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Thank God for gays and lesbians.




The world keeps shrinking since its birth 4.5 billion or 6,000 years ago (depending on whether you’re reality-based or faith-based) due to ever-increasing interconnection and communication.


First: the invention of the wheel and ships. Then the printing press. Now the internet.


First: isolated far-flung primitive tribes. Then religions, races, nation-states, hemispheres, now the entire globe.


(Where do YOU think things are headed, precious? World government? Or retro tribes?)


Interconnection and communication are immutably driven through centuries by commerce, self-interest, survival and growth.




And WAR, of course. Always war. Yet even war has been ever-driven by Gain: which is to say, commerce through violent conquest. Another tribe’s women, another religion’s influence and power, another state’s resources.


War’s great motivators? Fear of the other, ignorance, hate and dehumanization.


It’s hard to slaughter the nice Vietnamese family running the Hanoi Diamond Buffet down the block. Call ‘em Gooks, however, repeatedly slime them with lies, and suddenly it’s okay to napalm their hopeful family enterprise into oblivion (and, collaterally, a few surrounding blocks of “innocents”).


Unfortunately, with ever-increasing interconnection and communication, ever-increasing knowledge about and familiarity with “the other,” it becomes ever-more-difficult to convince troops to fight and kill.


Religious indoctrination and intimidation has been and still is the most powerful “rationale” humanity’s devised for marshalling troops and fighting wars.


Yet even religions’ power fades year-by-year as more and more people inform themselves of religious origins in ancient myths, and the truths of current religious finances and actions. Zeus? Thor, anybody?


In the West, less than one-third of populations attends church weekly. In Europe, it’s more like 22%.


It’s no longer “cool” among the majority, to hate and deride other nationalities and races: especially since they manufacture the cars, TVs, electronics and other oh-so-necessary crap we buy at bargain prices at Wal-Mart.




No longer “cool” in polite society to refer to chinks, gooks, slant-eyes, niggers, russkies, frogs, kikes, papists, wetbacks, retards, towel-heads, apes, coons, Aunt Jemimas, jungle bunnies, macacas, sambos, tar babies, japs, crackers, gringos, honkies, ofays, roundeyes, dagos, wops, krauts, greasers, hymies, yids, et al.


Even Sarah Palin shops Neiman-Marcus and Saks (on the RNC dime) despite those retail outlets’ Jewish origins and all their gay designers – bless Sarah’s heart.


The only remaining socially acceptable worldwide targets for hate, ignorance and bigotry? Dykes and faggots, my darlings.




Thank God.


And by “God,” one cites the most recent voluminous scientific documentation of presumably God-created same-sex activity and life-long pairings throughout the entire animal kingdom: Dr. Bruce Bagemihl’s “Biological Exuberance,” available at your local library.


Homosexuality, contrary to “faith” dogma, it turns out, is as natural as heterosexuality. Unless, I guess, you believe God created “evil” elephants, whales and giraffes.


click to enlarge unknown.jpg


Where would Religions and Politics BE without the last remaining scapegoat group – homosexuals -- to target with “faith’s” undying ignorance, fear and hate?


Hunkered down in Cleveland. Yes, Cleveland.


Frank Rich, regarding the Nov. 4th Presidential election, says in the NYT:


“The second most persistent assumption by both pundits and the McCain campaign this year — after the likely triumph of racism — was that the culture war battlegrounds from 2000 and 2004 would remain intact.


This is true in exactly one instance: gay civil rights. Though Rove’s promised ‘permanent Republican majority’ lies in humiliating ruins, his and Bush’s one secure legacy will be their demagogic exploitation of homophobia. The success of the four state initiatives [West Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana and Arkansas]  banning either same-sex marriage or same-sex adoptions was the sole retro trend on Tuesday. And Obama, who largely soft-pedaled the issue this year, was little help. In California, where other races split more or less evenly on a same-sex marriage ban, some 70 percent of black voters contributed to its narrow victory.”


Yeppers: niggers hate faggots.


(You’ve got to have SOMEBODY “beneath” you to hate, it seems.)




Bigotry, ignorance and hate roll on like ol’ man river around the world. But those long-outdated primitive tribal sledgehammers have steadily declined, slowly but surely, everywhere for eons, thanks to the “information age” that began with the wheel and has (so far) culminated with the internet.


Whom do same-sex Americans “hate,” then? Who is “beneath” THEM?


Nobody, as far as I can tell. They don’t hate straights, they don’t hate marriage, they don’t hate children, they don’t hate religions . . . .


They are AGAINST ignorance, bigotry, civil inequality, hatred itself. But actively and vocally confronting those traits with Truths doesn’t constitute Hate.


Love of Truth isn’t Hate.


Love of Lies is.


Frankly, the gays and lesbians I’ve known all of my chic sophisticated life in major metropolitan cities are too busy enjoying existence, being creative, contributing to society and having fun to bother with Hate. Plus, the men are WONDERFUL escorts and dancers!




Thank God for gays and lesbians; the Last Scapegoats for everything from catastrophic weather to the decline of Civilization.


They just keep rollin’ along.


Let’s get down, Razorbacks: Fabulosity conquers All.




Evolve, my darlings. It’s the Real World. Get used to it.




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