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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Confidential Ramblings on NPR

Posted By on Wed, Sep 27, 2006 at 10:56 AM

     Well, I’m riding in to work this morning, listening to the NPR, and hear again how the press keeps asking George Clooney if he’ll be running for President.  Apparently someone out there has made some shirts up and one thing led to another.  America is just not going to be happy until we elect one of the celebrities to office.  I swear, it’s the most ridiculous concept I’ve heard.  Does Clooney know thing one about running this country, no, he doesn’t and he’s said that.  He has his political causes, mostly international aid, etc.  He doesn’t want to think about taxes, economic indicators, the conservative right, the extreme left, prison reform, the war on drugs, the war on terror, the war on obesity… we sure have a lot of wars on things… and Clooney shouldn’t.  Why would you take a huge pay cut to do a job that is a million times more stressful?  Idiots.  Clooney is not running for President, at least not yet, he’ll have to become Governor of California first, duh….  Just in case though:


Clooney isn’t the only one being pressured into public service, Oprah Winfrey has her own grassroots efforts to contend with.  Some retired teacher in Kansas City has started an Oprah for President website.  He even wrote a song about it.  I know, a song, I don’t know where these people get their ideas.  As reported on every news service in the world, Winfrey's lawyers sent a cease and desist to him and then she later apologized after all the press, saying she has no political ambitions (though she has tons of influence) but wasn’t going to sue this cat for $100 million dollars for infringing on her "brand".  When is Mr. Ricky going to be a brand?  Hello, people, Mr. Ricky for President, I'm just saying.


 To get the Oprah campaign song straight from the horse's mouth:



   While retiree's may get away with slapping Oprah on their websites, already has a slew of Oprah ’08 goodies which may not fair as well.  Someone is making money off of it and I’m sure they may see a similar letter in the mail and I doubt they’ll get off so easy. 


Lastly, NPR also had something on about Mexican drug cartels having to rely on growing marijuana on national parks land, etc. instead of bringing it across the border as border security has increased.  Their new found pot farms are ranging in the tens of thousands of plants per acre, siphoning off water from streams containing endangered fish species, leaching untold amounts of pesticides and fertilizers into the surrounding area and the workers that live with the plants to make sure a competitor doesn’t come along and beat them to the harvest are creating mini-landfills of trash and debris.

 - killing more than your brain cells.


Now I’m not getting on you for lighting up some ganja, if that’s your thing, that’s your thing.  But I am saying every nickel bag you put in on is causing destruction and financial burden on the ailing national park system.  So if you don’t think your pot habit is hurting someone (assuming you don’t count the illegal immigrants caring for the plants and trafficking them, the drug dealer turf wars or the law enforcement personnel combating all of this or your own health and well being) then remember, its hurting the animals, the environment and our national treasures. 


So is this just another in a long line of reasons to legalize marijuana?  I don’t know, there are countries that have legalized the chronic and still function pretty well, but they are also the size of Rhode Island, we would be talking about more in dime bag sales than their GNPs.  This is, however, definitely another reason Drugs are Bad, mmmkay?


Stepping off my box. wow, I get fired up over National Park lands used by illegal drug dealers who don’t clean up after themselves, I really do, cleaning that stuff up costs millions every year, I’m sorry, fired up. 


That’s all for today, my suggestion for this week is everyone go see The Second City at the Arkansas Repertory Theater.  The show is always a good time. Hurry, they're only here for two weeks!

(Click on the pic for details and tickets)



Environmentally and Confidentially friendly, Mr. Ricky.





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