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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Holy shizz!

Posted By on Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 5:09 AM

Here it comes, America. This month. March, 2009.






The California Supreme Court’s coming ruling on the validity of Prop 8 marks the line in the sand for same-sex equality in America. Aren’t you excited?


I AM! There’s just NOTHING like Constitutionally punishing Americans you don’t like because of their color or who they love or their religious beliefs.


Both sides are tense . . . .


Like these two Dads and their kids, who don’t know if they’ll have an intact family after this.




This upcoming decision in the Golden State, the barometer state, the largest and most progressive state, will determine – for awhile or forever – whether America will be ruled by a narrow Christianist religious minority as a theocracy – and whether a slender well-funded and bullying minority of religionists can deny full civil-rights to another minority – or not.


Yep. America is about to learn if 18,000 legal marriages will be invalidated because of largely Mormon and Catholic (and ALL-Christian) Hate and $ Millions in punishing donations to hurt individuals, children and families.


Mormon and Catholic.


Mormon and Catholic.


Mormon and Catholic.


Makes one want to FLOCK to their churches. No?


Never shy away, Razorbabies, from pointing out where hate and ignorance -- and the money behind those -- come from.


Mormon and Catholic.


Stop playing games. These are ugly, hateful tax-free organizations.


It's time and Past Time to stop acquiescing to religious tyrants because they "mean well."


No they don't. They're your friends, your families, your employers. They don't "mean well" at all.


Their love isn't unconditional. Their love is TOTALLY conditional on your agreeing with them, accepting their superstitions without question or contradictory facts and letting them get by with foisting their enormous lies on the world -- including you.


And bullying you.


No wonder Thomas Paine's, "The Age of Reason," will never be taught in our schools.


Trust Norma. If Prop 8 falls in the California Supreme Court, as I expect it will, it marks a gigantic watershed in religious fundamentalists’ attempt to take over America -- and a triumph for Showtunes, Cher and Bob Mackie.




The coming apoplexy and gnashing of teeth over same-sex Americans’ rights after California in March, 2009 . . . oh, JESUS, everybody's sweating the ramifications of all this . . . it’s either “over” for Religionists or it’s “over” for Secularists.


How titillating! How Christopher Lee! How Peter Cushing! How Cher!

(You had to be there. I was but an infant. Slightly twisted but loving parents who figured, misguidedly, vampire moves and CBS's "Sonny & Cher Show" would prepare me for adult life. Result? I'm still terrified of anything with fangs or bangs or sequins -- widdle kittens -- David Bazzel -- Liza Minnelli.)


Once more we voters get to decide which American minorities are okay and which aren’t, according to, you know, “God.”


It's SO hard to decide whom to hate. Gays, Asians, Mexicans, your generic "immigrants," blacks, Jews, Muslims, the Living, the Undead -- STOP THE MADNESS!




Razorbabies, you thought Abortion stirred up the troops . . . you ain’t seen nothin’ yet when Same-Sex Equality wins in California this month or down the road.


Shock and Awe?


Big Trouble in states (like Arkansas) trying to preserve discrimination in the face of younger generations who just think the whole thing is “silly.”


“Silly.” They know.


March’s California Supreme Courth decision  is Loving vs. VirginIa  for same-sex Americans.

Yeppers. March is the month that tells America where it’s headed as a nation – direct from California, once again. (HATE California, doncha, for being right all the time.)


From this ONE case, Razorbabies!


Sometimes, the Future – gleaming or glowering -- is so simple and hinges on the turn of a moment.


That moment, for America, is right now – in California – in March, 2009.


We ALL have gays and lesbians as family and friends.






Up to you. Which ones? Why?


Just remember: your choice tells us all we need to know about you.




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