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Thursday, September 27, 2007

More TV and I'm so behind...

Posted By on Thu, Sep 27, 2007 at 9:32 AM

Well, my every day posting didn't happen, a friend had an emergency, I helped out, and this fell by the way side, my bad.... but press on we must, so here's everything, BAM!

We left off last time with Mondays, and all the goodness that is NBC and CBS on those nights.  Now we move on to everything else, starting, curiously, with Tuesdays...

TUESDAY     Quite possibly the most boring night of television.  If I were an exec. somewhere trying to get a new show up and running, I would put it up on Tuesdays.  Okay, I think Dancing with the Stars is on Tuesdays [FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, PLEASE STOP SUPPORTING THIS RIDICULOUS SHOW!  MEDIOCRE CELEBRITIES ATTEMPTING HIGH LEVEL BALL ROOM DANCE IS REDUNCTCULOUS.]  I move something I was a little concerned about making it, some new show that might be in over its head...I don't know...maybe....LIFE on NBC?  Anyway, there are a few interesting things on that night, but you have to look for them...

CANE (CBS) - starring Jimmy Smits as the new head of a sugar plantation.  Latin underworld, I'm down with it.

DAMAGES (FX) - The season is sort of winding up for this show, but FX always has reruns of series so you'll be able to catch it later in the year.  Still, this is a great show and I'm totally hooked on Glenn Close as the hard-ass female power lawyer suing Ted Danson's character, billionaire sleaze ball, for bilking his employees out of their pensions.  I mean the cast includes Glenn Close, Ted Danson, Tate Donovan and Emily Rose, it's pretty freaking great.  (Speaking of Rose, she will be featured on Brothers and Sisters (ABC, Sundays) and Jericho (CBS, Fridays) as well as her leading role on DAMAGES this fall.  She's a busy, busy bee). 

And that concludes all the goodness on Tuesdays, well, in October DAMAGES will be replaced by NIP/TUCK, the on-going drama about two plastic surgeons and their increasingly screwed up private lives.  The practice has moved to L.A. from Miami and we have yet to see which characters are making the move.  Now, I'm speculating here, but it seems to me the writers may have made the move to start anew with the storylines.  They were getting very bogged down in Miami and this will allow them to introduce new characters quickly, get rid of old ones they didn't want and pump some new blood into the show.  Another show you don't have to watch in its time slot because it's re-run so much, so just pick it up when you can. 

WEDNESDAY     An interesting night because I'm going to give two things a chance I rarely do:  A FOX live action sitcom and a CBS reality show, we'll see how it goes...

Back To You (FOX) - Kelsey Grammer returns to television (because he needs the money...) in a show based around him being a news anchor...which is really close to radio announcer...I think this will have more in the station and less at his apartment.  Anyway, if you are going to do a sitcom, you might as well get the man who was on Cheers and Frazier, he's doing something right.  I'm going to watch just because of him, hopefully it won't join a long list of forgetable and gruesome FOX sitcoms that should never have seen the light of day.

Bionic Woman (NBC) - yes please.  Re-make of a 70's sci-fi "drama", yep, I'm there, I hope 6 Million Dollar Man is in the pipeline too and while you're at it Knight Rider is ripe for a re-make too...just saying, if we're going there, let's go big.  The previews looked really good, I wish it luck.

LIFE (NBC) - first, what is the deal with ALL CAPS titles this season?  Whatever, ummm, I like the actor in this, I like the previews, I think it's doomed. The competition in this time slot is going to be t-o-u-g-h.

Private Practice (ABC) - [sigh] Okay, Kate Walsh, that's her name right?  She plays Addison on Grey's Anatomy (ABC, Thursdays)  and suddenly has a spin off taking her to, shocker, LA, where she joins, shocker, an independent practice where, whammie, drama ensues.  The cast is pretty good with Kate Walsh being the least bankable star on the show, good thing you built the thing around her, but maybe she's a bright shining star about to go supernova, a female Clooney, we'll see.  Taye Diggs is on the show, which doesn't bode well for it's kharma, lest we forget Daybreak....

DIRTY SEXY MONEY (ABC) - First off, the title, though in all caps again, is great.  It's like they were sitting around, trying to think up a cool title  and were all like,"We've got this great cast including Donald Sutherland, we're set in New York City, they're all rich and's dirty, and sexy, and there's money...EUREKA!  This one is pretty high on my TIVO list, I think it could be a "break-out hit"  or get cancelled in two months, hopefully hit. 

