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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Explaining a Republican split

Posted By on Sat, Jun 23, 2012 at 6:26 AM

PARTY LIKE ITS TAMPA: U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin spoke last night at a Night in Tampa party in advance of todays selection of Ark. GOP delegates to the convention in Tampa.
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  • PARTY LIKE IT'S TAMPA: U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin spoke last night at a "Night in Tampa" party in advance of today's selection of Ark. GOP delegates to the convention in Tampa.

I passed along yesterday some e-mails concerning a Ron Paul movement in Arkansas Republican ranks to snare some national convention delegate seats at the Arkansas convention today.

I've now gotten a copy of another dispatch from a member of the Arkansas Constitutional Republicans about this rump movement. She insists the Paulites, if chosen as delegates, will vote for Romney on the first ballot at the convention but stand ready to go elsewhere in the event of a brokered convention. Grab a cup of coffee. It'll take a while.

I was with Republican political consultant Clint Reed yesterday to film a segment for Roby Brock's show at 10 p.m. Sunday on Fox 16. He's a Romney backer and said he'd heard some pretty inflammatory stuff from Paul backers. Events at the state committee meeting today will soon demonstrate if they're all talk.

UPDATE: State Rep. Jonathan Barnett won a contested race for re-election as GOP national committeeman and even some of the legislature's red hots backed him, though he and people like him were very nearly branded traitors for endorsing a statewide vote on a tax increase for highway construction. Situational ethics apply to even the Grover Norquist army, apparently. Betcha Barnett votes for that nasty ol' tax, too, though he apparently dodged that question this morning.


Dear Republicans, (If you want to know what the Const Reps are up to, please read this email and find out.)

I know many of you are concerned about the Constitutional Republicans and the Paul delegates that were elected during the District Convention. I'm writing you now to let you know from the horse's mouth what it is we are doing, so that you don't have to run on assumptions or rumors. First of all, let me tell you that I have been a republican my entire life. I was about 11 years old when Bush Sr. first ran and I can remember sitting in our living room floor watching the returns on tv until late in the evening, my mom let me stay up, and obsessing over the election, praying for a Bush win. Now I was raised by parents who weren't very political, but my grandparents of Searcy AR were die hard democrats. To even say the word "republican" was to start WWIII. It is still that way. Being the southern rebel that I am, I started many wars in that house. I knew that what the republicans said made sense and what dems said did not. I looked at my grandparents who were Pentecostal and very conservative and I could not fathom how it was that they were not also republican. Did I mention I was the daughter of a Pentecostal preacher? Maybe that's why I'm such a rebel, they always say preacher's kids are the worst.

As my life went on I became more and more political. I LOVED George W. Bush. I accepted without question his reasons for going into Iraq. I believed in his character, and truth be told, I still do. I would invite any one of you to my home to check out my library and see how many books on the Bush family I have. I lived in Orlando FL for several years and I use to joke that I was going to marry Jeb's son, George. lol! While a student at Valencia College in Orlando I took an economics class by a professor named Jack Chambless. Chambless had us read a book called The Law by Frederic Bastiat. This book confirmed my fiscal conservative beliefs, and opened my eyes to others. It admonishes us... "See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime." I realized then and there that the government behaves like criminals, ie forcing us to pay taxes on homes we've paid off and stealing them from us if we can't pay the taxes. There's no longer any such thing as private property and private property is the cornerstone of our freedom. I realized that spying on private citizens under the guise of our safety, like the patriot act, was a horrible offense to our liberty. Benjamin Franklin said "Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither."

I started looking at our own leaders within our party and realized for the first time that we are flawed...not perfect. Dare I say it? Yes! The bible advises us to clean out our own house before looking at others. We spend so much time pointing the finger at Dems that we never stop to take a look around at our own leaders. Ask yourself, did you LOVE John McCain and support him first above all the rest? I bet many of you wanted Huckabee. Did you feel like you had to settle and did you find yourself saying things like, "It's better than Obama!" Do you feel that all over again this election cycle? I can tell you that as the State Director for the Paul campaign we did extensive polling and up until he dropped out, Santorum was going to win AR with a landslide. Romney wasn't even close. I know for a fact that the citizens of AR wanted Santorum, not Romney. I bet as you read this you are likely one of those people. To suggest that the people of AR "wanted" Romney is a stretch of the imagination, at best. NO! They did not "want" him...they settled on him

Professor Chambless taught us that Reagan was our greatest president and yes, Chambless was a life time Republican that left the party for the Libertarian Party, but he always votes Republican, so... has he really left? As I reflected on The Rep party I had thoughts of "leaving" our party, that lasted for about a year back in 2005 or 2006, but as I discovered Ron Paul I was quickly led back to the party of my life time. I have never cast a single vote for a Libertarian or Democrat. As an 18 year old I did vote for Perot and that was because he said, "vote your conscience." That spoke to me. I believed for years, even after that vote, that we had to vote the lesser of two evils and prevent the Dem from getting in. But compare McCain and Romney's voting records with that of most Dems...do you see a difference??? I don't! A vote for someone like McCain is voting for a Dem in Rep's clothing. We have a name for those people, RINO's. If a person who really believes the philosophy of the Dems keeps getting elected right here in our own party, then I would argue that the Dems have infiltrated this party and did it several years ago. Why do you think it is that both Obama and Romney share the exact same number one donor, Goldman Sachs? They realize that it does not matter which one gets elected, they are very much the same guy. Ronald Reagan once said, "If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism." Well, I have analyzed it and once again found Ronald Reagan to be correct. I AM A libertarian in PHILOSOPHY, NOT PARTY! Republicans are the original libertarians...and we allowed our party to be taken over by those who are "moderates" at best, and liberals at worst. We have continued to be spoon fed their anointed ones and we have stopped analyzing, as our party slips closer and closer to the middle, instead of pulling further right like we should. I know I did.

