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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dan Coody: No, Carly Simon was not singing about me

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Now that Dan (Never can say goodbye, no no  no  no no  . . .) Coody has announced that he will once more enter the fray, so that Fayetteville voters can stay the course, not switch horses in mid-stream, and a whole host of other cliches too hoary to mention, he has to develop a winning strategy.

What Coody needs to do is sweep the field, so that he has little or no distractions when he faces Lioneld Jordan in November.  This means that everyone else is going to have to drop out.

Well, not just drop out.

Dan Coody, who has an intense and uncompromising sense of entitlement as any political figure in recent Fayetteville history, won’t be content with his opponents simply dropping out of the race. They will have to publicly swear fealty to him, and ask their supporters to vote for him, as well.

A lot of folks have been speculating in the past several days that Walt Eilers may be the first to do so - and not wasting much time while he is at it. Eilers, who waited to see what Coody’s plans were last fall (when he announced that he wouldn’t be running) may decide that Coody is just the man to help “Keep Fayetteville Funky.”

Steve Clark?

There may well be a wider rift there. Obviously Clark made the mistake of believing that once Coody said something, he’d keep his word. He should have asked around, I guess, or just ran a Google search.

Those who feel they have been burned by Dan Coody are not shy about expressing their opinions.  A quick search of the following matches leads to some interesting links.

Dan Coody - honesty

Dan Coody - dishonesty

And Adam Fire Cat?

One can easily imagine a sort of Monty Python skit, in which a supporter of the mayor contacts him, and suggests that, by golly, Dan is frustrated by all of these ordinances, too! Maybe Adam might be willing to sit on a special committee, with the express purpose of cutting through all the BS, and helping everyone find compromises?

Oh, and would he mind dropping out of the race in the meantime, and asking all his supporters to vote for Dan?

And as for Lioneld Jordan, whose views (and supporters) may be too “extremist” for the decent folk of Fayetteville to handle? Well, with a little help from his friends (and columnists whose egos he strokes) Dan may yet again save us from our worst impulses.


Count your blessings, Dan

Rumors are flying that Brother Dan - and some of his supporters - are upset about media (and that would include blogs) coverage of his entry into the mayoral race.

Newspaper editorials.


Critical comments on C.A.T.

If we lived in a bigger city, Dan Coody would be the butt of jokes made by late-night comedians and talk show hosts. The stuff he has been getting is pretty small potatoes, compared to what he might get on a larger stage - should his ambitions truly ever get out of control.

I’d pay money to see Dan call NBC, and complain about Jay Leno’s jokes.

He’d have to develop thicker skin in a hurry.


KFSM - just how intellectually disengaged are you from your own communities?

A news segment on Dan Coody’s mayoral announcement had the Fayetteville anchor telling the folks at home who all the other candidates names were. She did all right until she got to Lioneld Jordan, which came out as:

Lee-O-neld Jordan

Maybe we should feel lucky they rarely cover anything more complex than shootings, car wrecks, and sex scandals.


Quote of the Day

I don't like money, actually, but it quiets my nerves. - Joe Louis




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