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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The New Fall Season - Sundays

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Central Arkansas Confidential: Entry 09-06-001

     And so it begins.  Well, Mr. Ricky has been busy kids, busy, busy, busy.  Not with anything important, just busy.  Trying to find time to blog is going to be a challenge, but a challenge I’m up to!.  You see, the new fall television season is upon us, and Mr. Ricky just doesn’t have enough televisions, VCR’s, DVD recorders, DVRs or time to keep up with all these shows.  Sacrifices have to be made, cuts taken and old friends may have to be let go.  Here’s where I am after two nights, I don’t know which of these shows will remain on my radar for the season, but here's some first impressions.


     Apparently on Sunday, the networks rest, probably the weakest night of television right now (Saturdays don't count, for some reason that day has been abandoned by television.)  However, there are some rays of hope:

NBC:  Sunday Night NFL Football - pending on the teams playing and my Fantasy Football roster, I will flip back and forth from it through out the night.

FOX: As usual, Fox has decided to go with a strong line up of animation that is weather tested and solid, then slide in a low-rent sitcom that needs a good cancellation in the tuckus, if you know what I mean.  The Simpsons, enough said, one of the best things on television ever.  American Dad, from the Family Guy team, its growing and getting better, the fish and the alien are by far the best things about it.  The Family Guy, I love this show, I’m glad it got resurrected from Adult Swim and DVD, all the characters are great, the story lines are hysterical and they know how to make fun of themselves too.
 Then Fox rounds the night off with The War At Home.  I’m not saying it’s the worst sitcom I’ve ever seen, its not, but it needs help in a big way.  John Rappaport is a great actor, and the only redeeming thing about the entire show.  The rest of the cast, the writers, the director and craft services need a remedial course in funny.  I believe Arrested Development was on this channel, yes?  I believe it won some Emmys; still Fox goes with The War At Home.  Ridiculous.

CBS:  The Amazing Race – as reality television goes, it’s of the highest quality, but this year’s assortment of teams leaves something to be desired.  They have a stereotypical country couple from Kentucky, two Muslim guys, two ex-heroin addict models (who are guys, I know, they are ridiculous) and an assortment of other reality television staples: gay couple, another minority religion couple (Hindu), estranged father and lesbian daughter, single moms, couples deciding if they want to get married and triathletes (one with a prosthetic leg and the other the guy who makes them and they’re dating, you can’t make that up.)  I will check in with this show from time to time, but I don’t have the patience to watch it unfold. 
 The rest of the CBS Sunday night line-up is for not.  Without a Trace, which is supposed to be really good if you like those crime/ mystery/ drama things.  I think Law and Order has ruined the genre for me, I’ve seen so many episodes of the 17 incarnations of Law and Order I don’t think there are any crime stories left I haven’t heard.  Without a Trace is marginally different and I don’t have time. Anthony LaPaglia stars and he is good so it can’t be that bad. 

ABC:  Desperate Housewives – does anyone remember when this show was good?  Last season was a mess, like they took all the scripts for the year and threw them up in the air and added Alfre Woodard and her maniac sons as the breadcrumb topping.  The over all story lines are pretty much still intact and the season premiere seemed to be getting back on track, all the housewives getting into trouble and helping each other through it, I just wish they’d go back to focusing each week more on one or two characters’ lives and the rest of the cast interacting with them.  There’s too much jumping around sometimes and you lose the edge it had the first season.  Plus, there’s no longer any urgency over the Mary Alice mystery that bore the entire show in the first place.  I’m giving it a second chance though; we’ll see if they can hold on, I mean I do have a Netflix subscription people.
 ABC has that extreme makeover stuff and I’m sure they have another show waiting in the wings to put in one of those slots, probably something Bachelorettey or something.  What’s missing is Grey’s Anatomy.  They moved it to Thursdays, I know, don’t get me started, but they have some new shows they are trying to take over that night with, so I’m going to support it, but next time, someone better check with me.  ABC’s grasp on Sunday Nights will slip and DH will likely have only two more seasons unless they shape up the plot, so ABC better have another break out hit to shore up the Grey’s gap. Isn’t that Heroes show on ABC, is that what’s going in there later?

Around the Dial - Let’s see, pretty much locked down to the big 4 here, but Smallville returns on the CW, WB, UPZ, whatever they’re calling it these days.  I’ve watched this Superman formative years show, and I like it sometimes, but I never got “into it” into it. 
 NIP/TUCK FX reruns whatever fantastic show they play in the Tuesday 9PM slot on Sundays, incase you missed it.  NIP/TUCK is no exception and promises to be even crazier, racier (that may not be a word by the by) and more controversial than ever as we follow two Miami plastic surgeons and their ultra-lives.  I originally watched this show because I was hooked on Rescue Me and then Rescue was over and I was like, what do I do at 9PM on Tuesday now?  Then Nip/Tuck came on and filled the gap.  When I saw the envelopes they were shredding on this thing I got really intrigued, and I’ve learned a lot too about plastic surgery, alternative lifestyles, adult entertainment industry, wheat grass and everything not to do if you raise a family.  If you have a strong stomach, and open mind, and your kids are in bed, give it a look; you definitely will not be bored.  Email me if you need a short summary of where the characters are right now, its one of those shows where the back-story is extremely important to what’s currently happening.  Oh and most of the people on there are beautiful, being made beautiful or big name actors from the past getting resurrected in a good vehicle, you’d be surprised who shows up for an episode or two.

Well, I didn’t plan for CAC to become a TV blog today, but it is, I haven’t even gotten to Monday.  I think we’ll press on, I’m pretty fired up on this topic...

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