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Friday, June 22, 2012

Today's bumper sticker quiz: What is ....

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Our roving photographer spotted the bumper sticker above yesterday. It gives rise to the question for readers:

What is a "Southern Republican"?

ADDENDA: Maybe we should also ask the question about definitions of a Constitutional Republican and a Romney Republican. On the jump, I'm going to pass along some Republican e-mails showing a fight in the national convention nominating process in which Ron Paul insurgents are playing the system to get some delegates. You'll note a party regular alleges Republican primary voters have effectively been disenfranchised by the maneuvering. This hasn't gotten nearly the attention that the infamous John Wolfe has commanded on the Democratic side in the local daily newspaper, of course. But the division promises some future Republican fun. Libertarians are NOT welcome in some quarters of the GOP, it would appear.


Dear District 2,

Victories: First let me tell you that what we did at our District Convention was only the beginning. Last night we succeded in taking several positions within the party that will have key votes in the coming months, concerning our party and the direction it will go. In White County we gained 3 out of 5 of the District Committee, plus about 6 or 7 out of 24 as delegates to the State Convention. In Saline we gained 6 out of 7 District Committee members as well as 9 out of 33 delegates to the state convention in July. They will vote on rules and platform issues. In Faulkner we elected the First Vice Chair and Third Vice Chair. The third vice chair was a Const Rep and the First Vice Chair was a self proclaimed libertarian. Pulaski has not yet held their meeting due to a technicality. It would appear that someone forgot to run an ad in the newspaper, announcing our upcoming County Convention, and therefore, it is now postponed.

Fear: The Establishment is terrified of what we have done and what we will do next. We have seen a few of you drop off, especially in Faulkner County and Saline, and we need you back. Please, we are still fighting this and will be for years to come. If we stay with this, we will be in charge of everything by the time the next presidential election occurs, likely much sooner. If you have never joined your Republican County Committee then I ask you, no I beg you, please do! Come join our AR Revolution and help us vote out the party establishment. They joined together across the state last night to attempt to keep us out. In several areas they were successful, and in others they were not. However, this seems to be a last ditch effort by a desperate group of people fearing the loss of their power. have to do is All we continue to show up and do what is needed, get in positions within the party to be able to cast a vote against some of these Gangster Republicans and make no mistake about it, that's what they are.

District Chairman: We will vote to elect a new District Chairman between Feb 15 and March 15. We will need as many of you as possible filed and members of your committee, as well as in key positions so you can help us elect Constitutional Republicans into these higher offices. Each county has their own rules on how one must file, but for Pulaski County all one must do is fill out a form and pay $35 then attend two meetings and get "voted in." That will make you a voting member of the committee.

Pulaski County: I have special request of you. This business of delaying our County Convention is not only a desperate attempt to stop us, but they are also holding a meeting BEFORE the convention with the "old members." They will attempt to fill two open spots, Chairman and First Vice Chair, from the old members, not allowing the new members a vote. See....we don't become "voting members" until after we hold our County Convention. There isn't much we can do to stop them...but we can make a HUGE statement. Please show up in ENORMOUS numbers, ready and willing to file and join. I do not yet have the new date, but as soon as I get it, I will send it. This is the perfect night for you all to join. Meetings are monthly, so it wont take a large commitment on your part, other than showing up. Please come help those of us who have been attending and who have been fighting on your behalf in this party. We need YOU! :-)

In Liberty,

Monica Serrano
District 2 Coordinator
AR Constitutional Republicans


Fourth District County Chairmen;

I know you are all aware of the outcome of the Special District Convention on June 9 at which a small group of delegates gang voted and elected a slate of Delegates to the National Convention who are Ron Paul supporters. The Republicans who voted in the Primary Election voted 73+% for Romney and less then 14% for Ron Paul yet they minipulated the vote to send Ron Paul supporters to the National Convention. They were able to do this because many of our County Committees did not hold their Special County Conventions and send a slate of voting delegates to the District Special Convention. There are 33 Counties in the Fourth District and only ten sent delegations to the Convention. Eighty-six Delegates from the 10 counties were certified but, only 65 were present to vote. They, "the Constitutional Republicans", had 25 delegates at the Convention who voted as a block while the other 40 Delegates spread their vote over the 8 other Candidates on the Ballot. As a result two of the three Delegates representing the 4th District are not members of any Republican Committee and as near as I can determine never have been. The third Delegate joined her County Committee in March of this year. My personal intention from now on is to do everything in my power to make sure the 730+ out of every 1,000 Republican voters who voted for Romney in the Primary are fully informed of who the members of the "Constitutional Republican Party" are who nullified (stole) there vote in favor of the less than 140 out of every 1,000 "Constitutional Republican" voters who voted for Ron Paul.

The "Constitutional Republican Party" (Libertarians in disquise) have let it be known that their intention is to take over the Arkansas Republican Party. They intend to do this by having their members join our party and vote themselves into leadership positions. If our members participate in our commitee meetings on a regular basis and recruit new Republican members there is no way they can accomplish a take over. In particular our smaller county committees need to be aware of this as the number of members necessary to take over your committees is not large. The email report below from their District 2 Coordinator makes it clear what they are doing. There is a Coordinator in each of the States Four Districts and they are all working toward the same end. Note, the CC on the report below, as members of the 4th District I am sure you will recognize him. The Constitutional Republicans are planning on him being their State Chairman. He is the same one who 16 months ago went on public radio in Little Rock and announced his resignation from the Republican Party.

At the end of the second paragraph of the report below titled "Fear" you can see what they think of us.

These people are not Republicans, they are Libertarians, if you want 1% of the Electorate to take charge of the Party don't respond to their threat. If they gain control they will radicalize the Party and in a short period of time the Democratic Party will wipe out all the gains we have made in bringing a two party system to Arkansas. For the last 50 years, 25 for most of us we have been fighting to make the Republican Party the dominant Political party in Arkansas, these people were not with us on this long journey. They want a free ride on what we have accomplished over the years with our fortunes, hours of hard work, and dedication.

I look forward to seeing you all in Little Rock on Saturday,

Larry Bailey
Fourth District


Garland County Committee;

This is a communication on the raid the Libertarian Party is making on the Republican Party of Arkansas which I sent out to the Chairmen and Executive Committee of the Fourth District. This is a serious attack on the Party we have spent years building so that we have a two party system in Arkansas. I want to thank you all for your participation at the County Convention and let you know that all over the fourth District our other counties mirrowed you and sent a message to the so called "Constitutional Republicans" that if they want a voice in the government of Arkansas they can work for it like we did.


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