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Monday, July 9, 2007

Kirk Cameron is going to save you!!!!!

Posted By on Mon, Jul 9, 2007 at 2:37 PM

Well, Kirk Cameron, from Growing Pains fame, has been busy since the cancellation of the show.  As you probably know, he found the Lord during Growing Pains and became a "born-again Christian."  Since then, he's been building quite a career and financial empire in Faith-based Entertainment, most notably, the Left Behind movies.  So Kirk met up with this former Surf Shop owner turned "roving preacher" and they came up with a whole Born-again system as outlined on their website,, which I think is an unfortunate name, it sounds like it's either going to be about ninjas or leather and chains, but it's working for them so what do I know.

This site is a trip, whether your aetheist or evangelical, there's something here for everyone. I'm not quite sure what that something is.  The way of the master seems to be to convert everyone and anyone you can by any means necessarry before they die, which could be in the next three seconds, so hurry up!  The site offers lots of tools to help with this and even a merchandise section (as well as a donation page, what is it with religous organizations and donations?  I mean selling a book is one thing, but also asking for someone to give you money on top of that, hmmmm, I don't know....)

Anyway, I think their hearts are in the right place and I'm all for people going out and expressing their faith.  However, there seems to be some things on here that worry me.  First of all, I hate people who "minister" to other people.  Look, not everyone is John the Baptist, not everyone should be walking around preaching the gospel to the masses. I don't need you to convert me, that sounds scary, "convert", like something was done to me, like a brainwashing for God.  You know if I want to be a Christian and your type of Christian, I'll look you up, please don't stop me on my run or in the mall or at a baseball game and start ministering to me.  That's what Sundays are for.  However, Cameron's site does a lot to encourage this kind of behavior as he and others take a camera with them as they do minstry in the streets!  Sweet.

What is also bothering me is this endorsement of "intelligent design" which I'm sorry, but is ludicrous.  Evolution happened, it did, there's too much evidence that supports it while there is no evidence other than careful word play, religologic and "God made everything" to back up I.D.  I mean, I can support you that God made the Earth and planned all the stuff out and made everything as it is, but I got to get off the train when we say Dinosaurs are fake



Also, NAACP buries the N word, symbolically....



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