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Monday, January 15, 2007

Please Stand By: Pilot : The Other Half Airs

Posted By on Mon, Jan 15, 2007 at 11:05 AM

     Well, the second half of the traditional television season is getting started.  I enjoyed a new episode of Friday Night Lights (NBC, WED, 7PM), at least I think it was new, it was new to me and left off where I had finished watching.  More on FNL later.
      So, some of you who have been chomping at the remote to find out what's going to happen next here's a brief run down of who's coming back, who's cancelled and who's in the t.v. purgatory of "on-hiatus".  This information is summarized from Michael Storey's: The TV Column in the ADG.Thanks to Michael who gets paid to research this stuff and probably has contacts and memberships galore, read his column, it's usually fair and well thought out.  I added my own opinions on most...


24 (Fox, MON, 7PM) - I may have that time wrong, I think it's on at 8PM, but check local listings.  The 4 hour season premiere begins this Sunday, January 21 and continues on the 22nd, both at 7PM.  You either like this show or you don't, personally, I've never been able to follow a whole season in sequence and that's a big part of the package.  But Sutherland and the show are up for every award out there, so check it out.

American Idol (FOX, like every night) - [roll eyes.]  I really wish AI would go the way of Survivor.  I'm so sick of AI conversations and who got kicked off, blah blah blah.  They'll pick some other flash in the pan we'll all forget about around the same time next year. 



Coming Back:
LOST (ABC, WED, 9PM) - Feb 7th!  I know, right?  J.J. Abrams is pushing his luck.  First he cuts us off at the knees with 6 episodes and then an extended hiatus filled with reruns from last year, something ABC tried to push on me called Daybreak and teaser commercials.  I won't even mention Six Degrees.  Now they want us to wait another month for our fix?  This is why stuff gets leaked on the internet....



Battlestar Galatica (SciFi, SUN, 9PM) - starts Jan. 21. I have to agree with Mr. Storey and so many other critics, this is one of the best shows you're not watching.  This isn't the 70's campy space show.  The new BSG is gritty, riveting, sexy, slick and razor sharp.  Insert your own cliche' adjective here.  The show moves to Sundays from Fridays which can only mean increased ratings and perhaps SciFi's first breakout hit show.  I know, Farscape, Dr. Who, Stargates, etc., but I'm talking main stream, network numbers people, it's that good.
And if you haven't been watching, Season 1 & 2 (I is on DVD and there will be a BSG marathon on Jan. 15, so get caught up!


HEROES (NBC, MON, 8PM) - returns with new episodes on Jan 22! Save the Cheerleader, Save the Wolrd.  If you aren't watching this show, I feel sorry for you.


Friday Night Lights (NBC, WED, 7PM) - WATCH THIS SHOW!  New episodes started   .  Having gotten an order for a full season, I for one hope this show gets picked up for another season at least.  We'll see what happens when they have to start graduating the stars, etc.  More on this show later too.  Full Episodes available on their page.




Jericho - (CBS, WED, 7PM) - Jericho was in a fight with my other Wed. television schedule and I couldn't see as much as I wanted, but I liked what I saw.  It looks like you can watch full episodes on the Jericho page on, so if you're looking to catch up, this could be your chance as new episodes don't start until Feb. 21st.... wow... they're really trying to be fashionably late, huh? FYI:  Jericho has one of the more sophisticated fan integrations of any show with CBS fully behind fan WIKI, storylines only available online, etc.  It's almost as impressive as HEROES and LOST, almost...


Desperate Housewives - (ABC, SUN, 8PM) - started with new episodes Sunday, and this season seemed a lot better than Season 2, but alas, I was so disappointed in last season that I just haven't made it a priority. [update, I watched it last night, well tried to with childrens running amuck.  The episode was good, except that Zack, who inherited all him Grandfather's money, has this huge, Texas pageant queen hairdo that's hysterical.  I've too far behind though, so I think it's still off the list...]





NBC Thursdays 7 - 9PM - The Office, My Name is Earl, Scrubs and 30 Rock, have been back with new episodes since last week, and they are all spectacular.  You have to tape either NBC or ABC and watch the other, CBS should just shutdown for the night and take Fox on a date.

ABC Thursdays 7 - 10PM - I usually tape these, Ugly Better, Grey's Anatomy and Men in Trees.  So what, Grey's anatomy has fallen off a little this season and they had one of them inherit 8 million dollars, it's still good.  Betty and Men in Trees are both hitting their stride and look like they could both be around for awhile.  Again, I tried not to like Men in Trees, and I couldn't do it.  I'm a sucker for Alaska...



Other notables returning:  The Class (I'll pass); Brothers & Sisters (I told you people this would work, I'll try to tape it, but BSG will win out, I already know); Studio 60 (I can't watch it if What About Brian is on.)

So there's the biggies coming back.  Here's what is dead in the water:

Help Me Help You - and ABC sitcom, something they have trouble with a lot of times, that starred Ted Danson.  I saw it once and that was enough.  Danson has and can do better.

Smith - a CBS drama about professional thieves that starred Ray Liotta and was great.  I think they only got four or five episodes in before they were cancelled off Tuesdays.  I thought the network should have put more behind it and thought about moving it to the slot behind LOST... instead they went with The Nine, great pick.

Twenty Good Years - NBC sitcom with John Lithgow and Jeffrey Tambor... I don't know somehow it didn't work... I watched it, it really didn't work... these guys are usually solid gold... I don't know...Lithgow will still manage an Emmy nod probably.

There are others, but I never watched them because I knew, I knew!, they wouldn't be around, I have a sixth sense, it involves the remote, I try to use my powers for good.

And finally, here's what's apparently in trouble and on the fence:.

The Nine (ABC) - awful, a collection to TV notables with a dragging script and fractured story line. (Apparently this is officially cancelled now.  FYI:  They were going to tie up the bank robbery storyline this year and focus more on the bond between the people involved, blah blah blah, should have gotten around to it faster.)

Six Degrees (ABC) - see The Nine.  Abrams is capable of more, I think he spent to much time setting us up for the big stuff.  WHAT'S IN THE BOX?????  If you know, let me know, I quit watching.

Standoff (Fox) - I think this about hostage negoiators or something, I vaguely remember turning it on for three minutes and saying.... nah, I'm sure Meerkat Manor is on or something...

Til Death (Fox) - Til - mid-season if they're lucky, it isn't/ wasn't anything special, Brad Garrett and his Emmy's couldn't save this mess.

Big Day (ABC) - now I've recently been following this show which is a comedy version of 24.  All the episodes take place during the wedding day of the two main characters and it is hysterical.  I don't know how you would stretch it into another season as the last episode was at 7:00 PM and they were about to get married, but I enjoyed it and it's fine cast.  Check it out while it's still around, I'm sure it will become a $20 DVD next year too.

     Woo, I got a little tired there at the end, but these are the highlights.  I didn't put anything in here about HBO, Showtime, TBS, etc., because I don't have some of those channels and I don't watch most of those shows, so if you have a premium/ obscure Cable line-up blog, send it to me and I'll attach it.

 [Confidentially, I wrote this before the weekend and never got it up so it's now a bit dated, but get over it, I'm trying people, I'm trying...]

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