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Monday, October 16, 2006

The Mind of Matt; Some new movies, and more from Indy

Posted on Mon, Oct 16, 2006 at 1:37 PM


Matt Smith takes a look at a couple of new movies and has a few more highlights from his Indy trip (that's beautiful Indianapolis above):

“The Marine” is a film that normally would have been a straight to video release. Sadly, it wasn’t and I watched it in a cinema. There are plenty of explosions followed by John Cena jumping into some water. Pickup trucks, cars, tractor-trailer trucks, motorcycles, police cars, and maybe even a bicycle are lost to fire. John hits the water in a lake, pool, river, creek and a swamp (I guess an ocean wasn’t available). Kelly Clarkson is kidnapped, tied up and hustled around at gunpoint. She doesn’t do anything else. Even when brought back from death by Cena, she can’t even manage to spit up water and cry convincingly. There are some inside jokes, which only the WWE crowd could understand. I have never watched wrestling, WWE or WWF so I didn’t get the inside the ring jokes. Guess I’m just out of touch with the “Wrestle Mania” crowd. Robert Patrick plays the chief baddie that “The Marine” has to take down. He is tolerable, but does better work in “The Unit” on CBS.   If you have a functioning brain, this isn’t even NetFlix material for you.

“Man Of The Year” was not as good as I expected. It probably benefited from the fact that I had just suffered through the 90 minutes of fires and swimming. If I had seen the Robin Williams movie first, I’d be harder in my criticism. The film has a great part for Christopher Walken, but he always rocks. I love Lewis Black. I like his jokes, radio show, commentary, books, everything he does. Lewis really helps the film. When Williams is on a rant about politics or anything else, the movie is funny and moves along nicely. At other times, the film drags. It really slows down in some parts. Laura Linney’s character is such a clichéd whistle blower that you see everything coming. You see it for miles. You know what she is going to do, and say WAY before it happens. You can also predict what will happen to Laura. So, don’t waste money on this. Go see “The Science Of Sleep” at Market Street Cinema or watch “The Departed” again.

10/9/06 – Columbus Day. We are still in INDY, but Chris was an Italian, right? So we hit BUCA’S down town. It is right around the corner from the Conrad. As soon as I walk in the door, I feel like it’s a spot in Little Italy, NYC. Old tablecloths, a million pictures of Italian crooners, the pope, and the Rat Pack cover the walls. The place felt like a set piece
from “The Godfather.” I loved the food!  As soon as I walk out the door, this guy hands me a flyer. It tells the story of Columbus as a murder. Come on, man! This is INDY, not CALI!  A Columbus mini protest, you have got to be kidding me! Well, there were only five people handing out the material.

Downtown Indy is divided in to six districts. The weather is nice, so we go to the Canal and White River State Park district today. This 250-acre park contains a bit of everything. You find Victory Field, which Sports Illustrated called the best minor league ballpark in America. The Indianapolis Zoo, aquarium, botanical garden, and dolphin adventure are together here, and is the nations only accredited combination. The people that will decide the fate of Ray Winder Field in The Rock need to look at this area of INDY for ideas.

The Eiteljorg Museum contains Western and American Indian Art. The Indiana State Museum spotlights all things hoosier, and also contains an IMAX theater. They were showing “Super Man Returns” in -D. The presentation made the film better for me the second time around. I found the NCAA Hall Of Champions to be fascinating. I probably spent too much time there. The entire canal walk is beautiful and offers a tremendous view of down town Indianapolis. There are paddle boats for rental or you can pay for a gondola ride. Public art and murals are displayed along the water route.

We kept up a quick pace, but still spent all day and late in to the night in this area of the city. I am sure we didn’t see everything this area of the city has to offer.  

More to come from the Hoosier state. -- Matt Smith




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