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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Please Stand By: Season 1: Episode 2 "George could make ya cry"

Posted By on Tue, Jan 23, 2007 at 10:12 AM

Well, just some quick rants today, but good ones:

(THUR./ABC/8PMCST) - well, I watched the episode finally in which [SPOILER] George's father dies and wow, it was some of the better television I've seen this year. This show does a good job of mixing humor and drama together and in different ways for each character. T.R. Knight, who portrays George on the show, has gotten the meatiest character arc this season and I think puts him in contention for an Emmy nod this year or next. I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't really want to join the Dead Dad's club, but I will sooner than later.

I think the episode really brought up some feelings about fearing losing my own father one of these days and how lost I'll be when he's gone. And that's the kind of television I like and the kind of experience I think you miss with reality television. Something about a story makes it more emotional, where as someone jumping in a box of roaches who lost their Dad last august is, well, just sad, for all the wrong reasons. I don't think I have to tell you to watch this show, 38 million people are watching the show, but this episode bore mentioning. All the other characters were really secondary as well as any advancement of their plots, but [SPOILER] Karev and Montgomery are getting together (there are people outside the hospital for crying out loud) which isn't a surprise. Thus leaving Izzy to hook up with the other Mc. Doctor, they bearded one? That's all I can figure, everyone else is either married or in a "relationship". We'll see. I haven't seen anything about guest stars, etc. so we'll see.

 (SciFi/SUN/9PMCST) - well, I will admit, I've missed some episodes of BSG this year, I have, what can I say, I go out on Fridays and sometimes I miss the re-run...whatever, get off my case! Still, this show is a juggernaut, you need to be watching this show. This week marked it's return from the Holiday Hiatus and it was, well, a strange episode. A lot happened, like big, monumental stuff, but I never really felt the build. Probably because I watched the Colts make the greatest play-off comeback of all time against the Patriots, finally, Manning in a Super Bowl. Anyway, there were some good things and some bad things in this episode. First, the bad, suspension of disbelief is a problem for me sometimes. You have to concede the fact that the cylons, the metal ones, which are updated and pretty bad-ass in this series, aren't always going to look (or act) like they should. Last night's episode takes place on a planet so there's lots of outside, wilderness shots, etc. It's hard to get CGI to blend well and there were sometimes I thought they looked a little off. Also, and this is just my own mind at work, how can the metal cylons never run out of ammo? I'll go ahead and say they can carry 2500 rounds in on each side of their chests, internally, yet I've never seen one run out, ever... I know. And while I'm on that topic, how can humans have made ships that can travel at the speed of light and created a race of androids that biologically based and become smart enough to realize they are their own species, etc. and no one have perfected the laser? I'm not sayin, but I'm sayin, it don't make much sense. Surely, someone would have come up with a laser gun...

Anyway, this episode killed off a pretty major character, who revealed there are 5 more cyclons we don't even know about (I predict one if not three of the major roles are unknown cylon sleepers including Starbuck's husband). Starbuck apparently has some new powers pertaining to the search for Earth and apparently the hybrid baby is back. Well, enough almost spoilers.

The episode was good in that it opened a lot of new wounds and plot directions and was a great way to open the second half of the season, now everyone is all like, "Say what? Where are we headed now? How are we going to get there? Why does everyone still play along with Apollo and Starbuck not being in love?" I've set the VCR up to tape now, so hopefully I won't be missing any further episodes.

 (ABC/SUN/9PMCST)- okay, so I did watch it this week, I think I might be getting addicted, but Sally Fields just latches on to me and I can't get away. Anywho, this show fluctuates from great to mediocre. Last night's episode was okay, I guess, I think there were some good scenes, but the party fiasco was a little too drawn out for me, but there was, of course, a great dynamic and a good scene between Fields and her character's mother (portrayed by Marion Ross, Mrs. Cunningham from Happy Days). And it's those scenes that keep me coming back. The cast is good, the writing is good, most of the time, but they struggle to find something for every character to do, every show, and frankly, I think they need to go the way of LOST and others that will leave major characters out completely for one or two episodes to focus the show. I don't know, I don't make the decisions, but Rob Lowe is doing good work on there as a special guest star for the season. It remains to be seen if he will stay on the show. The previous love interest for Miranda (Calista Flockhart) got the axe pretty quick, and I'm thinking it was the dynamic of the two characters not working for the viewers. They were suddenly co-hosting a show and then sleeping together, it was bad. They have really cleaned up her love life and that has helped a lot. They also eliminated a slew of minor characters that pulled focus from the real meat of the show, the dynamics of this big family.

I'm not sure how this show is going to fare come next fall, but with Desperate Housewives (ABC/SUN/ 8PMCST) back on the war path, they have a great lead in and might just make it.


Confidentially wondering why I thought I could keep a TV blog going, who knows?...Mr. Rickey.

PS: G.W.B. will be hitting the airways this evening... I will try to watch, but I feel like I lose brain cells when he speaks... but there's always  (FX/ TUES/ 9PMCST),which is vying for the dirtiest FX show yet, I mean it's getting raunchy y'all, and I thought Nip/Tuck had done it all...





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