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Sunday, July 8, 2007

I wonder what will happen to Brenda's Bigger Burger?

Posted By on Sun, Jul 8, 2007 at 12:43 AM

Though I try to read the paper cover to cover over breakfast, I admit that I usually skip over the advertising "supplements," though the one carried in the Northwest Arkansas Times on Friday from the Chamber of Commerce caught my eye.

Under "A Message from the Chairman," - Matt Bodishbaugh - it gave a sort of summary of the recent controversy over whether to build a new high school or not - though as soon as many read the words, "beloved Fayetteville high school must be upgraded . . ." I'm sure that many people's hackles must have been raised. The Chamber has passed a resolution encouraging the Fayetteville School Board to pursue the idea of constructing a new high school and to sell! sell! sell! the existing campus aand grounds.

Gee, I wonder who might be interested in buying?

Listed were several reasons why the old school is no longer suitable. My favorite line reads:

"The existing facility has endured many previous innovations . . ."

Poor school!

People who are sick "endure" things. Usually what they endure isn't particularly innovative, unless it is a new version of a disease or virus.

Bad writing aside, Comrade Bodishbaugh exhorts the troops to call upon the school board members and echo the battle cry of the Chamber: Build! Sell!

In the meantime, Becky Purcell has thrown her hat into the ring for school board, and those concerned about the fate of Fayetteville High School have good things to say about her. The School Board will meet again on Thursday, July 26.

**** On the national front, Mark Pryor and Blanche Lambert Lincoln are supporting a measure that calls for the continuation of US troops in Iraq until that can stand on its own two feet - what does that mean? ha! and double ha!

Are they insane? Do they, I don't know, read newspapers? They seem to be suffering the same head in the sand disease that struck George Bush when Katrina hit . . .

*** Has anyone actually seen "Fighting Mad," the Peter Fonda movie shot in Northwest Arkansas back in the 1970s? Brenda's Bigger Burgers (a popular hangout by the high school) is featured in one scene, I understand.

The movie is about greedy land developers. Obviously science fiction.




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