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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Save Internet Radio...FOR ME!

Posted By on Wed, Mar 28, 2007 at 1:26 PM

Friends, Bloggers, Counrtymen, Ninjapoodles, lend me your eyes!

Apparently, Congress has found time not to work on getting the troops out of deadendsville Iraq or boosting the lagging economy, instead taking time out to tackle the issue of royalties from streaming Internet stations to music companies.  Now, I don't profess to know all the facts, like how much these internet radio stations make or how much big music companies are losing because of them, but I do know that this cuts into Mr. Rickey's happiness, and we can't have that.

See, as many of you probably also contend with, my office has that piped in "muzak", which, for some reason, the least not being the person in charge of the machine is this bland and boring, it is continously  playing "Lite-Jazz Adult Contemporary Instrumental" selections.  First of all, I don't even think that's a real genre and second of all, if it is a real genre, it shouldn't be.  This channel plays things like, "You're Beautiful" - James Blunt, "Bootilicious" - Beyonce, "SexyBack" - Justin Timberlake, and anything by Celine Dion all re-interpreted as lite, intstrumental jazz, which is ridiculous and probably a crime against humanity.  (Of course, "The New Woman" loves it, she just can't stand silence, which I don't believe she's ever experienced as she never stops talking, sipping her diet coke or eating dry cereal like a Holstein crunching gravel long enough to know what silence is.).

So I hooked up iTunes on my work computer and got some headphones and life was good.  Until, again thanks to the new woman who put my name on her IT request to get a virus off her computer, some IT guy got on my computer instead and found iTunes on my machine and DELETED IT!  and then asked me where this virus was.... 

So, now with no iTunes, and not wanting to bring my iPod up here and listen to it, I found Accuradio through a friend, and problem solved.  Tons of channels with tons of music I had never heard.  So work was finally barable again and I was finding tons of music I had to purchase from iTunes and add to the collection.

But now Congress, or more specifically something called the US Copyright Royalty Board,  wants to put royalties on these stations that will effectively price them out of existence all to appease the Record Label Lobby that somehow can't understand that it's 2007 and their artists need a presence on the web other than their own website.  Most people can't get a traditional radio signal in their office any more, I know I can't, and therefore, I spend most of my time listening to streaming radio.  How this differs from traditional radio and music companies, I don't know.  I mean if I want to pirate songs off of internet radio, I can, just like I can pirate them off traditional radio using a tape recorder or an FM receiver hooked into my computer.  And now with "HD Radio" that will be even easier. Meanwhile, streaming channels stream at rates that sound okay, but are no where near CD quality.  The simple fact is, the typical computer user isn't doing that, and anyone serious pirater isn't wasting their time on the quality.  People are just listening to the radio.

Accuradio takes donations, they have ads and it is only mildly customizable, so you can't just listen to one artist's cd the whole time, so there's exposure to lots of different artists, WHICH IS GOOD FOR RECORD COMPANIES TRYING TO SELL RECORDS.  And furthermore, they have direct links to places where you can purchase what you are listening to, again, GOOD FOR THOSE TRYING TO SELL RECORDS.

I realize music sales are down, way down, and you know why that is?  Because it's easier to pirate music than to legally purchase and use it as you see fit.  I don't file share, I don't run off 100's of copies of bootlegs and I don't buy bootlegged anything.  So why punish me?  You need to punish the  people who are running these fileshare sites, or the people who are mass producing rip off cds, or anyone other than yours truly and his internet radio station.

So readers, click below to sign a petition against this new legislation:


And checkout Accuradio!


-Rock on, Mr. Rickey

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