This party needs for all of us to grab ahold of the wheel and to make a hard right turn! That's where we come in. I'm not new to you, as I have shown. I'm even attaching a picture of my daughter from a Bush rally in Orlando back in 2004. The shirt she is wearing is a shirt I bought in the mid 90's hoping to have a child one day who would wear it. It says "Future Republican." Yes many who have joined your committees are new to your committees, but not new to the party. They have just heard the call of true republicans and true conservatives and have decided to no longer stand by and let the party slip further and further left. How many times have you complained that you don't have enough volunteers, donors, people filling the seats? Well, here we are! We are ready to help. 4 out of 6 of the Lincoln Reagan Dinner volunteers for Pulaski County were Constitutional Republicans. But our help does not come with silence, it comes with an opinion, an idea...a belief in true liberty. It's not us against YOU....we are YOU! I bet many of you relate to much of what I have said here. If you want to really see...take a few moments to take the world's smallest political quiz. It is very eye opening and super quick. See where you fall in the chart? Like Reagan, you might also be from the heart and soul of conservatism, and might join us in calling yourself a Constitutional Republican. We didn't pick this name to create enemies. We picked this name to draw a line in the sand between us and the RINO's who are not really Republicans. Likely you belong on our side of the line and always did. We are not suggesting that YOU are not a supporter of the constitution; we are only attempting to highlight it and promote it and stand on it as our greatest defense against tyranny.

District Convention Explanation: Yes it is true, we elected 6 delegates who prefer Ron Paul. We started this hoping and praying for a brokered convention. We now know that our hopes of electing Paul at the Convention are over. Although you may read about rabid supporters who refuse to give up, we are not those people! In every group, no matter what cause or idea that bonds them, there are always those who are loud, rude and just plain crazy who give the rest in the group a bad name. They are always the minority. Please, I beg of you, don't let those fools taint your opinions of who the rest of us are. We have been accused of "stealing delegates" and "manipulating the rules." I can tell you that I was emailing Katherine Vasilos and Megan Tollett daily with questions on the rules to make sure we followed every letter of them. I had each of our delegates sign a promise that they would vote for the winner of our primary in the first round and ONLY if brokered and released could they vote for Paul. Barbara Deuschle of Garland County had the exact same plan as us. According to Stu Soffer of Jefferson County she is a "main stream Rep." She is a fan favorite because she is kind and very active and hardworking...and we agree she is a wonderful pick for Saturday. She told several in Garland County, "I'll hold my nose and vote for Romney in the first round and vote for Newt if it is brokered." Barbara, like the rest of us, does not like Romney. If she is elected, it would be no different than a Paul supporter being elected, who will also hold their noses and vote Romney. To even attempt to challenge any of our delegates for tricking everyone for posing as a Romney delegate would mean you would have to challenge Barbara if elected and probably every single person on the ballot. Perhaps we should ask who they donated to to make sure. I bet most donated to Santorum.

The only thing we did was organize a vote successfully and there is NOTHING wrong with that. District 3 attempted this by county, as Benton and Washington have a rivalry and they started positioning for seats several days in advance, to promote those within their own county. Stu Soffer has sent out three emails lately with who he suggests, and who he wants to blackball. If that's not organizing a vote then I don't know what is. You can't call what we did "rigging" or "fixing" the election and then turn and commit the same actions without one, being wrong about what you called it or two, making your self a hypocrite. If someone within leadership of our party is vehemently opposing us then ask the question...are they doing it because they disagree with the principles I have outlined here in this email, or is is it possible they misunderstand us? Maybe they simply fear losing their power or are working from ego. I do not know for sure. I ask you to judge each of us by our actions. We are accused of being dishonest, but our accusers are now doing what we did in organizing the vote for Saturday, even though we have no plans what so ever of attempting to gain any of the 21 at large delegates. We feel we have made a statement, and sometimes, a statement must be made. Our focus is now on holding our leadership and our elected officials feet to the fire and making sure they follow the rules they made and vote for and support our party's platform. I'm not even attending Saturday or going to Tampa.

I tell you here and now. I do NOT support any delegate violating a single State Republican rule. If any of those delegates decide to do so, they will NOT have my support, or the support of the Constitutional Republicans. We want to work within the system to clean out the RINO's....not against the system. We are strict constitiutionalist so we are very much in favor of the rules. I have reached out to our Wonderful State Chairman, Doyle Webb, several times for clarification on the rules and as a very ethical man, he has told me when I misunderstood them and has calmly and kindly explained them to me, and he has supported me when I was right. I promise to always uphold the rules and if you catch me not doing so, please by all means, call me out! Likewise when you see leadership within your own County breaking the rules, please, join me in an ethical stand and do not allow them to get away with it. It is not right to break the rules to keep us out, any more than it would be right for us to break the rules to get us in. Several of us are on the hot seat right now for taking a moral and ethical stand and saying, we do not approve of the direction we are being led, which is contrary to everything Reagan stood for. We are in this together, will you stand with us and for the principles we share? I hope and pray you do..

In Liberty,

Monica Serrano
AR Constitutional Republicans

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