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Monday, August 27, 2007

Critic makes annual attack on C.A.T. staff, producers, and supporters

Posted By on Mon, Aug 27, 2007 at 12:40 AM

Joey Dutton, a former employee of Community Access Television who once aspired to be manager, sends this sort of letter out once a year at this time. A lot of folks only see Comrade Dutton’s name attached to letters to the editor, or in quotes in newspaper articles. Fayetteville Aldermen see his more restrained letters.

Rarely seen are his occasional attacks on the CATProducer list serve, in which he demeans anyone who has the temerity to disagree with him. In the interests of fairness, I’m sure that Brother Joey wouldn’t mind his most recent public posting shared with a wider audience.

Full Disclosure: I am the Richard Drake he refers to in his latest letter.

Also in the interests of fairness, I have edited nothing from his post.

All signs point to the end of CAT by the end of 2007.

Will another organization replace it?  Will the PEG Center be restructured?  Dunno, but it might be wise for those who are truly 'progressive' to be thinking of how the people of Fayetteville could be better served once the Old Guard has been removed.

In the meantime, I think this would be a good time to repost something from awhile back.  It is still quite accurate and relevant:

Are you a fundamentalist?

One of the major flaws of the CAT Organization and the small group of passionate people who support it is the fact they are tragically lacking in self awareness.  Could it be, like with any cult, the members are so caught up in their own self-righteousness and back-slapping they don't realize they have become the very thing they despise: a body of fervent religious warriors defending their beloved

Fact 1: CAT is a ministry just the same as a church. It has a mission,cabinet (board), clergy (staff), moral code (policies), dogma (1st Amendment), and a congregation (members).

Fact 2: The definitions of ministry in the Dictionary include:

a) a person or thing through which something is accomplished : Agency, INSTRUMENTALITY

b) the body of ministers governing a nation or state from which a smaller cabinet is sometimes selected

c) the group of ministers constituting a cabinet

d) a government department presided over by a minister

e) the building in which the business of a ministry is transacted In a very literal sense of the word, CAT is a MINISTRY.  It is a church.  It's hard core supporters are 'fundamentalists' who embrace a morality and preach with religious fervor their dogma which is, in this case, their particular interpretation of the 1st Amendment.  The definition of 'fundamentalism' is "a movement or attitude stressing
strict and literal adherence to a set of basic principles."  The strict code in this case would be a devotion to 'Free Speech' - or more accurately - a blind devotion to the Corporation of CAT which is they believe is the earthly embodiment of free speech.

Fundamentalism is often driven by legalistic dogma.  Legalism is defined as a"strict, literal, or excessive conformity to the law or to a religious or moral code; the institutionalized legalism that restricts free choice."  This certainly defines CAT and its religious army! Purists have become so fixated on the legalistic definition of 'Free Speech' that the service itself has become of little importance.

This is just the same old trap that many Christian groups sometimes fall into - loving the PROGRAM rather than the PEOPLE. CAT fundamentalists get their sense of righteousness from rallying around a CAUSE rather than the COMMUNITY. That's truly sad.

All cults revel in their self-declaration of being a 'last bastion' or of pure truth and righteousness. CAT is no different.  On several occasions members and supporters of the ministry have declared CAT to be a last bastion of free speech.   This sense of being a 'holy remnant' leads to fanaticism, cruelty, and justification of all kinds of bad behavior such as fraud or even child pornography.  Cults will
often get away with these crimes for years until the weight of its own arrogance finally brings about its collapse.

Cults always come to a predictable end: homicide or suicide.  Same is true for CAT.  It will be interesting to see which direction this organization goes with it finally implodes.

In the meantime, I've alwasy found it entertaining to observe the cast of Characters in this Public Access drama.  Some of the ministers in the body of CAT include... .

Richard Drake - TV Preacher. Worships all things Progressive. Preaches left-wing morality with more devotion and dedication than most Christians.

Chuck Roberts - John the Baptist figure. Self styled prophet in the Fayetteville wilderness.  Warrior for the Church. Ready to wield a sword and bludgeon any infidel who dares question the righteousness of CAT. Also serves as the Church Lady who conducts discussions and Bible studies for the members (such as this bulletin board) and extracurricular activities like the occasional pot luck dinner.

Sky Blaylock - Current high priest. Resident Pastor. Christ figure. Carries the burdens and sins of CAT upon her shoulders. Corrupted by the Church leaders. Passing on the sins of the Fathers (and mothers) of previous CAT generations and keeping the torch of meanness and hateful burning.

Jim Bemis - Zealot and Public Access Purist.  Hard core supporter of CAT's corporate greed and power grabbing, as well as tireless defender of CAT's stranglehold over the Public Access Television. It doesn't matter if the service itself is crap, as long as Public Access (and all media for that matter) is pure, undefiled, and completely controlled by the left wing!

There are plenty more...  Kathryn Shulds the occasional oracle. Jim Goodlander the occasional Goliath thug. Marvin Hilton the Pope and Figure Head. And so on...

I guess I'd have to include myself in that list too. I'm the sane one who pointed out corruption and hypocrisy in the Church leaders and was promptly excommunicated. I continued to speak the truth even to this day in spite of the murderous, deranged spirit of some CAT fundamentalists. I have even suffered a public flogging in court by an angry hysterical CAT mob! Wow, talk about group hysteria!!  But the
truth is the truth, and I make no apologies for speaking it.

Eventually it will help bring about the demise of this evil corporation.

I'm sure you'll have a different spin on my role.  So go ahead, take your best shot!  Do what CAT fundamentalist do best which is slander and murder who dares question your purity and moral supremacy. Bring it on Fundamentalists! Give me your best Jihad!

While you are engaged in battle, though, just be aware that CAT's relationship with the City will probably begin to unravel soon.  The end is near. It would be wise to prepare for the end of CAT and the liberation of Public Access TV and free speech in Fayetteville.

Joey Dutton


Getting Back to Earth:

Some may be interested in an interview I did with local ultra-conservatve writer and occasional co-host of KOFC's Insight AM, about jury nullification. Though we had a lively discussion, I'm still not sure how I feel about the subject.

Near the end the subject vears off to a bizarre discussion of hate crime legislation - which Don and I are about three thousand miles apart on,

Days and times:

Monday - 7pm

Tuesday - noon

Saturday - 6pm

Tracy and I just got back into town this afternoon from Oklahoma, and we both want to express our gratitude at the kindness that so many people have shown - both for her fight against cancer, and the death of her mother last week.

Thank you all so much.




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