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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Give us your eccentrics, your marginally sane, your over-the-edge-fanatics!

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I’m sort of unhappy that Steve Clark won’t be able to run for mayor of Fayetteville. Not that I was going to vote for him, but because we have had just way too many straight-arrow individuals running for public office in Fayetteville/Washington County over the last few  ears. Part of me longs for the days of Springdale mayoral candidate Timothy Hill, who wanted to have gay men  publicly spanked (on the bare buttocks)  - and was willing to undergo it himself first, to assure folks that no lasting damage would follow.

Now, there was a leader!

I’ll post the interview I did with that troubled - yet oddly entertaining - individual one day.

Give us your eccentric, your marginally sane, your over-the-edge fanatics - we have a place for them on our ballot!

Back in 1992, after Fayetteville had rid itself of the city manager form of government, and held its first election for mayor/aldermen, there came upon us a woman who claimed kinship to a famous politician from out of the state’s past. I won’t tell you who - she might have returned to Fayetteville.

Anyway, she just always struck me as a little mean. Or maybe our personaliries didn’t mesh. Whatever. She was sort of entertaining in that her kinship to her dead statesman was always brought up, but never any actual knowledge of issues facing people in Fayetteville.

Voters tend to notice that sort of thing after a while.

We never got a chance to see how she would have fared in the race, however, because one night a police patrol car just happened to be patrolling behind a hardware store in Fayetteville, only to find that she and her husband were stealing wooden pallets that were stacked up behind the store, throwing them up on the back on their pickup truck.

Realizing the jig was up, they sped off, the police car in pursuit. Along the highway, our candidate was in the back of the pickup, throwing pallets into the road, trying to . . .

I give up. I still don’t know what she was trying to accomplish by that stupid stunt. Besides annoying the cop, she was endangering other drivers. I guess she slowed down the police pursuit, but I guess she forgot all about the license plate on the back of the truck.

Arriving at he house, the authorities found her hiding in a closet, I believe, though it would have provided a sort of nice Helter-Skelterish moment if she had been under the sink, ala Charlie Manson.

Thus ended her candidacy.

Somewhere out there, there must be some equally entertaining potential candidates.


The Republican War on Science

We used to know things. Now we are entering a world in which we learn what corporations and religious leaders want us to know. We are in danger of becoming a nation of burger flippers and missionaries, knowing that a lack of curiosity is next to Godliness.

Though religion often plays a part in the manipulation of modern science, another, uglier, factor often comes into play - the profit motive. In "The Republican War on Science," author Chris Mooney shows the reader how modern science has been under assault for the better part of two decades.

By whom you might ask?

Well, the title gives us a good clue.


Quote of the Day

Everyone thinks (Aragorn) is the man for the job, because he has humility, concern with the consequences of his actions and words on others, and an interest in finding common ground
with other people. All are qualities which I wish there were more of in real life in our modern-day leaders. - Viggo Mortenson, (Aragorn): "Lord of the Rings"


Deadline Week

Ah - Deadline Week. Nose back to the grindstone!




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