THURSDAY     Oh, it is so on Thursday nights, y'all, so on!  ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?  In this corner we have NBC with another stellar line-up of comedic genius and in this corner we have ABC with Drama-edy heavy night of entertainment.  Who will win this battle of titans?

NBC - Okay, so they have some of the best comedies of the new millenium on, My Name Is Earl, which I thought lost some of it's steam last year, but is coming back firing on all cyllinders.  Following Earl, best comedy Emmy winner, 30 Rock, executive producer/ star Tina Fey along with Alec Baldwin and a collection of SNL alumni make a hysterical show about making a show just like SNL at Rockefeller plaza.  Deeply based on Fey's work on SNL where she was the first femal head writer, this show is a dream.  Alec Baldwin is reason enough to watch, but it is hysterical.  Back in October while we get a month of hour long Earls, 30 Rock is the second best comedy on tv in my opinion.  And the best comedy on television is: THE OFFICE, which is the perfect storm of sitcoms.  Steve Carrell, with a well-deserved Emmy, is back with a truly stellar cast of soon to be big stars and I have to say, I don't see how it could get any better... oh wait, Jim and Pam are going on their first date finally, there, it just got better. BAM!  Following the Office, will be Scrubs, which is back for another year, I don't know what they're going to do, but it seems to me like they are going to "jump the shark" any minute now.  It won't be back till October after the Office runs a month of hour long episodes.  Apparently NBC listened to fans and critics that were panning it for re-running and short ordering these shows (probably because of the casts' increasing movie schedules) and have bumped up the number of new episodes this year to entrench the Office's popularity.  I for one say, thank you!  This is two hours of the funniest stuff on tube.  Following all this mayhem is the long running ER.  It's not where it was in it's heyday, as far as ratings, but ER sets the standard for medical dramas.  How will it hold up against yet another new contender in the 9PM spot, I don't know, this one is not slouch... 

ABC -  So, ABC, with two, out of the blue, hit shows, has decided they want Thursday nights, all night, for themselves.  First, Ugly Betty, the show that all my friends were all like, whatever, this is some stupid Univision rip-off crap, but I was all like, it's gonna be funny, trust me, have you seen this America Ferrera girl?  And who won a golden globe and Emmy's and whatever else you want?  Mmmmhmmmm, that's what I thought.  Face!  Ugly Betty, cracks me up.  I love it, I love that's its basically a really, really funny soap opera most of the time.  It's definitely going to be around for at least four more seasons. 

  Following Betty is Grey's Anatomy, which was a mid-season replacement that I was like, wait, what?  Medical drama, hmmmm, I don't know, we've got ER, what else do we need.  Well the first season was great, poor Kyle Chandler, blowing up in the last episode.  Then we get the second season, which was okay, and then the third, where it got a little bumpy, and now their back and I feel good about season 4, I do, I think we're going to go somewher this season and I'm excited about that.  Mostly, I just love Sandra Oh, T.R. Knight, Katherine Heigl and Chandra Wilson.  With the spin off of Addison's character, we may finally back off the love triangle thing and get on with the other characters.  The interesting part, after the actor who played Burke got "let go" for using derogatory language toward another cast member, we don't know what is going to happen with Sandra Oh's storyline, ah, drama, I love it.  We shall find out tonight I suppose.

And now, ABC, has put together and all-star cast for something called Big Shots, which looks like a Sex in the City concept, but with guys.  And those guys are tv heavy weights Dylan McDermot, Michael Vartan, Christopher Titus (he had that comedy show Titus on FOX) and Joshua Malina (The West Wing).  So ABC is banking on these guys sex appeal and television chemistry, not to mention built-in fan bases to crush ER once and for all.  I think there's a good chance they will eat into ER's demo and viewers, we'll see how it shakes out, should be an interesting race to sweeps.

So whatever else is going on Thursday nights, I got nothing for ya, nada.  Thanks for playing.

FRIDAY    The night that should be the big night of television.  I know poepl go out and stuff, but still, whic is Friday likd Sunday's red-headed step-sister?  There are peopl who don't go out and don't go to high school football games... and those people should be watching the following:

Friday Night Lights (NBC) - hello, why do I have to keep telling people to watch this show?  Finally they put it on Friday nights where it should have started, sure would i like for it to have a better lead in?  Yes, but I think it can survive on it's own.  This show is so goog, Kyle Chandler is phenomenal, where are the Emmy's people?  I just can't say enough about it, it's one of the best things on television in the last five years.  And while the show is about high school football in a small town, it's really not about football at all.  If you've never seen the show, go get the first season on DVD and catch up. 

