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Friday, May 16, 2008

Take that, Brummett

Posted By on Fri, May 16, 2008 at 8:51 PM

John Brummett has been covering that Court of Appeals race in NWA where Ron Williams, member of the Hutchinson extended family, is facing a well-funded and politically astute opponent in Courtney Henry. Williams made a critical mistake in hiring wackjob Sen. Jim Holt to help him campaign. Maybe that's a sign of bad judgment; maybe Holt just knows where to stick campaign signs.

In any case, the Brummett attack has brought a fierce response -- not from Holt, but from his wife. Read on the jump.

(Why do I think John will get another column about this?)


 John Brummett Rebuttal

Well, they're at it again... the liberals in the media that is.

You really need to understand how much is at stake in our election for judges in this year's race for Court of Appeals.

You MUST read the following article by John Brummett at: 

Notice this paragraph

"Hutchinson had hired for consultant services one Jim Holt, the extremist Republican from Springdale who wants to deny humane services to illegal immigrants and edit evolution out of the school textbooks, among other affronts."

John wants us to believe that my husband wants to deny HUMANE services to illegal immigrants.  Not true.  Jim has NEVER said that.

First of all, John needs to define 'humane.'

Jim, along with others, kept illegals from receiving scholarships on your dime.  He also said they should not receive any tax funded, non-federally mandated benefits.  One of those would have been prenatal care.  Jim never said prenatal care could not be given to illegals, he just said they should have to pay for it themselves just as you and I do.  Jim just thought, like most of us, that if we knew of an illegal being in the U.S. they should be turned in to the authorities for committing a crime just like we are supposed to do for other crimes.  Yes, even if that person is pregnant.  Friends, we can do that humanely, without any cruelty.  

It is also not true that John Brummett stated that Jim wanted to take evolution out of the textbooks.  Jim was a science and pre-med major in college and loves science.  He believes in MICRO evolution, which is change over time and adaptation within a species.  This is science.  It is observable and repeatable.

What Jim's bill did was to not use our tax dollars for fraudulent information.  This information had to be proven false by the SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY, not the church.  The evidences they use to substantiate MACRO  evolution (not micro evolution, as in the previous paragraph) has been proven and accepted as complete frauds by the scientific community; yet they still exist in our children's textbooks.  Haeckel's embryos were proven false, and he was convicted of fraud in 1874 by his own university; yet his DRAWINGS are in still in our children's textbooks today, even after 134 years!

John Brummett was at that entire committee meeting and he knows everything I'm saying is true.  We have the entire committee meeting on tape, and there was John observing intently. His heart was stirred, he admitted to this later;  but, the problem is John has a problem with God.  He refuses to accept God's love for him.  And John is bitter at God for the bad things John has seen happen to his family and to people.  He blames God for the bad things of this world.

So, IF you believe you should turn someone in that is committing a crime, IF you believe in God, and IF you want to edit LIES out of our children's textbooks, then you are a RADICAL EXTREMIST TOO, and you MUST BE STOPPED AT ALL COSTS:)!  And his pen has been dicing my husband for years, more painful than any sword.

More from Brummett:

"Hiring Jim Holt is not a partisan act?

Not at all, says the young Tim Hutchinson. Candidates need consultants. They are entitled to hire them for professional services without having the political predilections of those consultants held against the candidate, Hutchinson tells me."

Another blatant omission, is that Tim Hutchinson Jr. asked John Brummett if he could name him one, JUST ONE, political consultant who wasn't partisan.  John Brummett could not, but he leaves this entire KEY POINT out of the argument.

Ron's opponent has hired a partisan democrat consultant, but they seem to miss that point too.  Such is the norm for the liberal media, only focusing on what they want, to make ANY conservative look bad.

So, my fellow extremists, the question is what are WE going to do about it?

It is past time for, we the people, to quit listening to the liberal media, and elect true Americans to office, not socialists.

My husband asked John Brummett once if he was a socialist.  John replied, "No, I'm just a very strong liberal, with strong socialistic leanings."

Right.  Right out of the horses mouth.  And if he and other members of the media are doing everything they can to help Ms. Henry, what does that tell you about her?

Last time my husband sent you an email, the media made much ado about Jim not mentioning that Ron Williams had hired him.  Jim agreed to be a consultant reluctantly because he would be losing money in his business and Jim had ALREADY volunteered every spare amount of time that he had.  We believe in Ron that much.  

The media also didn't tell you what they all admitted to but the editor took it out of the story. That Jim said, "I wouldn't work for her [the liberal Ms. Henry] if she offered me a billion dollars."  Another omission!

So, once again my fellow extremists, the question is what are WE going to do about it?

It is past time for, we the people, to quit listening to and believing the liberal media, and to elect true Americans to office, not socialists.

Remember, as Samuel Adams said,

" It does not take a majority to prevail…but rather an  IRATE   ~ TIRELESS   ~  MINORITY   keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the people's minds."

Folks,    "The price of liberty is  eternal vigilence "!

We need Ron Williams elected to this important position. I don't know about you  but  I like the thought of  having people in leadership, especially the judicial branch.  Remember what just happened in California yesterday?

This election is going to be determined this coming Tuesday, May 20 th .  Please do all you can to help pass out literature for Ron Williams, donate to his campaign, forward this email to other home schoolers, make phone calls to your friends and family to vote for Ron Williams for Court of Appeals.

This is URGENT!  We need ALL HANDS ON DECK for this Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday!

Please contact me for literature and exactly what we must do.

May God bless you and your family and pray He will  bless America  again .

Join the fight,

Bobye Holt

wife of Former Senator Jim Holt This race covers seven counties:  Benton, Washington, Crawford, Carroll, Madison, Franklin, and Johnson.


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