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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cultural overload

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With a nice handlebar 'stache to boot.

Not only does Derek Jenkins supply the Times with the best sports column in the state, "A boy named  Sooie,"  he's also a freakin' cultural polymath. He guest-edited and curated The Oxford American's latest  Southern Movie Issue. He's the driving force behind "A Girl & A Gun Film Society," which hosts weekly screenings in Mullins Library at UAF. He blogs esoterica at etc (see his Nov. film viewing entry and feel guilty about only watching "Transformers" and "Broken Lizard's Club Dread" last month). He's also the the longtime host of "Mystery Train," the best radio show in Fayetteville. It's focus is the music that gave birth to rock 'n' roll — the likes of Ruth Brown, Ray Charles, Sonny Burgess and Dale Hawkins — and it airs every Monday from 6-8 p.m. on KXUA. You can now download the show as a podcast every week.

Damn. Just wears me out typing all this.

After years of lobbying to get Derek and his cultured ass to move down here, I've given up. I'm headed to Fayetteville.

For more info about the film society, email Even if you don't live in NWA, the weekly updates are filled with great recommendations.

After the jump, the best picture ever and more about "A Girl& A Gun."


"All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun."
                                                              Jean-Luc Godard 
A Girl and a Gun Film Society believes that film is both an art form and a form of entertainment. We believe that film is a communal project by nature and, as such, should be witnessed by a group.  With the onset of DVD and home theater technology, the film experience has been woefully atomized.  Therefore, we strive to provide a venue for all genres of film and all film-lovers.  Luckily for us, most of this striving takes place on our asses in the dark before a wall of flickering light.

T H E   V O W   O F   S I L E N T S

Week One:

F R A N K   B O R Z A G E    &   T H E   C L A S S I C A L   H O L L Y W O O D   S T Y L E

7th Heaven (1927), dir. Frank Borzage
Street Angel (1928), dir. Frank Borzage

Week Two:

D O U G L A S   F A I R B A N K S :   A C T O R / A C R O B A T

The Black Pirate (1926), dir. Albert Parker
The Iron Mask (1929), dir. Allen Dwan

Week Three:

V I C T O R   S E A S T R O M   F R A M E S   T W O   F A M O U S   F A C E S

He Who Gets Slapped (1924), dir. Victor Sjöström
The Wind (1928), dir. Victor Sjöström

Week Four:

T H E   J A P A N E S E   B E N S H I

Horo Zanmai ( Wanderlust ) (1928), dir. Hiroshi Inagaki

Orochi (1925), dir. Futagawa Buntaro

Week Five:

N A P O L E O N   I N   M O T I O N

Napoleon (1927), dir. Abel Gance

Week Six:

T H E   B U T C H E R E D   E P I C

Greed (1924), dir. Erich Von Stroheim

Week Seven:

A   C O N E Y   I S L A N D   O F   T H E   M I N D

Hindle Wakes (1927), dir. Maurice Elvey
Lonesome (1928), dir. Paul Fejos

Week Eight:

" R A C E "   F I L M S

Within Our Gates (1920), dir. Oscar Micheax
The Scar of Shame (1927), dir. Frank Peregini
Double Features

I D E N T I T Y   &   O T H E R   A F F E C T A T I O N S
Eyes Without A Face , dir. Georges Franju
The Face of Another , dir. Hiroshi Teshigahara
P A R A N O I D   V I S I O N S
Blow-Up , dir. Michaelangelo Antonioni
The Conversation , dir. Francis Ford Coppola
M I C K   J A G G E R   I N   T H E   M O V I E S
Performance , dir. Nicolas Roeg & Donald Cammel
Sympathy for the Devil , dir. Jean-Luc Godard
P R E - D O G M E   L A R S   V O N   T R I E R
The Element Of Crime , dir. Lars von Trier
Europa (aka Zentropa) , dir. Lars von Trier  
N O B O D Y   D I E S   L I K E   J I M M Y   C A G N E Y
The Roaring Twenties , dir. Raoul Walsh
White Heat , dir. Raoul Walsh
Mother Joan of the Angels dir. Jerzy Kawalerowicz
Alucarda , dir. Juan López Moctezuma
S H O H E I   I M A M U R A ,   R . I . P .
Pigs & Battleships (1961), dir. Shohei Imamura
The Insect Woman (1963), dir. Shohei Imamura
B R O T H E R S   F R O M   A N O T H E R   P L A N E T
The Promise  (1996), dir. Jean-Pierre Dardenne
The Son (2002), dir. Jean Pierre Dardenne
B   I S   F O R   B U N U E L
Los Olvidados (1950), dir. Luis Bunuel
The Exterminating Angel (1962), dir. Luis Bunuel
" H E L L   H A T H   N O   L I M I T S "
Faust (1927), dir. F.W. Murnau
Faust (1996), dir. Jan Svankmajer
P O S T - A P O C A L Y P T I C   P O P C O R N
The Bed Sitting Room (1969), dir. Richard Lester
Le Dernier Combat (1983), dir. Luc Besson 
S L E E P L E S S   C I N E M A

  I Can't Sleep  (1994), dir. Claire Denis
No Rest for the Brave (2003), dir. Alain Guiraudie 