Moonlight (CBS) - Look at CBS, coming at ya with not only Ghost Whisperer, but now Moonlight which is a show about a vampire/private eye - drama ensues.  I'm watching it because I love a vampire trying to be good storyline, you know he'll slip up sometime and you know there's always someone trying to kill them no matter what.  There's another show coming on later in the fall on FOX call New Amsterdam, about an "immortal" who can't leave New York City and is a police detective....hmmmm...similiar....a little, is this the year of the immortal television show, just like 2005 was the year of the alien invasion show?  If you can only choose one, choos FNL, boy, I love that show, clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!

SATURDAY     The night television forgot.  Well, let's just say Saturday Night Live is the only thign you have to watch on Saturdays.  However, several channels use Saturday to re-run shows they are really pushing.  This year's Saturday double takes include Heroes, Bionic Woman, Moonlight and Cane.  This is great because you can pick up shows you might have missed or couldn't record.  Bionic Woman will also be re-played on Fridays at 6PM on SciFi, just like Heroes last year.

Mid-Season Replacements, Late Comers, Misc:

Madmen (AMC) - Currently widing up ti's season, this show is addictive, no pun intended, Fist of all each episode is like a mini-movie, with a beginning, climax and end.  It's set in the fifties, the costumes and sets are the best, so cool.  All they do is smoek, drink, womanize while trying to be good people... if this is what it was really like in the 50's I don't know how any work ever got done.  It's great, very sharp writing, and I love the cast.  And that's I [heart sign] the cast of this show.  They're all too perfect for their roles, sometimes it's like you're watching someone's real life instead of a show.  They did something very smart, they put little blurbs about the ads you are seeing and advertising history in the commercial breaks, sorta like those things before movies, and they make you watch the commercials because you want to read them.  Smart kids behind this one, AMC will re-run it a lot, I recommend seeing it.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX) - I love this show, it's a slap stick, hipster sitcom written, produced and acted in by the three creators who shot the pilot for $350 and are now starting their 3rd season.  Lot's of people don't like this show, they don't get it, they don't understand that it's just funny, it's not suppose to be hightened reality, it's hightened hi-larity.  Danny Devito joined the show last year, for some reason, and it sorta lost it's edge, though they are trying to bring that back this year.  Now you can catch this show just about anytime thanks to FX's policy of re-runing shows all the time, which, I love. 

Pushing Daisies (ABC) - Starts the first week of October, which I guess is next week, time flies, huh?  This show looks hysterical from the previews and follows a guy who found out as a kid he could bring things back to life with a touch, but if he touches them again, they are dead forever.  So what does he do now, he brings people back to life to find out how they died and then collects the reward money.  Hilarity ensues.  I'm looking forward to it, the show looks different and quirky and should be a good intro for Private Practice, which will need all the help it can get. This show only has a 13 show order right now, but will probably be picked up for a full run if it's half as good as it looks, unless of course the conservative right comes out against resurrection or something...

Wooo, running out of steam, almost there, almost there, must not get premium channels....

New Amsterdam (FOX) - okay, here's the scoop, looks like we're dealing with a dude who is immortal, not a vampire, and cona only grow old and die if he finds his one true love.  He's a homicide detective and a recovering alcoholic.  It's set in NYC and it is being saved as a mid-season replacement or a possible 2008 start.  I'm sure Fox can find something to replace in their lineup, Prison Break, maybe?  I just think it's so stupid to that now they've escaped only to end up in a Mexican prision that has no guards and is basically Thunderdome. 

HEROES - Origins (NBC) - I won't pretend to fully understand the premise of this spin-off or even spinning off a show that has been around one year.  What I gather, and correct me if I'm wrong, is that the show will have a large fan-fed component where the fans will vote on which characters make it on to HEROES.  I don't know when it begins airing or what the hell they are going to do with it, but the more superheroes the better I suppose.  I just hope it doesn't become an albatross for the big show.  I mean why do we have to squeeze every bit of goodness out of a show now in the first two seasons and then try to drag it out for five more (Hello, LOST, what the f? was season two about?)  Look ar ER, Cheers, Hill Street Blues, let the freaking show grow people, hellow FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!

Monday Night Comedies (CBS) - Let me just say, I like these shows, I do, Neil Patrick Harris, Charlie Sheen, John Cryer, Julia Louise Dreyfus, David Spade (I think I spelled the last one right), I mena what's not to like?  But I'm already reaching the ends of my TIVO memory, decisions had to be made, sacrifices taken.  Plus, these shows will be on all summer and in syndication until my kids are in college...

Shooo, done, barely, and to think I'm going to do a three week follow up... yeah right, that's gonna happen.  Happy viewing people, Mr. R.



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