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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Mind of Matt: Aerosmith in Arizona

Posted on Thu, Nov 30, 2006 at 11:39 PM

Matt Smith got to see a very kick-ass rock group on his recent extended trip out west.

Aerosmith in Arizona was a great time. This tour featured the largest video screen ever used for a rock concert tour. This screen featured 6 high definition cameras to project band and crowd shots on to the HDTV screen. I first saw this set up on the “Have A nice Day” Bon Jovi tour in early 2006. Bon Jovi used the screen throughout the North American leg of
that tour. I think Jon Bon used it best in Oklahoma City and Nashville.

The use of the screen by Jovi @ the Gaylord center in Nashville gave the
show more of an impact – visually- than Nine Inch Nails had in Tennessee.
Hey, I’m not a Bon Jovi fan – but the screen rocks.

The Motley Crue/Aerosmith tour gives us great music to go with the great view.

Toys in The Attic opened the gig, and Walk The Dog, Eat The Rich and Cryin
followed in full force. The weather was perfect this evening in
Phoenix. The boys in Aerosmith loved it. Please Don’t Go was up next, and
included a little banter between Steven and the crowd. The singer then took one
of his very frequent breaks. While Tyler was out for a powder, Mick Mars
joined Joe Perry on stage for Messin’ Around. This was spectacular and the
first time they have played together on the tour. The audience loved it.
Mick Mars added a serious Motley touch to the song. He plays faster and
harder than Perry. The guitar riffs really bumped up the song, and it
was my favorite rendition of the tune from this tour. After heaped on
praise from the audience, Mick left the stage and Tyler returned. Joe and
Steven went to the end of the cat walk and sat down to play a little of On The
Track, then the fake snow began to fall for Seasons. Dream On was up next
with a great video montage.

Joe Perry returned to the main stage and Steven Tyler stayed on the walk way alone for Devils Got A New Disguise. This is the new song from Aerosmiths latest album. The entire band got together in front of the drum kit for Rag Doll, then flew right into Sweet Emotion. During Emotion, Steven Tyler returned to the catwalk and pulled a young lady out of the
crowd. She looked to be maybe seventeen years old. When she got up on stage, the fear hit. She just froze and couldn’t move. This girl was totally star struck! As the song wound down, she returned to the floor and Tyler ran back down the stage. Joe Perry cut up his solo rif, and used a keyboard set up just as Nikki Sixx has done on his solo time during the tour.

Draw The Line kicked off with the singer still back stage. Steven sang about half the
song from beside the amps stand – and this appeared to irritate Joe Perry. When the lead man returned to the front, Perry ran down the catwalk, ripped up another solo on the guitar and threw down his shirt.

The video cartoon began to play, and the theme of the Route Of All Evil tour ran through. After a brief break, the encore as always, was Walk This Way. The house rocked for this one, with audience members throwing adidas
tennis shoes on the stage. This was another great show by a classic
rock band. To check out Aerosmith information and tour dates hit up

The backstage antics for this show actually took place on the busses
and tour trailers. The dressing rooms at this venue were extremely small.
I noticed signs posted telling the crew to watch out for scorpions, since they were in the desert. The venue provided RV type travel trailers for
use by the bands. We arrived early in the day and stayed back stage until
show time. This show had a great caterer and the weather cooperated nicely.
Joe Perry came in early on his big green bus. There isn’t anything on the
bus to give him away. He travels anomalously. Perry does ride the bus to
all of his gigs with his family. He has the kids on most legs of this tour.
Steven Tyler will fly to all of the concerts. No bus travel for Mr. Tyler.
Joe Perry actually came outside to sunbath and get a massage early in
the afternoon. Mick Mars emerged from his bus about 3:00pm and joined
Perry on stage for a little practice and sound check. This was very unusual, but
later in the evening I found out why. Mick has stayed on his bus until show time for the past two and a half years. He looks better now, and must be feeling much better. Nikki Sixx was nowhere to be seen. No one got off the bus, no one got on. Later in the evening, during the Aerosmith  part of the show, Carmen Elektra was backstage with Nikki. She must have been on the bus! But, this was kept quiet. Other people of note that were hanging out back stage included Billy Ray Cyrus and Dierks Bentley.

Last but not least was Vince Neil. Vince has his motorcycle on this tour and he rode it around the venue just after lunch. Neil also has a brand new multimillion-dollar tour bus. The bus was provided by Tres Rios tequila. Vince has a new wine project called Vince Vineyards in a partnership with the tequila brand. They have provided the bus as part of the
deal. You can’t miss it! There is no way for Neil to hide while he is on tour. The bus stands out. This tour with Aerosmith ends in a couple of weeks, and they never played Arkansas. I don’t know the Tyler/Perry plans for the New Year, but Vince is throwing the Motley Cruise. I will be there, and it will be a blast! You can go; there is still room on the
ship. Check it out The CAT 12 suites are Vince Neil’s rooms, and I got one! But, hey come on! It will be a serious party with a concert and other events in the Bahamas. You don’t want to miss this one!

I will have a review of Skid Row at the Rev Room in Little Rock up next.-- Matt Smith



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