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Thursday, July 31, 2008

KNWA: News organization doesn’t seem to haven’t gotten the news on Fayetteville’s mayoral race

Posted By on Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 10:54 AM

The other night KNWA (Channel 24) ran a piece on how “all four” mayoral candidates use either MySpace or Facebook to reach out to Fayetteville voters.

All four???

If you are guessing that Adam Fire Cat didn’t make the cut as far as KNWA was concerned, you’d be right. Just how hard would it be for these folks to pick up a newspaper, now and then?

When you couple that with the anchor on KFSM mangling Lioneld Jordan’s first name a few weeks ago, maybe this time around we shouldn’t complain too much if television news just does their usual stalwart job of covering:


car wrecks


sex scandals



The Leslee Wright Game

Not to leave KHOG out of the mix this morning - I have a new game I play at my house, which provides me hours of fun, and gives Tracy some amusement, as well. We watch a different local news program every night at 5pm (we choose that hour because there are is no sports segment), and on the nights we watch Channel 29, I like to play a little game.

I try to gauge just when Leslee Wright is about to come out with one of her inane giggles, and I giggle along with her. This amuses my wife, and confuses my dogs.

One must feel pity for Wright on the nights that Craig Cannon is not in the studio - the nights when she must pretend to be a professional journalist, and not a junior high student on laughing gas.


Good idea, Nancy Allen

What a great suggestion by Fayetteville alderman Nancy Allen, who has proposed an A-frame signage (also known as sandwich boards)  option for local businesses. Who could possibly object?

Well, the “Let’s turn Fayetteville into Disney Land” crowd,” maybe. But folks who have their feet firmly planted on planet earth should see this as a breath of fresh air.


CSI Deathwatch

William Petersen leaving CSI? Yes, indeed, after episode 10 in the coming season. Any bets on how long the show will last after that?


On the Air - Kabin Thomas

Running the 2006 interview with Kabin Thomas, the UA music instructor who was canned for his colorful language in the classroom. Now that John “Must Destroy the Arts” White is out of the picture, maybe the UA will have a turnaround when it comes to art.

This is an instructive interview for those who think that all was well during White’s tenure.

Show times:

Monday - 7pm
Tuesday - noon
Saturday - 6pm

As always, C.A.T. is on Channel 18 on the COX line-up in Fayetteville, though you can get a copy of the show by contacting the station.


Ah, Travis McGee - I miss you still

Good books and their characters are like old friends; it’s good sometimes just to spend some time with a character you haven’t been with in a long time. Recently I reread the last of the Travis McGee mystery novels, “The Lonely Silver Rain,” which was written in 1985. Author John D. MacDonald still delivers, two decades after his death.

I especially recommend the Travis McGee novels for those who used to enjoy Robert B. parker’s Spenser novels - before they became pale imitations of each other.

Film buffs take note: There have been two films derived from the McGee series. “Darker Than Amber” stars Rod Taylor, and a TV movie, “Travis McGee” - based on ‘The Dreadful Lemon Sky” - starred Sam Elliot.

Quote of the Day - Cancel my subscription, sir!

There is a certain kind of guy who basically has no real control over his life. The only time he can express himself is to cancel a magazine subscription. You see, he doesn't have to go face-to-face with anybody to do that and it sort of compensates for the rest of his gutless life.

All I can say is good riddance to any subscriber who dumps a magazine because he disagrees with one article. Disagree if you must, but don't tuck your tail between your legs and run away. - Ross Murray, Letters column, In These Times, October 2, 2000


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