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Friday, August 17, 2007

Let's do the Time Warp Again....

Posted By on Fri, Aug 17, 2007 at 9:34 AM

This takes me back.  Whilst driving through Mt. View yesterday, I came upon this gem...

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The text on the sign is old and faded but reads "Mountain View Dairy Creme".  The building, however, has a sign for "Marie's".

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No one was sitting outside due to the heat, but they were getting some customer traffic.

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The Chili Dog was calling me, but I needed finger food for the drive.  I gots the Chicken Basket for five bucks.  Fried chicken breast tenders, fries, salad, and bread.  Maybe it was the heat and the salt I was craving, but this was the best dang chicken and fries that I've had in a long while.

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I'll definetly go back.  They offer sundaes, shakes, malts, sammiches, and pretty much anything you could think of.  It takes a few minutes, but it beats the long lines at the fast food joints that I passed up around the corner.

I gotta say, this really takes me back to my youth (in an adjacent state) where a dairy bar or two was in every town.    Arkansas is lucky to have had so many survive.  I try to seek them out in my travels around the state.  Please tell us about your favorite dairy bar.


PS FROM MAX: Bellyboy, you are da man. This is a great topic. And where, in this digital age, are the photos we crave of some soft-serve stacked high? And here's my question: Where is the best soft-serve? Some folks sell a nasty generic mix -- low butterfat, high corn sugar -- not very well mixed and with overrun not carefully watched. Typically icy and off-tasting. Some folks sell you egg-enriched custard in a tall thick concupiscent swirl, channeling here the famous poet Wallace Stevens and his "Emperor of Ice Cream." Dairy Queen produces that perfect smooth texture, but not necessarily the richest taste. A lot of dairy bars don't do as well. Shake's is pretty darn good. But I want some serious reports here on the state of soft ice cream and some pix, gosh darn it. If only DQ would locate in Hillcrest, or Ted Drewes (happy customer below), I'd be a happy man.

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