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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

So tired

Posted By on Tue, Jun 12, 2007 at 2:11 PM

Well, I have officially over extended myself.  So tired.  I basically don't have a night off until sometime in late August 2007.  And now I'm wondering why I do this stuff?  Why I can't say no?  Uhhhhh, worst ever, and I don't even have kids, I can't imagine if I had kids, that's like no nights off for forever....geesh...heavy....

..... so I went to a wedding the other weekend and totally ran into a couple of guests about to "do it" in the men's bathroom at the reception.  Ummm, first of all, ladies, aren't you better than the portical to the men's urinals?  Second, we're they expecting no one to come in there, during a wedding reception with three open bars?  Lastly, ewww, no, I don't think so, there had to be a better area in that building if you couldn't wait to bump uglies upon returning to your hotel room.  Ewwww, don't be trashy, thanks.......

.....oooo, I watched Half Nelson the other day via Netflix, which is the best, I recommend it, though, I may have to cancel or downgrade from three movies at a time since I totally don't have that kind of time anymore....maybe two, then you always have at least one.... well see...anyway Half Nelson, starrying Ryan Gosling, who was nominated for an Oscar for it, was the bomb!  I don't really know what it was trying to say, precisely, that message was a little garbled for me, it was something about saving each other from ourselves and drugs are bad and one person can make a difference sorta feel.  Anyway the journey to that lesson was insane.  That Oscar nomination was well deserved, geesh, playing the history teacher/ drug addict, there were times that I thought he must actually be on something, I was watching it and saying 'dude, you need to put the drugs down.  No, put them down, do not smoke crack at school!  Seriously, and have a sandwich."  Apparently he must have lost some weight for this one as he looks a little scrawny.  While Gosling gets a little too "Joe Cool" for me sometimes, he has great instincts when he has to listen to someone, he just does little things that make you say, "Why did you do that? That was great."  Well, anyway, I was much more impressed with him in this movie and I think he really has a shot at becoming a very competent and successful super-star.  It would be nice to see him either in a comedy or in a thriller where he's the bad guy.  I haven't seen "Fracture" where he has some serious names to work with, I'll probably netflix it and see how he does.  Also watch out for newcommer, Shareeka Epps, who is either the best find of the year for child actors or just a natural talent.  She may have been better that Gosling and after some research is actually 18ish and a senior this year... wow...well, I feel better now, since there is a pretty heavy undertow of emotional tension between their characters, probably too much to be healthy.  I don't know, it's insanely good and I should have probably watched it twice, but no time....

..... ummm, still don't have anyway to spell check in this thing, as I'm sure you have noticed, thought I could do it with Google toolbar, but no luck.  I'm also always blowing up the margins on the main page and I can't seem to figure out why.....

Ummm, go to Working at The Weekend Theater, it opens this weekend.  Go see the Full Monty at the Arkansas REP through July 1 and support live theater in general.  There are ImrprovLittleRock and Red Octopus Theater shows coming up as well, so get out there and have some fun, I'll probably see you in the audience.

Confidentially tired as a dog, Mr. Rickey.

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