to revoke his and other politicians’ free lifetime subway passes?


No, you don’t. But I do.


What crybabies, those Macks. Yet, so generous to moi. And to Hofstra.


When the Macks learned of my close acquaintance with Carly Fiorina from the RNC, they renewed our long friendship and invited me to stay with them for the final Presidential Debate between McCain and Obama at D.D.'s alma mater (Hofstra) in the Sondra and David S. Mack Student Center, North Campus Wednesay night.


D.D. and Sunshine are Long Island’s answer to Arkansas’ Waltons.


Only without the Walton's REAL money. The Deliciousness? The Macks know that I know that they know that I know. So they're trying even harder to impress me.


For these Precious Moments I live.


D.D., the darling, wangled a Press Pass for me. So I’ll be live-blogging with the biggies. But let me say this about that: I’ll be the only one there wearing Graeme Black.


HERE’S the Beauty Part: YOU are welcome to join in!


Plus (I don’t understand this techie part) the Press Room bloggers are supposed to all be interlinked so the blogs and comments are somehow immediately (or within a day or two) connected.



Let’s face it, A-T bloggers. This is our last chance for raw meat in the debates. McCain's already promised to bring up Ayers. Risky? You betcha!


God, Bless America.







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