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Friday, October 27, 2006

"Slam"min' Rock AND Country Shows in El Dorado Tonight!

Posted By on Fri, Oct 27, 2006 at 3:40 PM

OK, so I was unaware of the burgeoning music scene in El Dorado.  I admit it.  I mean, El Do?  For real?

For real.  El Dorado has multiple forums for performers, and on many weekend nights offers more than one very good live performance.  "El Do" has garnered a reputation as being extremely performer-friendly, and as word gets around that they'll be treated like royalty during their time in town, more and more artists are easily drawn to the erstwhile oil-town.  It's a win-win for the artists and their audiences, as well as Southern Arkansas.

Tonight, performing at Einstein's (104 E. Cedar St., (870) 881-8944), is the band "Midnight to Twelve," recording artists with Kord Records, who have a well-reviewed debut album dropping in January titled "King of Spain."

Midnight To Twelve is an explosive Rock Band out of Los Angeles, CA. This band has all the pieces of the puzzle and they are not afraid to use them. Great songs, Energetic Live Show, Image and Work Ethic are the pieces that have kept this band touring independently full time. They have seen the country 3 times over since July of 2004. After conquering L.A. for the better part of 3 years Midnight To Twelve landed their radio single "Slam" on The WB's One Tree Hill. That gained them nationwide attention and allowed them to leave the city of angels and start touring. "It was crazy getting emails from these fans in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Colorado--these were people in places we had never been who heard our song on the show and them all wondering when are we coming to there cities" said Jon Hartman (Lead Vocals). The band made the decision to meet the demand and hit the road. They bought a bus and converted it into a mini Prevost with 6 bunks, a lounge, and of course surround-sound, and set off to conquer the world. "Slam" quickly started getting radio play after the airing of the show. It hit number one in Colorado and Washington, and gained them airplay on a nationwide scale. “This band is not afraid to put in the work and the sacrifice to make this happen,” says Al Baca (Bass). It is that type of attitude that has propelled this band to where they are today. After operating at such a high level independently Midnight To Twelve’s hard work and dedication has begun to pay off. In late 2005 the band signed with Kord Records and they were immediately sent into the studio to complete a full length album. Multi-Platinum Producer Sylvia Massy-Shivy (Tool, Black Crows, S.O.A.D.) was brought on board to create music history. The Album titled “King of Spain” will be released in January of 2006 and you can believe the band is hitting the road hard to support it. Midnight To Twelve is without a doubt one of the hardest working bands on the planet and they are not afraid to take stage and put in the work it takes to make it happen. Welcome to the world of Midnight To Twelve.
Also performing tonight in El Dorado, at a different venue (Visions Nightclub, 1205 West Hillsboro, (870) 875-1228), is RCA Country  recording artist Jeff Bates, who already has two successful albums under his belt, as well as a single, "The Love Song," which hit #8 on the Country charts. I'll admit I'm not up to speed on my country music nowadays, but the way this guy's bio reads, he certainly has the life creds for country or blues!  If you're a fan, it oughta be worth the trip--maybe he'll even single you out for a whispered, "Hey, Baby."

I hope to be able to keep bringing stories and events from this under-represented part of the state, with more notice next time.  But hey--even if you're in Little Rock, if you leave now, you'll get there in plenty of time!  Let me and my still-not-allowed-to-drive self know how it goes.

Belinda also blogs from her home base on the Internet, NINJA POODLES!  Expect chaos.

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