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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Silent Majority rears its head once more - or does it?

Posted By on Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 10:32 AM

The ever-popular “Silent Majority” reared its head this week, as Students First, a group in favor of a new high school in Fayetteville, claims that the silent folk are being somehow shoved aside by those who favor keeping the high school at its present location.

How are these bullies doing it?

Writing letters to newspapers.

Showing up at school board meetings.

Contacting school board members.

How dare they?

But honestly, I’ve missed the Silent Majority.  We haven’t heard a lot from them over the years. They were very strong during the Vietnam War years, when politicians and generals would invoke their name - sort of like a magical talisman.

Oh, they’ve been mentioned a few times since, but they just haven’t had the strength they once did. Maybe this time?

I’m sure all that silence will soon overwhelm even the staunchest supporters of the high school.


Bat Masterson of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Comrade Mike wrote a piece today extolling the virtues of an armed citizenry, presenting the image of a “suicide-killer” entering a restaurant, only to meet “a dozen gun barrels aimed by decent citizens who refuse to be victims.”

This is a popular scenario, as we have seen in all too many letters to the editor lately. And, of course, it presupposes that all of these Dead-Eye Dicks will be calm, cool and rational, all the way down to the last bullet.

Real Life teaches us that this just doesn’t usually  happen. Terror is in the air, and emotions are running high. Bullets fly in all directions. Innocent people get shot and killed, while some Bernard Goetz wannabe shoots at anything that moves.

Two things come to mind:

The first is the classic Jim Stafford song in which two gunfighters meet on the street, pull their guns, and shoot down a whole slew of bystanders - and miss their main targets.

The second is the famous “All in the Family” segment when Archie Bunker rushes down to the TV station and does a guest editorial, proclaiming that passengers on airliners should be allowed to carry weapons, in order to cut down on the number of hijackings.

Good grief, Mike.


I’m so sick of Chris Matthews

If Hillary Clinton does well today, can we have a moratorium on TV punditry for a while?


Now he’s getting scrutiny? Isn’t that, like, your job?

Somber reporters were telling viewers this week that Obama was about to get increased “scrutiny.” One shudders at the prospect of cable network journalists actually earning their money, instead of just salivating after the next press release from candidates, or gushing about the recent picnic that John McCain treated the press corps to.

This whole concept of TV journalists giving any of the candidates any sort of “scrutiny” is  pretty dangerous; folks at home might start to expect more out of them they really ought to have to give.

Then again, there are those cynical souls among us who might ask why they havven’t been giving all the candidates this sort of scrutiny from the very beginning, rather than act like all of these candidates just sprang directly from the forehead of Zeus, with no history at all before the election season.


Planet of the Apes Revisited.

In recent months the History Channel has been playing the original "Planet of the Apes," which leads me to suspect that there is just a whole bunch of really cool stuff our history books have left out - like always.

Or is it all yet to come? Damn that space/time continuum.

Textbook censors aside, those interested in the background of the simian takeover of our planet, and all those missing astronauts, will no doubt be fascinated by "Planet of the Apes Revisited," by Joe Russo, Larry Landsman and Edward Gross.

It tells the behind-the-scenes story of every ape movie, and both television series. This is the perfect gift for the Apeophile in your family. This type of book doesn't get much better than this.




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