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Friday, September 28, 2007

Random Thoughts While I Was Stuck In Traffic...

Posted By on Fri, Sep 28, 2007 at 9:55 AM

So, thinking in my car, while I watch some idiot in front of me on the interstate put mascara on while talking on her cellphone and driving past the wreck that is holding us up....

I've decided I'm going to have to "get" my dog.  And by that I mean "get" her cute little face and her cute little feets and her tail, I'm gonna keep that tail, yes I am, getchagetchagetchagetcha!  I'm so getting that dog when I go home, it's not even funny, tummies will be rubbed, ears scratched, toys thrown, treats dolled out, possibly a peanut M&M.  That's right, I give my dog the peanut out of the peanut M&M, which has some residule chocolate on it, what of it?  She doesn't want to live forever! Don't judge me!

She is so got when I get home, so got...

I've started to call my computer the "slave-machine" because it is increasingly taking over my life.  When my work one was down a few weeks ago, it was like I couldn't do anything at work, like nothing, all my info was on there, all the things I use to do my job and I was like, what the f?  This is ridiculous, shouldn't we have contingencies incase there's somekind of computer meltdown or the machines turn against us?  I have no suggestions, I just think that would be a good idea...

Heard all these people ranting and raving about drunk driving and how we should lock anyone who drives drunk up for twenty years, first offense... do you know how many more prisions we would have to build?  The reason there are things like community service, probation, etc. is because we are already way over the capacity of the correctional system to handle everyone we throw in jail.  Plus, those deterrents have been working so well already.

I think a better solution to drunk driving is being proactive.  We need to build safe, reliable public transportation, that actually takes you places you want to go and then encourage people to use it.  Have you been to a big city with public transportation?  No it's not glamourous, you can't cover it in hog stickers, or fully mossy oak camo (which is right up there with lights under you car for lamest thing to do to a truck) and you can't throw some spinners on it, but you don't have to drive and you can be plastered and still get where you're going.  England, though ridiculously smaller than the states, is the best example of mass public transit.  You can take trains from one end to the other and get dropped off, within two miles of anywhere pretty much.  I'm just saying, let's build some light rail to Conway, Benton/Bryant, heck, even Cabot and West Little Rock instead of more prisons....

I'm worried one of my friends may be a douche-bag and I'm just now seeing that... I know, scary.  Pray for me.

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