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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Burn, Dumbledore, Durn!

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The Internet is alive with debate this week.

Children’s health care is a mess. The war in Iraq has no end in sight, fires are engulfing California, and people are whining about the fact that J.K. Rowling’s character Dumbledore is gay?

Even the cretins at Free Republic are in on it. No doubt Glenn Beck will be waving his arms around like the madman that he is, and screaming about the subject.

For some, it ain’t the fact that Dumbledore is gay (though they are red faced, eyes bulging and voices screeching about that) but about the fact that he didn’t exhibit any signs of it before hand.

You know - he didn’t act like he was auditioning for “Will and Grace,” or that fellow who likes hats on the Martha Stewart commercial.

Which is kind of interesting, in an odd sort of way. Americans have become to used to gay characters in films and television shows acting in a certain manner. If you watch British television - a plug for BBC America - gay men and women are presented as just regular folk.

A case in point: there is a terrific series on BBC called “Torchwood,” which is a sort of amped-up “X Files.” Torchwood is a group which deals with alien threats to earth. The main character is Captain Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman.

As written, Harkness is bisexual. In actuality, Barrowman is gay.

He auditioned for the role of Will on “Will and Grace,” but was turned down, because he came across as  “too straight.”  One is left with the feeling that gay men are only acceptable on American TV if they act “gay.”

For a further look at Barrowman, check out:



Is Stephen Colbert channeling Pat Paulsen?

Thank God a real candidate is running for president - Stephen Colbert!

I am so tired of all the pretentious cliches from candidates from both parties.

But does no one remember Pat Paulsen, who ran in 1968? The comedian, who was featured on the Smothers’ Brothers show, ran under as a member of the STAG (Straight Talking American Government) Party. CBS did a great “documentary” on his campaign back when he ran. I wonder if it is on DVD?

Not to be outdone, Snoopy also ran that year - and got some votes.



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