D Y S F U N C T I O N A L   C I N E M A   F R O M   1 9 9 0

Trust  (1990), dir. Hal Hartley

  Life is Sweet  (1990), dir. Mike Leigh

G . W .   P A B S T   &   L O U I S E   B R O O K S

Pandora's Box (1929), dir. GW Pabst
 Diary of a Lost Girl (1929), dir. GW Pabst

T H E   A M E R I C A N   R O A D   P I C T U R E

Two Lane Blacktop (1971), dir. Monte Hellmen
The Brown Bunny (2003), dir. Vincent Gallo
G U Y   M A D D I N ' S   H I S T O R Y   O F   F I L M

The Heart of the World  (2000), dir. Guy Maddin
Careful  (1992), dir. Guy Maddin 
  Cowards Bend the Knee  (2003), dir. Guy Maddin

M E L O D R A M A ! ! !
All That Heaven Allows (1955), dir. Douglas Sirk

Written on the Wind (1956), dir. Douglas Sirk

R A U L   R U I Z ' S   C I N E M A T I C   P U Z Z L E S

The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting (1979), dir. Raul Rúiz
Three Lives & Only One Death (1996), dir. Raul Ruiz
" F R E N C H "  H E I S T   N O I R
Riffifi (1955), dir. Jules Dassin
 Bob le flambeur (1956), dir. Jean-Pierre Melville
P O W E L L / P R E S S B U R G E R :
B R I T A I N ' S   " I N C O M P A T I B L E "   C I N E M A
The Edge of the World (1936), dir. Michael Powell 
Stairway to Heaven (1946), dir. Michael Powell & Emerich Pressburger
A   P O R T R A I T   O F   P O L A N S K I   A S   A    Y O U N G   M A N 

  Knife in the Water (1962), dir. Roman Polanski

Repulsion   (1965), dir. Roman Polanski
R E N E   L A L O U X ' S    S C I – F I   F A N T A S I A S
Fantastic Planet (1973), dir. Rene Laloux
Time Masters (1982), dir. Rene Laloux
F E M M E   F I R S T   F E A T U R E S 

Sweetie (1989), dir. Jane Campion

Ratcatcher (1999), dir. Lynne Ramsay  
E L   K I N K Y   K I N O   D E   A L M O D O V A R 
Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (1990), dir. Pedro Almodovar
Dark Habits (1983), dir. Pedro Almodovar
S I N N E R S   &   S A I N T S 
 Maria Candelaria (1944), dir. Emilio Fernandez

The Devil is a Woman (1935), dir. Josef von Sternberg
C O N T E M P O R A R Y   K O R E A N   F I L M

Woman on the Beach (2006), dir. Hong Sang-soo

The Host (2006), dir. Bong Joon-ho
C O N T E M P O R A R Y   T H I A   C I N E M A

   Citizen Dog (2004), dir. Wisit Sasanatieng

Tropical Malady (2005), dir. Apichatpong Weerasethakul
C O N T E M P O R A R Y   A R G E N T I N E   C I N E M A

The Holy Girl (2004), dir. Lucrecia Martel
Nine Queens  (2001), dir. Fabian Bielinsky
C O N T E M P O R A R Y    M E X I C A N    C I N E M A

  Battle in Heaven (2005), dir. Carlos Reygadas
Solo con tu pareja (1991), dir. Alfonso Cuaron
D I R E C T   C I N E M A   

  Titicut Follies (1967), dir. Frederick Wiseman
Salesman (1969), dir. Albert Maysles

C O M E D I E S   O F   R E M A R R A I G E    

   Bringing Up Baby (1938), dir. Howard Hawks
The Philadelphia Story (1940), dir. George Cukor
H E   I S   V I G O ! ! !
A propos de Nice (1930), dir. Jean Vigo
Zero de conduite (1933), dir. Jean Vigo
L'Atalante (1934), dir. Jean Vigo
F O U N D   F O O T A G E

Lyrical Nitrate (1991), dir. Peter Delpeut
Decasia (2002), dir. Bill Morrison
Interkosmos (2006), dir. Jim Finn
V O N   S T E R N B E R G ' S   P A R A M O U N T   S I L E N T S

Underworld (1927), dir. Josef von Sternberg

The Docks of New York (1928), dir. Josef von Sternberg
L E S   B L A N K   &   T H E   F I V E   S E N S E S 

J'ai et au bal (1989), dir. Les Blank
In Heaven There Is No Beer? (1984), dir. Les Blank 
Chulas Fronteras (1976), dir Les Blank

F A S S B I N D E R   O N   S H U F F L E

In a Year with 13 Moons (1978), Rainer Werner Fassbinder
 Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (1974), dir. Rainer Werner Fassbinder

J O H A N   V A N   D E R   K E U K E N ' S
E C O N O M I C A L   S T Y L E

The Mask (1990), dir. Johan van der Keuken

I Love $ (1986), dir. Johan van der Keuken

J O D O R O W S K Y   B E F O R E   M I D N I G H T 

 El Topo (1970), dir. Alejandro Jodorowsky
The Holy Mountain (1973), dir. Alejandro Jodorowsky

H I T C H C O C K   O N   A   T R A I N 

The Lady Vanishes (1938), dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Strangers on a Train (1951), dir. Alfred Hitchcock

S A T O S H I   K O N,   T H E N   &   N O W
Perfect Blue (1998), dir.  Satoshi Kon
Paprika (2006), dir. Satoshi Kon

E V E R Y   T U E S D A Y

M U L L I N S  1 0 4



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